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One product that claims it’s going to help you get the job done in terms of ideal muscle growth and development is Glutamine SR. Let’s check it out!

Glutamine SR




If you’re anything like most dedicated bodybuilders, getting as much serious gains as you can in your training program is no doubt a key factor when it comes to sculpting your ideal physique. Now while your diet and workout routine play important roles in pulling off just that, making sure that your muscles ideally grow and develop should also be on your checklist.

One product that claims it’s going to help you get the job done in terms of ideal muscle growth and development is Glutamine SR. How about we give this supplement a closer look in a bit to see if it’s a promising addition to your bodybuilding arsenal?

What is Glutamine SR?

At its simplest, Glutamine SR is designed to properly direct essential nutrients – particularly L-glutamine – to the muscles not just to keep them functioning up to par during intense physical activity, but also ensure that they will transform into the gains that you want them to be.

Unless the muscles get the nutritional support that they require, they will have a rather tricky time growing and developing no matter how intense and consistent your training program is. On the contrary, muscles that are constantly exhausted are very vulnerable to breakdown and may even go through catabolism sooner or later.

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Glutamine SR Ingredients

Glutamine sr ingredients

The primary ingredient in Glutamine SR is pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine, which has been seen to trigger a number of benefits to the muscles when properly used. Apart from picking up the pace on the growth and recovery of muscles even when regularly subjected to high levels of stress, L-Glutamine also provides protection against catabolism while boosting the anabolic effects of your training program.

Moreover, Glutamine SR also features an exclusive and patented Micro-Feed Technology that creates a barrier around L-Glutamine so it won’t be prematurely metabolized by the stomach and leaving only a very little amount to be absorbed by the muscles. This Micro-Feed Technology also optimizes the bio-availability and usage of L-Glutamine in the body to maximize its positive effects as much as possible in the process.

Glutamine SR Dosage

Mix one scoop (approximately 1 rounded teaspoon) of Glutamine SR with 8 to 10 ounces of water or your favorite beverage 1 to 2 times daily. Glutamine SR can also be added to your protein or meal replacement supplement.

Glutamine SR Side Effects

Based on the information that I’ve stumbled upon while researching for this review, L-Glutamine can cause very minor sleeping issues in some people. However, these side effects usually disappeared after a few days of regular use. A few users who have already tried the product also stressed that it has a slight aftertaste.

Glutamine SR Benefits

  • Speeds up muscle growth and recovery
  • Keeps muscles working optimally even during intense physical activity
  • Prevents catabolism and boosts the anabolic effects of your training
  • Features an exclusive and patented Micro-Feed Technology

Glutamine SR Reviews

“This glutamine is the best I’ve found on the market. Drastically decreases recovery time and soreness after a workout.”

“This supplement works if you ask me… Been using it for 2 years running now and it is excellent… I can feel my muscles repairing quicker and it helps me retain muscle mass while I am doing a cut.”

“Take this for a whole week before you get back in the gym, and I guarantee you won’t be as sore as you’re afraid you will be after a long layoff.”

“Used this product for a while now. Supports muscle growth, great for the immune system and small intestines. I use it a lot when I’m cutting down to prevent muscle lose from doing cardio a bit more than usual.”

“I give it 10/10 – good product – can mix it with anything – seen good results in keeping my muscle mass specially that I’m preparing for a competition in December and following a low carb diet right now – affordable price.”

“No real taste, easy to chug and helps me recover after heavy training. Would recommend.”

“I love adding this glutamine to my post work out shakes. It has no flavor and mixes well in my blender bottle with my whey. I can also tell a big difference with my recovery times. Great product!”

Glutamine SR Conclusion

With its rather straightforward ingredient that has been seen to get results done when used as recommended, I think that Glutamine SR is one supplement that you should get your hands on if you’re looking to boost your efforts at achieving the gains that you’ve always wanted. Its Micro-Feed Technology is also an impressive touch.

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