Hydra Charge

Hydra Charge





  • Low price
  • Efficient in its mission
  • Low risk of side effects


  • Features only few ingredients

Muscle hydration can be the key to getting the physique you always wanted. It has been shown to have numerous benefits and is one of the most efficient ways of maintaining so wanted muscle mass. This review will be dedicated towards one of the best supplements in this category currently available on the market. Hydra Charge is a beast coming from Kaged Muscle, a company known for introducing us to few amazing and innovative creations. It features Taurine as its main ingredient and bases its function around its properties.

This is one of the best designs we have seen in a while, as it manages to provide a lot of benefits with a simple and safe formula. Although it may sound like an easy thing to achieve, only a minority of the supplements on the market have done so.

Hydra Charge Ingredients

Hydra Charge is very minimalistic, but still capable of providing an optimum amount of nutrients to the body and keeping it hydrated before, during, and after working out.







The most common single compound found in the mixture. An amino acid with a huge impact on muscle force and strength. Taurine is responsible for regulating levels of water in the system and also supports neurological development. Besides all this, it can also offset fatigue and improve muscle size.

Coconut Water Powder

Yet another compound that aids in hydration, coconut water powder is rich in micronutrients and helps balance electrolyte levels. They are great for your overall health and longevity and are a perfect addition to anyone’s diet.


A new and innovative formula designed to fight potentially damaging free radicals.

Hydra Charge by Kaged Muscle may be the best thing we have laid our hands on in a while. It is a supplement from which almost everyone can benefit and improve its quality of diet and lifestyle in general. Although it doesn’t feature a huge list of ingredients it can still serve a wide array of critical roles.

Hydra Charge Side Effects

For a supplement with so many positive influences on the body, and for almost any supplement, in general, it is considered extremely safe. There are few side effects that could occur such as stomach cramps or dizziness, but those aren’t considered major ones and the risk is extremely low. This product gained a relatively high popularity, and only a few customers reported its negative effects. Here is a comment from one of them:

“Very good company, but they use sucralose for sweetner. It can, and in my case did, cause vomiting, stomach cramps and bloody stool”

Hydra Charge Reviews

A product with 90%  five-star reviews on Amazon! It is something we don’t see very often and definitely leaves a big statement about the quality of this product.

“When it comes to supplements I’m not a 100% brand guy. I tend to mix and match what I need from companies that have what I feel is a superior product or a fair price. I’ve used other KM supplements before and I have to say, Hydra-Charge is awesome.”

“Kris Gethin has very good supplements that work. He’s all about quality, had everything tested even on him. This also enhances the flavor of your other supplements! I put it in my intra workout, BCAA’s. Makes the flavor much better. I’m a huge fan of this stuff and I’ve been taking different supplements for years.”

Most of the people that tried it tend to mention its amazing taste.

Hydra Charge Conclusion

When it comes to safe and efficient products only a few manage to come even near this one. Hydra Charge is an electrolyte matrix that does perfect job hydrating muscles and improving your overall health and longevity. It is designed to provide energy, fight free radicals, provide necessary micronutrients, increase muscle size, and keep you in a peak form.

For the final conclusion here is a quote from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that describes our thoughts on this product in the most accurate words possible:

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.”

Buy Hydra Charge Online

If this little beast from Kaged Muscle caught your eye and you want to try it out, you can do so in only a few simple steps. It is available on one of the worlds biggest companies Amazon, as well as on few other minor supplement web stores.

Purchase Hydra Charge here for as low as $23.93!

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I’ve had some of the gnarliest side effects from this. Instantly makes my skin dehydrated. Really uncomfortable. tried it about 10 times and same every time.

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