• Replenishes lost electrolytes
  • Protects the liver
  • Staves off an upset stomach and bloating


  • Not as great anti-hangover properties as expected
  • Could be more efficient
  • Lacks few additional ingredients

Recently we did a lot of reviews on hangover pills, and today we got our hands on yet another product of this kind. LyteShow is electrolyte replenishing, liquid concentrate designed for anyone who likes to consume a bit too much alcohol every once in a while. It can also be used after exercising or sweating for replacing lost fluids in the body.

Ingredients found in are sugar, GMO, preservatives, and gluten-free, making it a great option for anyone taking good care of their nutrient intake and overall health. LyteShow is also diet friendly for all the vegans and vegetarians. Its anti-hangover efficiency may not be its biggest virtue, but all things considered, it may be a great choice for some people. If you are looking for something that will provide the biggest protection of your mind and body after a long night out, make sure to check out one of the best in the game,1st Phorm’s Remedy.

LyteShow Ingredients

A quick look at the label reveals its true nature and tells everything you need to know about it if you are having even the slightest experience with such a products. Let’s take a look at some of its key features and their main functions.


Magnesium is one of those minerals you must always look for when dealing with problems such as hangovers. It has been shown to be extremely efficient in calming its symptoms, and for that reason has become a crucial part of any hangover pill out there. Besides that everyone knows how good it is for overall health and longevity.



Zinc is one of the most important parts of your daily diet, and its deficiency can cause some major problems for your health. It has been shown to be a great choice for anyone trying to increase immunity, improve fertility, help with muscle growth, and much more. The main reason it is a part of this formula is its ability to reduce free radical damage and support liver health.


Yet another mineral with a big role in controlling fluid levels in your system. It also takes good care of blood volume and pressure, while in the same time balancing pH of the body fluids.



Third most abundant mineral in the human body, that is often underlooked and not as appreciated as some other members of the mineral family. Although it has been shown to have a massive impact on our condition, the majority of the people all across the globe aren’t consuming as much potassium as they should. Best sources are from food such as bananas, milk, potatoes, nuts, and citrus fruits, but a supplement like this one will also do a good job.

LyteShow Side Effects

One of the best things about the formula is the fact it comes little to no risk for your health. It has been designed with a lot of care, and almost everything you can expect from it is beneficial for your overall health. In some rare cases, it can cause some unwanted conditions such as diarrhea or nausea.

“This product made my husband and I very sick. We both had a severely bad reaction, are stomachs were extremely acidity. Do not buy!”

“I would give it a 5 star if it had a better taste at higher doses. Being on a Keto diet and an athlete I need higher quantities of electrolytes. One cap full is only 10% of my recommended intake. I wouldnt mind another product at higher concentration and maybe some flavoring so I dont have to re-dose 6-8 times a day to get my electrolytes. Doubling up the dosage can get a little tart. ”

As you can see people generally seem to enjoy it, even despite the bad taste and couple of imperfections.

LyteShow Reviews

It has become really popular recently, and with such a products it is always important to check out the customers’ comments and reviews. Most of the verified users online had nothing to complain about. Some did, however, experience troubles and lack of the efficiency to the point they decided to switch on something else.

“Worked well for the purpose intended. I like the extra travel bottle they provide. Someone else commented that it tastes a little different. I thought it tasted gross, but I mixed it with some kool-aid “

LyteShow Conclusion

Lets face it, LyteShow isn’t exactly the strongest hangover formula out there. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty weak which is understandable considering the price tag. It doesn’t taste good but can help you out a bit after a rough night drinking out.

However, if you up the price to around $30 you’ll be able to buy Remedy by 1st Phorm. I’ve already mentioned it a couple of times in this review as it really is the better option. Not only can it reduce your hangover symptoms but also replenish your body’s nutrients and get rid of headaches and nausea. You’ll be feeling like your old self… and that’s well worth the increased price… at least if you ask me.!

Despite having a lot of upsides, LyteShow doesn’t have the potential of some powerful anti-hangover pills such as 1st Phorms Remedy, which is our number 1 pick by far when it comes to this topic. LyteShow, on the other hand, comes at a better price and is still capable of providing some support. Where it shines the most is the electrolyte replenishment and hydration.

I strongly suggest going for Remedy as it’s a much better alternative!

Buy LyteShow Online

If I’ve convinced you that Remedy is the better supplement out of these two (and, let’s face it, it really is) then you must be wondering where you can buy it. Don’t despair, Remedy can be safely purchased here from the comfort of your home.

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