King Cobra

King Cobra





  • Well put together
  • Contains a lot of potent ingredients
  • Hand full of benefits


  • A bit pricey
  • Not yet tested by large amount of people
  • Can potentially cause some side effects

Every now and then we get our hands on a very special product. Today we are going to review a supplement from Blackstone Labs called King Cobra. From the manufacturer point of view, this cutting edge formula is capable of making a massive transformation. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been on the market for a long period of time, so we had a bit trouble finding enough feedback to provide you other customers thoughts.

King Cobra is intense stimulant weight loss formula packed with more than enough ingredients to make a difference. Besides working as a thermogenic it also has a potential upside related to cognitive function and positive mood. These features are becoming more and more popular with a lot of customers looking for focus and energy efficiency as their primary product benefits. Let’s dig right into it and see if this one is actually worth the price!?

King Cobra Ingredients

The mixture is made of a lot of compounds, each having a role on their own. All of them are serving in one main cause and that is a healthy environment for weight loss, and to be honest, at first look, it seems pretty good.

Eria Jarensis extract

Erythropalum scandens ethanolic extract

1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL

Or better known as 1,3 DMAA is a neural stimulant which provides necessary amounts of energy for a successful workout. Besides working as a nootropic it is also believed to be a great addition  to any fat burner. It is not recommended for a professional athletes to consume it, as it can easily give a false positive results on amphetamines if your urine gets tested.

Citrus auaurantium extract

Yohimbe extract

Triple-Heat Thermogenic Intensifier

Aframomum Melegueta extract

Also known as Grains of Paradise, an extract coming from a herb that is used for its anti-diabetic and anti-obese mechanisms. It can also increase levels of testosterone by a small amount and fight creation of estrogen.

Capsicum Fruit Extract


Black pepper fruits extract is a great addition to any supplement due to its ability to enhance nutrient absorption for a significant levels.

Trixanthin Complex

Ilex guayusa extract

Theobroma Cocoa extract

Green Tea extract

One of the most used compounds for dietary supplements worldwide due to its thermogenic traits. Besides being used for burning fat and weight management it is great for enhancing mental alertness and improving concentration.

King Cobra is a well-rounded formula with everything someone willing to lose weight should need. It is pretty obvious folks from Blackstone Labs sacrificed a lot of time and put a lot of hard work into designing it. Although it is not perfect, it definitely breathes high efficiency and provides all the necessary nutrients for a healthy weight loss environment.

King Cobra Side Effects

Unfortunately, this is the main problem with King Cobra. Although there haven’t been many reports of side effects, some of the ingredients can potentially cause some problems. The one that is probably the most controversial is Yohimbe, which has been associated with various negative effects on the body. It can be responsible for few side effects such as irregular heartbeat, sleep problems, dizziness, anxiety, higher blood pressure, and few more. These do not occur often, but it is something you should definitely keep on your mind.

“First few days were great and I thought for once I discovered something that won’t cause me any problems. Was I wrong! Just like with the previous three fat burners I felt really bad few days after the first usage and felt the urge to vomit too often.“

King Cobra Reviews

It is a relatively new product on the market so it will take some time for it to gather a big amount of feedback. For now, it mostly received positive comments and recommendations from the people that tested it.

“DMAA products have always been my favorites. In the last few years it was harder to get one and hopefully that will change in the future. It combined with yohimbe and bioperine made me lose ~7 pounds and feel young again.“

“King C is having one of the best ingredient lists for any hard worker willing to lose weight. For me it is just brilliant and has all the compounds that my body reacts perfect to. Few of my friends tried it out and not everyone shares the same excitement about it as I do. But still two out of three people I talked into taking it had a blast with it and experienced awesome transformation. “

One of the reviewers couldn’t share the excitement after taking a look at the label:

King Cobra Conclusion

King Cobra by Blackstone Labs is not for everyone. It carries few risks but will reward the hard work with results only few can achieve. Efficiency it possesses is almost indisputable, and that is something you can rarely see. Its main task is to help you manage weight and lose fat. Besides this, it will also do few other great stuff for your mind and body. It is designed to also enhance energy levels and improve cognitive function and concentration to enable a higher intensity workout. We would recommend this product to people that already have a certain experience with supplements and are not beginners in the gym.

Buy King Cobra Online

If you think this formula from Blackstone Labs is the perfect pick for your diet, you can get it on various supplementation web shops. If you are fast enough maybe you still manage to get your hands on it while it’s on discount for roughly $55 HERE.

Instead of paying over $70, order Blackstone Labs King Cobra here for just $54.95!

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