Lumonol Nootropic Review: Is it your Smart Drug to Prevent Memory Lag?

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  • Lumonol
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Review Summary:

Lumonol is a nootropic supplement which provides three main benefits - improve memory, enhance energy, and sharpen focus. It is a hybrid formulation made from the earth's finest natural ingredients. One of its breakthrough discoveries is the incorporation of one of the powerful nootropics substance known as noopept.

People of all ages encounter different memory problems.  We easily get distracted, lose our focus and attention, and even have a poor memory.  During this time of memory loss, we look for something that can aid us in enhancing our brain performance.  Luckily, Avanse Nutraceuticals come up with a formula that supports cognitive functions and mental performance.

Lumonol, another nootropic supplement that made its name in the market, is known to provide both the brain and the body with essential nutrients that are useful in augmenting cognitive function.  In view of this review, we will highlight significant information on Lumonol's ingredients, benefits, and side effects.  Customer experiences are also taken and refined to give you more ideas about this product.

Each serving of Lumonol vegetable capsule consists of different blends which target specific memory activities.  To find out how it works, let us first take a closer look on its ingredients.

Lumonol Ingredients: What's inside?

Each vegetable capsule is consist of the following ingredient that makes it an effective brain-boosting supplement:

Vitamin B12

The B vitamin which is scientifically known as Methylcobalamin.  Methylcobalamin is the optimally absorb and easiest form of vitamin B12 to use by the body.  One of its perks as a B vitamin is the improvement of mental dysfunction most likely for elder people.
Focus Blend

This blend helps to keep the mind and body in focus and stay alert.  This is composed of the following ingredients:

  • Phosphatidylserine – keeps our mind and memory sharp
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – improves mood, learning, and memory
  • L-tyrosine – a popular supplement that supports mental alertness
  • Noopept – is Lumonol's breakthrough ingredient which is known to be a powerful nootropic substance; it helps in increasing memory and aids in learning activity; it is scientifically known as N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester

Energy Blend

The following ingredients for this blend primarily focus to boost the energy level throughout the day:

  • Panax Ginseng – sharpens the mind and improves energy
  • Hordenine – naturally found in barley which is known to enhance the overall energy levels
  • Guarana – considered as one of the ingredients in popular energy drinks which is known to contain excellent amounts of caffeine

Memory Blend

To enhance memory performance, this blend is formulated with the following ingredients:

  • Ginkgo Biloba – widely used as memory and concentration booster
  • Alpha GPC – a naturally occurring compound in our body in small amounts which plays a role in thinking and memory recall

Most of the ingredients are naturally occurring substances.  It is believed that a natural substance is healthy and beneficial.  Therefore, it's about time to determine the perks that it can give.

Lumonol Benefits: Being in the Good Side!

Because of its naturally occurring ingredients, there are many listed benefits in taking Lumonol nootropic supplement.  Stabilizing the moods and boosting the energy level are some of the notable benefits of Lumonol.  Also included in the list are enhancing mental performance and making a person stay in focus.
Besides that, some of the user state of having a clear mind and keeping them sharp and calm while taking Lumonol.  Another buyer reports that:

Lumonol really helps me to excel because it always keeps me to stay on task.

Lumonol Side Effects: Is it something alarming?

No reported side effects of Lumonol has been recorded.  Even though it contains caffeine due to the presence of guarana, jitters are not observed.  However, if you would take more than the recommended dose, these side effects might be noticed – insomnia, loss of appetite, irritability, headache, fatigue, stomach irritation, and increase heart rate.

The mentioned side effects are due to the presence of stimulants such as noopept and caffeine.  It is always better to take any supplements in the recommended dose to get rid of those undesirable effects.

Pros & Cons


  • keeps people sharp and calm
  • helps people stay in focus
  • stabilizes mood
  • helps to clear the mind
  • no jitters

Lumonol Customer Reviews:

Lumonol nootropic supplement receives an average review of 3 stars on  Almost 40% of the user gives positive feedback.

Take a look at a couple of positive opinions below:

After a month of taking Lumonol, I may say that it has been a great supplement for me so far.  I'm sharper than ever.  What I want most about it is that it helps to stabilize my mood.

I noticed a boost in concentration, energy, and mental performance knowing that it was my first time to take it.

On the contrary, there are reports showing that there are some users who are not satisfied with the result.  Besides, one buyer says:

I cannot tell that it did anything for me at all.

Based on the reviews on Amazon, Lumonol is an effective brain-boosting supplement.  Even though some did not get the results that they are expecting, most of the users state that it really enhance their mental performance.  Even the 3-star reviewers would like to try it for another more month to see its effectiveness.

Lumonol Video Reviews

A Great Brain Booster – Reported by Many User

Nootropic supplements are very popular these days.  They are distributed in different forms.  Some are sold in the form of bottled drinks or powder drinks packed in sachets. Others are encapsulated in vegetable or silica gel capsules.

But, regardless of its formulation or how it is packed or presented in the market, still the primary concern is its effectiveness.  Those who tried and has taken Lumonol claim that it works.  Majority of people attested that Lumonol is an effective product most especially in improving cognitive energy, enhancing memory and increasing focus.

One user actually said,

This product is a definite try for anyone looking for something that can increase their productivity!


Lumonol is a hybrid formulation created from the earth's finest natural compounds.  Its breakthrough discoveries of ingredients provide recognizable benefits in enhancing memory function and brain performance.  The users' feedback is a strong evidence to support those benefits.

Part of the crowd finds it worthless to give it a try, giving them a waste of money.  Still, a greater number of users are very satisfied with the result.  And with no recorded jitters, this product is pretty much recommendable.

So, if you find this review interesting, brace yourself to experience an increase in your mental alertness and extreme brain performance.

Where to Buy

If you are interested and want to try this product, you can go directly to their official website at  You can find there a more detailed information and the complete range of Lumonol's product.  Or you can browse at Amazon official site to check their product listing.

Have you tried Lumonol yourself? If so, leave us your review below!


  • keeps people sharp and calm
  • helps people stay in focus
  • stabilizes mood
  • helps to clear the mind
  • no jitters

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