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Can This Unconventional Supplement Help You Get Rid of Stress?






  • Pleasant smell
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Boosts libido


  • Not the cheapest in its own category
  • Dropper applicator

Before we start let’s just mention the product we are going to analyze in today’s review is aimed towards someone already having a decent experience in bodybuilding. Also, if you haven’t yet tried any sort of supplementation, we suggest starting with something less powerful. Iron Legion released few highly efficient products in the past and hopefully, this one lives up to the standard.

The whole function of Invictus and all of its main benefits are based on cortisol control. Reduction of this stress hormone can lead to many positive changes in the body. It has the potential of increasing energy, relieving joint pain, promoting lean muscle mass, boosting libido, also helping you manage weight and lose fat.

It provides all of its ingredients with a simple spreading on the skin. If you notice any negative changes on the skin while consuming it, make sure to contact your personal doctor. Ideal sites to apply include chest, neck, and shoulders.

Iron Legion Invictus Ingredients

It contains a couple of ingredients for the best possible experience, draining most of its positive effects from Beta-Androstenetriol.

Beta Androstenetriol

Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol is taken by transdermal way and can be taken for various reasons. It is a popular choice for a lot of folks trying to increase fat loss, take cortisol levels under control, maintain and improve muscle mass, reduce inflammation, boost immune response, and much more. For everything it has to offer, and the way it treats a human body it is a good choice for anyone going through PCT.

Although very simplistic, Invictus is more than capable of doing an incredible job for your body. The b-androstenetriol dose is on point, and the other compounds responsible for improving its properties and improving overall experience are well dosed as well. All in all pretty decent formula with a lot more to show than some may expect at first look.

Invictus Side Effects

Every supplement carries its own risks. Usually the bigger the power, the bigger the chance of potential side effects. Although you’d expect Invictus to have quite a long list of possible negative effects, especially skin and allergy related, there have been only a few problems reported by verified customers. Skin irritation and eye spasms are the two users complained the most about.

“I noticed every morning about 30 mins to 1 hr after the dose I would get these crazy eye spasms , it would drive me nuts for about 15 – 30 mins and then go away. Periodically coming back through the day for a about 5 min stint here and there.”

Invictus Reviews

It is a relatively new product and unfortunately still didn’t manage to get enough attention from the potential customers. One of the key factors for low popularity is the fact it is aimed especially towards a smaller group of people wanting to achieve results most can’t even dream of. Here are some of their thoughts:

“ In conclusion Iron Legion Invictus is a solid product that I’m going to use as part of my next PCT. I noticed fat loss around my stomach and kept most of my muscle gainz after my PH cycle. Definitely recommend this product to those with high cortisol levels, coming off a PH cycle or looking for fat loss.“

“ Using this and seeing its effectiveness makes me really wish I had given some of the Iron Legion PHs a shot back in the day. Thanks to Iron Legion for putting this up there for the TROOPers and I look forward to hopefully trying out more of your line up.  ”

“Some of the things I noticed as well. LIBIDO , Omg seriously this maybe the best libido booster I have had so far. I will just leave it at that. Next was vascularity and solid pumps in a workout session. Also I did seem to have some joint relief from this too. All these things combined make this an awesome product.”

It was pretty hard to dig even these few customer reactions up. For this, we are going to blame the small targeted group rather than low production quality.

Invictus Conclusion

Invictus by Iron Legion deserves a chance by anyone trying to control cortisol levels and achieve awesome results. Besides its main function as cortisol regulator, it is as good in weight management, maintaining optimal condition during PCT, fighting fat even on the areas hard to reach, and does a lot more with a goal of improving overall health condition.

It is a transdermal supplement, meaning it is rubbed to certain skin areas for getting the ingredients into the system. If you are looking for something relatively cheap, but still efficient when it comes to a bit more serious supplementation, this is the product to seriously consider.

Buy Invictus Online / Discount

Getting your hands on a bottle is not an easy task. It will be a hard mission, but definitely one worth doing, as you’d end up with a pretty good product on your service. If you like the way it works, make sure to get it for a great price before the stacks get cleared out.

Get yourself a bottle of Invictus by Iron Legion here for $39.99

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