• Low price
  • Few great ingredients
  • Low side effects risk


  • Could feature few extra compounds
  • Some ingredients not scientifically proven
  • Not tested by a large amount of customers

Weight loss products are one of, if not the biggest part of supplementation industry. Because of this, there are thousands of worthless formulas being sold every day for unrealistic prices. A lot of people seek for help when trying to get rid of few extra pounds. Manufacturers are aware of it and many tend to take a big advantage of this fact.

Luckily people like us give their best to keep you informed and give you a clearer picture on a real value for a variety of products. In this review, we will take a look at a formula from Prime Labs called InstaBurn. Although it doesn’t have a lot of feedback, there is still enough combined with a list of ingredients to make a fair assessment of its efficiency. Without wasting any more of your time lets jump right into it!

InstaBurn Ingredients

A first look at the formula leaves a very positive impression. It is packed with few highest graded compounds capable of having a huge upside with a wide array of critical roles to serve.


InstaBurn Weight Loss Blend

Acai Berry Extract

Berries from the Acai palm tree are used for treating various medical conditions, some of them being high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, obesity, and osteoarthritis.

Green Tea Extract

A compound that has become globally popular in a relatively short period of time. Most of the modern thermogenics feature it on their ingredients list. It is a good fat burner and is also rich in antioxidants, resulting in few extra health benefits.

Green Coffee Extract

Yet another product often used in a products like this one. Unfortunately it lacks more scientific studies that prove its efficiency as a weight loss supplement addition.

Raspberry Ketone

A chemical found in red raspberries believed to have a positive impact on weight management. Has become extremely popular in the last few years as such, but lacks scientific evidence to back those claims up.

Mango Extract

A compound that should be a part of more products on the market. Mango extract can lower overall body fat levels, improve heart health, manage cholesterol and blood glucose levels, and more. With all that in mind, this is definitely one of our favorites on the list.

InstaBurn by Prime Labs features nothing new and sensational, but still contains few high-quality pieces that can really make a difference. Overall it could have featured few other ingredients, but is definitely capable of getting the job done. It enhances metabolism, provides more energy, works as an appetite suppressant, and does few extra things to help you burn fat and lose weight.

InstaBurn Side Effects

InstaBurn carries a very low risk of major side effects for anyone wanting to try it out. All the compounds found in the mixture are considered safe, and shouldn’t do you any harm in these dosages. However, it is possible to experience few side effects such as constipation, jitteriness, increased blood pressure.

“A bad jittery feeling left me having troubles sleeping so I had to stop taking it.“

Although there wasn’t many available feedback, due to relatively low number of customers it is pretty clear high percentage of the people enjoyed it. Here are some of their thoughts:

“I notice that my appetite is definitely lower on InstaBurn. While the desire to snack is still there it is no longer as high as before. I have noticed a boost in weight loss combined with dieting and exercise seems to get the advertised results. I will be reordering “

“I was quite skeptical before buying such a supplement since others had caused me some stomach issues (Pain and so on), nothing major but enough to cause me discomfort. Although, I would totally suggest this product! Haven’t had a single issue so far and started noticing results within first few weeks! “

It isn’t often a case such a high percentage of customers seem to love the product. Judging by their comments it is very effective and starts working shortly after the first usage.

InstaBurn Conclusion

When it comes to thermogenics, InstaBurn is definitely worth checking out, mostly for those with a slightly lower budget. For the price you can currently order it from Amazon it is definitely worth every penny. Customers seem to love it and it is something that counts as much as the quality of the ingredients found in the mixture.

Overall it is a solid formula capable of creating a healthy weight loss environment. Is it the best? No, definitely! Is it good? Yes, without a doubt, especially for the price! We would recommend this dietary supplement for anyone having to save a few extra bucks and still get something that can get the job done.

Buy InstaBurn Online

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