Genepro Review: Can It Replace Your Current Protein Powder?

When someone mentions supplements, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is protein. It is one of those products that turned supplementation industry upside down and shown its true lights to the world. Since it has been on the shelves for so long, it is no wonder we have seen it evolve so much. Although we are talking about the same nutrient, people have always found ways to improve it, and make it even more beneficial. The main reason and the foundation for its greatness is the combination of safety and efficiency, which is something most of us look for.

MuscleGen, one of the performance nutrition giants approached the market recently with an innovative formula and it has been nothing but success ever since. Genepro didn’t yet make an impact on the market as some of their other products, but it definitely opened a new door when it comes to protein.

Genepro Ingredients – Is this a powerful protein powder formula?

Some of the protein sources found inside the blend are something you don’t see every day. Instantized peptide whey and genetic hexapeptide protein are the two types we don’t know much about and are yet to be explored by scientific studies. One we know, however, is hydrolyzed whey known for fast absorption and high protein content. BCAA’s are also included in the formula which is always nice to see.



There is no better addition to a protein than branched chained amino acids. Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are the three essential amino making this widely popular mixture and providing various benefits. They promote lean muscle mass, fight fat, trigger protein synthesis, provide muscle energy, reduce soreness, and much more.

Protein Blend

Protein does not only promote lean muscle mass and enhance strength, it actually does a lot more for your body. It can lower blood pressure, treat medical conditions such as diabetes, work as an anti-inflammatory, help you manage healthy weight…

Despite having some flaws, Genepro definitely deserves a medal for doing something a bit different and focusing primarily on customers health and then everything else. Such an approach is something you don’t see very often and definitely deserves more recognition. The overall formula looks decent and is best suited for those casually working out or just getting into the world of bodybuilding.

Could this protein powder mixture hurt me? Are there any side effects?

Proteins are extremely safe and carry a very low risk for any negative side effect. That is one of the main reasons it has reached such popularity and is available to almost anyone doing any sort of physical activity. Side effects people mostly complain about include bloating, nausea, cramps, and other considered to be minor ones. This one despite different manufacturing process keeps all the safety other types of whey possess.

“Felt bloated first time trying it out, but after several other uses didn’t notice any other negative changes whatsoever.”

Genepro Reviews – What’s do the masses have to say about its effects?

At first, we didn’t expect that to be the case, but customers seem to love it. Being without any taste and providing same or even bigger nutritional support made a surprisingly high percentage of users to share nothing but words of praise. It was pretty obvious Genepro will get its own audience, but almost everyone who tried it seemed to enjoy it.

“This product is the best protein supplement I’ve ever had! Tasteless, mixes with anything, I have a scoop in my green shake every morning!! ”

“Excellent. I love quest protein powder in my smoothies. Genepro is fantastic, it doesn’t taste like anything and doesn’t alter the texture of food. I add it to EVERYTHING!!!! It doesn’t smell either, I really enjoy this product. ”

“This is the best….it dissolves quickly, no clumps or goo. Goes into hot liquids and I use it my Crystal Light drinks. All day protein and it has no taste. Love it … Love it. Will be ordering more.“

No taste and easy mix-ability seem to separate it from the rest and really put in the league of its own. Customers seem to appreciate a different approach and there is a high possibility we start reading comments like these more often.

Genepro Review

The final thoughts on Genepro

All the manufacturing processes and innovative talk aside, Genepro still keeps a lot of interesting facts about it and is definitely a perfect choice for some of you. If you are a gym rat, we suggest taking a look at some of the other protein reviews we have done in the past, because we don’t see this one working for you the way you’d want to.It is a product with little to no

It is a product with little to no taste, and is a great option for those that like to add a bit of whey to their meals. Despite all the hype, we don’t see it provide as much as you would get from a regular whey protein you usually consume.However, if you have instructions by the doctor to use protein supplements, or you are just a casual person occasionally hitting the gym we don’t see a better choice for you!

However, if you have instructions by the doctor to use protein supplements, or you are just a casual person occasionally hitting the gym we don’t see a better choice for you!

Get a hold of Genepro (30 servings) here for just $37.39!

Where to buy Genepro?

Unfortunately, Genepro is limited, and you won’t have a great time trying to find it in a local supplementation store. The best way is trying to get it online, although despite the fact it isn’t that hard to get you might end up having problems trying to get it for the right price.


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A mixture of essential amino acids that affect your workouts and overall health unlike anything else.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

A good ratio of BCAA’s can potentially have a great impact on your endurance and energy production which ultimately improves physical performance. Such a supplementation has even been shown to improve quality of sleep and can support heart and kidney health.

Clinical Research

There have been various clinical studies on the connection between these amino acids and exercise performance. [1]

Protein Blend

A mixture of  instantized peptide whey, genetic hexapeptide protein, and hydrolyzed whey.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Benefits and upside from the first two types of protein are not that known as there have been little to no scientific studies about them. Hydrolyzed whey however gained huge general popularity for everything it has to offer. It contains a higher percentage of protein and absorbs faster compared to other forms.

Clinical Research

Whey has been a topic for numerous studies, and some of its forms such as hydrolyzed whey and its specific benefits are known by the majority of the public. [2]

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A condition of swollen abdominal or stomach area with fluids or gas.

What Causes Bloating?

Protein within the mixture can sometimes cause this minor side effect.


An involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles.

What Causes Cramps?

Cramps are one of the most reported protein side effects, but can also be caused by fatigue.


How much does Genepro cost?

At the moment, Genepro is available for purchase at just $37.39. That’s a good deal considering the retail price is roughly $45!

Does it really work?

As you had the chance to see above, Genepro consists of 30 grams instantized peptide whey, hydrolyzed when and even genetic hexapeptide protein. Additionally, it also incorporates enzyme complex as well as a BCAA blend (leucine, valine, and isoleucine). So, with all that taken into account, there’s no doubt Genepro is one hell of a protein powder.

Where can I buy it?

Your safest bet is to buy Genepro from PowersuppsUK as it’s currently on sale there.

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