M-Factor Hero & Goddess

Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals daily is crucial in realizing your training goals. Find out how M-Factor Hero & Goddess can help you in this extensive review.

M-Factor Hero & Goddess




As we grow in age and responsibilities, we need multivitamins and minerals to ensure that we get the optimal amounts of micronutrients that we are prone to miss from sumptuous but largely unplanned and unhealthy power lunch meetings and corporate dinners.

I’m not a believer in the traditional thinking that taking a nutritionally balanced diet is still the best source of food essentials. Maybe, 50 or so years ago, but not anymore. This is not just possible in the real world where we are faced with little choices for our next meal, where processed food rules, and where we live a largely sedentary lifestyle. No matter how much prodding we get from our doctor or nutritionist, getting the right mix of calorie count and personal satisfaction from organic food is not always possible.

Regular doses of multivitamins and minerals help provide our body with the necessary nutrients that it misses from regular meals, especially phytonutrients or those coming from fruits and vegetables. It allows our body’s metabolic processes to perform normally and efficiently, thereby shielding our vital organs from health conditions resulting from nutrient deficiency.

Ordinary multivitamins purchased over-the-counter in most supermarket chains in the United States are generally not enough to meet these needs, especially if we have painstakingly designed a certain regimen with specific targets and timetables in terms of weight loss, muscle gain, stamina, and other measurable outputs. If we’re serious about keeping our bodies healthy and fit, then our multivitamins should be chosen on the basis of a realistic understanding of what we are – an active man, an elderly, or just a regular man – and our lifestyle.

The M-Factor Hero is especially formulated for males and contains all multivitamins and minerals in exact proportions to support the various biochemical demands and functions of the human body. As one of the country’s leading and most trusted manufacturers of health and fitness supplements for athletes and muscle builders, 1st Phorm has developed M-Factor Hero for serious male health buffs with active lifestyle and M-Factor Goddess for women.

The company has introduced a unique mix of essential and non-essential amino acids called A2PC. This unique formula, in addition to a wide range of other ingredients in each capsule of the M-Factor, helps increase protein synthesis, stimulate muscle growth and speed up recovery from training. Its ability to stimulate natural hormone function helps protect the prostate and other vital organs of our body.

M-Factor Hero & Goddess Ingredients

As a major pharmaceutical company specializing in food supplement, 1st Phorm has under its disposal a good number of suppliers with access to every type of raw materials used to enhance our health and fitness.

This enables the company to choose and/or develop the most clinically sound ingredients for its food supplements beyond the minimum daily requirements, defined as the lowest amount that can be taken to avoid a nutrient deficiency that could cause a serious health condition.

This is why M-Factor and most other health supplements developed by 1st Phorm contain nutrients that are beyond the minimum, which explains it is relatively more expensive than most multivitamins in the market.

The table below illustrates this point:

M-Factor Supplement Facts

How to use M-Factor

Packaging is available at 120 capsules per container. Each serving comes in three capsules to be taken once every morning on non-training days.

On a training day, it’s best taken twice a day, once in morning and another in the afternoon to help speed up the body’s self-healing process. Do take them with a meal to help in absorption. Some words of caution: M-Factor Hero and Goddess are for people 18 years and above. They are also not intended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Like any other dietary supplements, they are not to be taken by anyone with medical condition or taking prescription drugs without consulting your physician.

Most people take food supplements for two very good reasons. One is to make sure that they get sufficient amount of vital vitamins and minerals; the other is to help mitigate the risk of long term health issues.

While M-Factor Hero and Goddess are both designed to address these concerns, the stack is also meant to realize our short-term health goals, like weight loss, toner muscles, and quick recovery time after an intense workout. The last benefit is my favorite because I could feel it happen after every heavy workout.

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