High School Genes

Countering the Effects of Menopause

High School Genes





  • Drops your weight and boosts your metabolism at the same time
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Supports normal glucose


  • A bit pricey
  • Limited information regarding the ingredients

For this product to be reviewed today, we will be focusing more on the feminine side of things. When women reach middle life, they start to experience changes in their bodies like mood swings and other physiological changes.

This event signifies another chapter in a woman’s life – the menopausal period.

There are a lot of symptoms that women have to undergo before they reach that important milestone. Gaining weight and decreased metabolism are among those changes. With the aid of this supplement, women of this stage will be able to get through this inevitable stage in their lives with less or no problems at all.

What is High School Genes?

Goop Wellness High School Genes is a dietary supplement that is specifically designed for women in their mid-40s. Its purpose is to help women who are entering the menopausal stage or the ones who are in it already.

Its aim is to make sure that women will have a boost in metabolism but also will be able to drop weight. But still, it depends on the regimen and the intake of the food. Furthermore, in this review, we will be able to know the user reviews, possible side effects, and the key ingredients.

Ingredients of High School Genes

BERBERINE (included in the Gut Balance tablet), an herbal therapy that corrects wayward blood sugar, is one of the most proven supplements for reversing a slow metabolism, with over thirty randomized trials showing its efficacy (the highest form of evidence) (1). Berberine works by lowering glucose and resetting your insulin.

In conjunction with the Gut Balance supplement, the Metabolism Boost blend resets insulin and blood sugar by helping your body become sensitive to insulin again. Specific micronutrients in this regimen that really move the needle are: COPPER, ZINC, SELENIUM for the thyroid; B VITAMINS (including niacin, L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, B6, B12) for the adrenal glands; DECAFFEINATED GREEN TEA (ECGC) to help promote healthy insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells; and CHROMIUM plus CINNAMON to sensitize cells to insulin.

There are no reported adverse effects of High School Genes to date once administered correctly.

High School Genes Reviews

“More than anything, what I’m impressed by is results. You can’t argue with success.”

“It blew my mind — that I could get myself into this kind of shape with my colleagues being given seven prescription medicines to function.”

“I’ve thought to myself that this should be taught in medical school. We’re doing our patients a disservice by not learning about this.”

The product is very useful to women who are entering or already in the state of menopause as this supplement assists their system to properly adjust with the changes.

The menopausal stage requires a lot of adjusting due to the numerous symptoms to undergo.

Given the limited information of ingredients for this product, the supplement, however, does work well according to its users. Worth a try.

High School Genes Conclusion

Overall, this dietary supplement is very helpful to women who are adjusting the hormonal changes brought about by menopause. It lessens the burden that a woman would undergo upon entering the menopausal stage, which makes it amazing.

So far, this supplement is promising and not just more than a gimmick.

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3 replies on “High School Genes”

I purchased these and I am on my second month and haven’t noticed much difference. The biggest problem is that since there are 5 different supplements which have great ingredients (only listed on the side of the box) there are no directions on which supplements to take at what time of the day to reap the benefits of what it is specifically designed for.. and also on an empty stomach or with food or before a meal or bedtime.. etc. I take a lot of natural plant supplements and read about a lot of them and there are specific methods these ingredients should be taken in order to make the best of them.. and when you spend this much money on 3 month supply of 5 different supplements there should be instructions. I can’t image taking all 6 pills at once makes the best of their designed intention..? and perhaps thats why I am not seeing results..?

I have been taking these for several months. I am in my mid forties and wanted to have more energy throughout the day. These have not been a miracle but have stabilized my energy levels. I don’t have the feeling of exhaustion anymore and my lifestyle is the same.

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