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GI Advantage





  • It contain effective ingredients
  • Promotes digestive system optimal health
  • There are many positive reviews

GI Advantage by 1st Phorm is designed to support your GI system which will lead to optimal health and digestion. On top of that, this product also increases your immune system function!

Gastrointestinal problems affect a large number of people. If you’re one of those who have heartburn, upset stomach, leaky gut, colitis, gastritis, and other inflammation, GI Advantage might be the answer.

In this GI Advantage review, we’ll discuss the ingredients, side effects, and customer experiences to help you decide if this product is right for you.

GI Advantage Ingredients

Zinc (as Zinc L-Carnosine)– It is an immune booster while L-Carnosine is an amino acid used as an antioxidant. If combined, Zinc L-Carnosine can be used to treat GI problems like stomach ulcers, gastritis, and dyspepsia.

L-Glutamine It is also is known as glutamine which is an amino acid. Many dairy products are rich in glutamine such as eggs and protein-rich foods like meat. Whey and casein protein is also rich in L-Glutamine. It is used to treat leaky gut.

Licorice Root (glycyrrhiza glabra)- Licorice is a plant used for various purposes such as food, beverages, tobacco. The root is used for medicinal purposes. It is used to fight infection and relieve stomach discomfort.

Quercetin Anhydrous 98.5% – Quercetin is found in fruits and vegetables. Red onions have the highest levels of quercetin but it can be found in garlic, apples, cherries, capers, and olive oil. Quercetin has antioxidant properties.

Slippery Elm Bark PowderThe slippery elm tree is found most commonly in the Appalachian mountains. Traditionally, the inner bark was used as an ointment to treat urinary tract inflammation (UTI).

Galactoarabinan (Arabinogalactans)- Arabinogalactans are found in leek seed, carrot, radish, pear, maize, wheat, and tomato. These are used to promote gut health .

Dimethylglcine HCL – An amino acid found in the body. This is used to make medicine. It is promoted to boost the immune system’s defenses against infection.

Aloe Vera 100:1 – Pure aloe vera is one of the most common medicinal plants for skin, health, weight loss. Pure aloe gel has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial benefits.

Marshmallow Root Extract (Althaea Officinalis)Marshmallow root is the root of the marshmallow plant used to create marshmallows. The root relieves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) prevents gastric ulcers and other GI problems.

GI Advantage Benefits

Our GI tract is not only used for food, but it’s also used for defense and excretion. If something goes wrong with one organ in the GI tract, then other organs are affected.

GI Advantage by 1st Phorm is a supplement designed to promote a healthy digestive system. GI Advantage will help alleviate gas, bloat, heartburn, upset stomach, leaky gut, or any other inflammation symptom of the GI tract. The bonus is it can also help in boosting your immune system.

Most of the ingredients of GI Advantage have been tried and tested in the past and these ingredients target the gut.

GI Advantage Side Effects

First off, check with your doctor, before taking any supplements especially if you have a medical condition and/or are taking any prescription medication. Like other supplements, GI Advantage can have adverse effects if not taken correctly. This product is not for use by individuals under 18 years of age. Avoid this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other than that, GI Advantage gives almost no side effects in anyone who takes it.

GI Advantage Reviews

Let’s move on to the GI Advantage reviews from those who already tried this product. There are various opinions and almost all of them rated GI Advantage positively.

Here are some of them:

I have suffered with IBS and this product has calmed my gut down and allowed it to start the repairing process! Thank you 1st Phorm for taking the time to make quality products that WORK.

This product has really helped with my overall gut health. I could instantly see a difference in my reduction of bloating as soon as i started to take this.

I can not thank 1stPhorm enough for putting the GI Advantage in the Foundation series! I have had some problems in the past couple months to a year where I have been having difficulty with my GI and I was really struggling with finding any way to take care of what I was going through. The GI Advantage has not only helped me with my GI, but has helped me with my whole system for getting it back on track. This is a tremendous blessing for those seeking help without having to go to traditional medicine (doesn’t always help the solution; only the problem).

GI Advantage Conclusion

It keeps on getting positive reviews and the ingredients are truly beneficial. Its contents will really help you achieve better digestive health.

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