HumaSLIN Review: Keeping Your Body Healthy One Supplement at A Time

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Review Summary:

If you are looking for a supplement that can do you a world of good in terms of keeping your body in the optimal (read healthy) condition, then HumaSLIN could be the right option for you. This supplement works towards optimal glucose stabilization, protein synthesis, and even digestive aid as well. So, if it seems interesting at first glance, you might want to take a closer look at the review below!

Condemned Laboratoriez made sure to once again exceed our expectations. It is a young company, established only a year ago, but still managing to to put some of the best supplements on the market. After making a review on their nitric oxide booster DNA Dispatch, we had to check out few other products from their assortment. HumaSLIN is insulin optimizing and glucose support formula for those trying to reach their maximum potential. It has one of the most interesting ingredient profiles without a doubt, but is it efficient and powerful enough to fulfill your needs?

It is hard to tell since it hasn't yet been tested by a large number of people. However, everything we have seen so far indicates it can definitely be one of those products that will make a lot more people hear about this brand. In a good way, of course!

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HumaSLIN ingredients – What's inside of this supplement?

Just a quick look at the formula reveals we are not talking about an ordinary product. The functions these compounds can do, and the way they work are very interesting. Without wasting any more of your time, let's jump right into it and take a look at some of its key features and how can it help you achieve amazing results.

HumaSLIN Supplement Facts

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon Bark comes with a wide list of potential benefits. It is a great addition to any formula for all the overall health improving properties. People use it for decreasing inflammation, improving circulation, fighting free radicals, improving sex drive, relieve stress and depression…

Gymnema Extract

A herb found in tropical forests of India and Sri Lanka. Its most popular use is for treating diabetes. Besides controlling sugar levels in the body it can be very helpful for anyone trying to lose some unnecessary weight.

Fenugreek Extract

A compound which can often be found in a variety of dietary supplements. The main reason for this is the fact it does a lot of work enabling your body to function properly. It reduces inflammation, enhances libido, manages cholesterol levels, and improves digestive health.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

An antioxidant that can improve body's ability to lower blood sugar by using its own insulin. It can also restore essential vitamin levels and helps your body to use glucose as its fuel.

Banaba Corosolic Acid

Just as all the above mentioned compounds, Banaba can serve a wide array of critical roles. It can treat a long list of health problems, having a big antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-fungal value.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Chromium Picolinate




Alpha Galactosidase



HumaSLIN is definitely a mixture of ingredients you don't see every day. However, because of the carefully dosed highest graded ingredients, it is capable of doing a lot of good stuff for both your mind and body. It is one of the most exciting formulas we laid our hands on lately, and we are curiously waiting to see how are others going to react to it.

Could HumaSLIN do more harm than good? Are there any side effects associated with this supplement?

Despite the fact it is packed with a big number of ingredients safety is still very high. We haven't found any side effect reports, but only a time will tell what are the risks taking it. If it is to judge on the ingredients found within and their dosage (which is 99% correct), you should worry too much about its negative side, because it doesn't represent almost any sort of a treat for your health. However, if you experience any sort of negative changes on your body, make sure to stop taking it for some time and consult your doctor.

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Pros & Cons


  • Improves overall health and longevity
  • Carries lots of benefits
  • Well rounded and well dosed formula


  • Pill size could represent a problem for some customers
  • Doesn't have a lot of available feedback

HumaSLIN reviews

Unfortunately, it hasn't yet reached millions of customers, but we'll take that on brands youth. It has the potential of becoming great, which can be easily seen in first customers reviews. Here are some of their thoughts:

Currently prepping for a show and most say, this product work, allows me to take full advantage of my carbs meals.

“WOW!! Will be buying again, and will be checking some of their other products for sure. Already recommended it to few of my friends that have a huge experience when it comes to supplementation. They didn't want to believe me at first because I am a newbie when it comes to this topic, but after trying it out they fell in love with it.”

“Insane! Never felt carbs can actually do so much, but was I wrong.A great addition to anyone's diet that takes dieting relatively seriously.”

Lastly, let's take a closer look at a review that has caught my attention at the first glance:

HumaSLIN review

HumaSLIN Video Reviews

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Final words on HumaSLIN

Once again Condemned Laboratoriez did an excellent job in designing something special with a lot of potential. This innovative formula is capable of using carbs for energy rather than storing it as fat. Besides that, it can also promote the growth of lean muscle tissue, and make a better usage of the proteins and other nutrients that are already part of your diet. With all that in mind, real results should be only a matter of time!

There is a lot of misconception about the carbs, and whether an athlete can benefit from them like from some other more “body friendly” ingredients. A product like these shut those silly theories and show how it is possible to experience awesome positive changes with just a bit more care and smarts put into the diet plan.

Get yourself a bottle of HumaSLIN for just $24.23

Where to buy HumaSLIN?

Grabbing a bottle in a local store will be a mission impossible. You'd have to have some serious luck to find it, and even if you do it isn't going to come for cheap. Ordering it online for the fair price and fast delivery is the way to go with this one.

$27.95 $44.99
in stock
November 12, 2019 4:04 pm
Last update was on: November 12, 2019 4:04 pm

Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamon is mostly popular for being used as a spice and flavoring agent, but it actually carries a wide range of potential positive effects on human body.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Its value as a dietary supplement comes from the way it improves your health and the way your system functions throughout the day. It helps alleviate sore muscles and joints, improves circulation, fights free radicals, enhances sex drive, and can even fight stress and depression promoting positive thinking.

Clinical Research

Effects of Cinnamon Bark have been shown by various clinical studies. [1][2]

Fenugreek Extract

Extract of an annual plant also known as methi in some places across the globe.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

With this one we don't know where to start from. It comes with so much benefits it is hard to prioritize the most important ones. So we are just going to mention some of them we think you are looking for. Fenugreek is used for lowering cholesterol, promoting kidney health, boosting testosterone, suppressing appetite, reducing inflammation, prevents heart attacks and cancer, and has a hand full of anti-aging effects.

Clinical Research

With so much popularity it is no wonder there has been so much scientific studies concerning this amazing ingredient. [3]


Side Effects


Abnormal swelling of the abdominal area mostly with fluid or gas.

What Causes Bloating?

Few compounds on the ingredient list can cause this side effect.


A feeling of lost balance followed with vertigo or unsteadiness.

What Causes Dizziness?

If you experience such a side effect its most probable cause is the Alpha Lipoic Acid, although if consumed properly chances are minimal.



How much does HumaSLIN cost?

The retail price of HumaSLIN hovers from $50 to $60. However, you can get it for just $32.05 if you order it from Amazon!

Does it really work?

As we mentioned above, this is not a typical supplement. Nope! HumaSLIN won't make you extremely buffed or give you godlike muscle growth… the main goal of this supplement is keeping your body in the best possible shape by optimizing protein synthesis and normalizing your glucose/insulin levels. And, as far as those 3 figures are concerned, HumaSLIN works like a charm!

Where can I buy it?

My advice is to order HumaSLIN from a trusted source such as Amazon!

User Tips

“If you are having problems with keeping your glucose levels at bay, then HumaSLIN is a great choice to toughen up …” – Thorgen

Have you tried HumaSLIN yourself? If so, leave us your review below!


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