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Laxo 50 Review: Can This Feed Your Muscles?

Natural anabolics are something many people decide to add to their diet in few recent years. There is a good reason for that. If done right they are capable of doing some wonderful stuff and potentially have higher efficiency than most supplements on the market.

Sparta Nutrition is a brand with a respectable history of products, with only a few not being recognized as great. Is Laxo-50 one of those, or will it live up to the expectations? In this review, we will try to do a thorough research to find are the ingredients packed within capable of making a real change.

If the claims from the manufacturer turn out to be true, you should experience a significant improvement in muscle gains, better recovery, and enhanced endurance. It also comes with few other benefits we will talk about a bit later.

What is inside of Laxo 50?

At first, you may think one key ingredient in the formula can’t make you experience the change you want. However we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too fast, so let’s take a better look at what it has to offer and can it do anything good for you.

Laxo 50 Ingredients


Laxogenin was found in 90’s by a group of American scientist and has just recently found its use in few bodybuilding supplements. 5A-hydroxy-laxogenin has a great potential as a natural anabolic and apparently is capable of doing a lot of good stuff for your body. It is believed to have a positive impact on protein synthesis, and can also regulate cortisol levels. Laxo-50 provides a 100g of laxogenin, in two daily pills each having half of it. Although there are products offering even double the amount, this one should be just fine. It shouldn’t lack almost any benefits despite the fact there isn’t as much substance as in others. Laxogenin works similar as a steroid but comes with significantly lower levels of toxicity. Despite a lot of people using it and experiencing all of its effects, it has one big problem. 5A-hydroxy-laxogenin lacks scientific research that will label it as a potential supernatural anabolic or deny its actual value. As it grows in popularity and many people tend to choose it as their dietary supplement, we shouldn’t be waiting for much more for additional scientific research.

Sparta Nutrition is known for creating awesome supplements with amazing efficiency. This time they did their best to create a natural anabolic with low levels of toxicity and high amount of benefits. Time will tell whether they succeeded or failed their goal with this one. Since Laxo-50 exponentially grows in popularity we will call it a success for now, and wait for a bit more research on its main compound to do our final verdict.

Laxo 50 side effects – Is it safe?

When most of the people hear anabolic, the first thing that comes to their mind is side effects. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case, with a lot of supplements lately coming out and proving them wrong. With a product that doesn’t have much of a research behind it, it is hard to tell if it has or has not any potential side effects. However in this case, since a lot of people consumed laxogenin, there is amount of information despite the lack of scientific studies. Besides few problems with headaches which are considered minor will label, there haven’t been any reported major side effects with this one yet.

Just after few days, I felt a tense headache after use of laxogenin. That made me lower the dose and ever since I experience nothing but muscle gains.”

Are there any Laxo 50 reviews?

Many people decide to add laxogenin to their daily diet. Here are some of their thoughts and experiences:

“Ever since I bought Laxo50 I felts massive boost in my lean muscle gains. Never felt better and stronger in my life!!! Have always been a fan of sparta nutrition, and will stay for sure if they continue doing as good job as this time.“

Tried two natural anabolics in the past. This from sparta nutrition was definitely the best one of the three. I would recommend it to anyone!!

One customer didn’t have to use many words to express his feelings about this one:

Laxo 50 Reviews

The Final thoughts on Laxo 50?

The market is slowly getting saturated with this sort of products. Few natural anabolics are definitely worth buying, but unfortunately many are just using this trend to get a quick profit without offering too much to the customers. Laxo-50 by Sparta Nutrition isn’t the case, and definitely, has a lot of to to offer. Its only downside is the fact there is a very little scientific study behind laxogenin, its main ingredient. Despite this many people are deciding to try it out, and most of them are having a positive experience.

Get your own bottle of Laxo 50 for $34.99!


Where to buy Laxo 50?

If this supplement seems interesting to you and you would like to purchase it, make sure you do so via Amazon as they offer the best price at the moment.

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Main part of this supplement is a natural anabolic called 5A-hydroxy-laxogenin. Laxogenin is a plant compound often referred to as a brassinosteroid.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

This ingredient works similar to a steroid, that is where the name brassinosteroid comes from, but has a significantly lower levels of toxicity. There are many benefits associated with it, most important of them being: increased protein synthesis, regulation of cortisol levels, increased muscle growth, better recovery, and more.

Clinical Research

Unfortunately there isn’t much scientific research done about laxogenin despite the fact it has been discovered more than 20 years ago.


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It is a feeling of pain and discomfort in head or neck area.

What Causes Headache?

Although laxogenin is believed to be very safe, there are few reports of it causing minor side effects such as headaches.



How much does Laxo 50 cost?

To be honest, the price is a little bit high. Not too high, but still, a couple of dollars lower would be the sweet spot. Don’t get me wrong, $55 is not a lot when it comes to similar supplements, but if it was priced at $45 to $50, I believe it would have much better sales.

Does it work?

Considering the fact Laxo 50 is made by a well-known company Sparta Nutrition and that it already has a bunch of satisfied users, I can assure you it’s as legit as it gets!

Where can I buy Laxo 50?

Laxo 50 can be found on Amazon.

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“Laxogenin is my number one ingredient in terms of protein synthesis…” – Wayne


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