Mass FX

Mass FX





  • Low price
  • A lot of ingredients


  • Not highest graded compounds
  • Low efficiency
  • A lot of negative reviews

Testosterone boosters gained great success in the latest years, and as it was expected we see new ones coming to the shelves every single day. Few companies created outstanding products capable of producing amazing effects on human body, and many started to follow.

In this review, we are putting a product called Mass FX by Athletic Xtreme to a test. Today we will try to see if it is any good and can those ingredients packed inside make a real difference. We managed to gather a lot of feedback, so hopefully, you’ll get a clear picture of its quality.

As you all know, a testosterone boosters main mission is to provide great lean muscle gains combined with more overall strength. From a high-quality product, you should expect a significant raise in both of the categories and the results should be noticeable in a matter of days. If you don’t feel the change during your workouts in 2-3 weeks, something is going wrong. Mass FX  effects are bound to kick in after 6 days. Continue reading to find out is that true and is Mass FX actually worth buying.

Mass FX Ingredients

A first look at the label reveals this blend has few other roles besides raising testosterone. Although it is a nice thing to see, there are few things that could have been better.


Zinc alongside Vitamin D3 and Boron is added to the formula with a goal of optimizing endocrine function.

Vitamin D3



Or Urtica SHGB Lignan Complex is a lignan extract with the main role of increasing free testosterone. It is the main part of the blend for increasing muscle growth and lean muscle gains.


Methyl EAA

N-Methyl-Aspartic Acid is also known for having a good impact on testosterone and HGH levels in human body.


Vanadium is a mineral and a part of the mixture for control of insulin and blood glucose. It is often used in medicine for treating various conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, tuberculosis…


Cobalt Amino Acid Chelate is a mineral responsible for EPO blood building. EPO or erythropoietin is a hormone that is good for the formation of red blood cells.


Athletic Xtreme Mass FX features a lot of ingredients, and at first look, it may seem very nice. However, the ingredients within the formula could have been more carefully picked for better overall results and efficiency of the supplement. For this reason, we have to recommend a better mixture of compounds capable of providing much better results. Hercules by Spartan Nutrition has a lot more positive feedback and has a better and more well-rounded formula.

Mass FX Side Effects

Testosterone boosters have been getting a lot of attention lately and not for all the good reasons. Unfortunately, there are few side effects that come hand in hand with potential benefits of such a supplement. Some of them include sleep apnea, skin reactions, ansxiet, mood swings and more. because of this, it is important to consume a high quality and proven product, and as we can see Mass FX is not one.

“At first I was feeling very happy about the booster, but after some time I started noticing more and more acne problems which were never as conspicuous as with this one. Also I started having troubles sleeping and it is something that never occurred before with any other t-booster.“

Mass FX Reviews

This is one of the most important categories we look for when doing a review since it can truly show what percentage of users actually liked it. Unfortunately, this is a category where Mass FX fails miserably. Here are some of the reviews:

“There is not one day that I felt anything from this product, ever. No increased libido, increase in weight, no pimples, no elevated mood, increased strength, increased aggression, nothing…… I felt none of the above stated claims, ever.“

“I personally wanted to give this a zero, but since it increased my libido, I’ll give it a point. The claims made by the company simply were non-existent “

“I saw some gains during this run, but like i said, I’m 99.9% sure they were due to all my other hard work and supplementation. Maybe there is an off-chance this supplement helped, but I don’t think so. And the libido effect was nice. I would definitely not recommend this product though.”

Here is yet another customer not feeling too happy about the results:

Mass FX Conclusion

With everything you had the chance to see throughout this review, one thing has to be for certain – Mass FX is not a decent testosterone booster. So, with that being said, I would not recommend buying it… not only because of its endless list of potential side effects but because of lack of any concrete effects too.

EDITORS TIP: Check Out Hercules instead for a better result.

All in all, Mass FX by Athletic Xtreme was a big disappointment. Besides its customers noticing a slight increase in libido, it failed to deliver what it is made for – increasing testosterone levels as well as strength and muscle gains. Unfortunately, we see more and more similar (read bad) products on the market. They claim to do wonders but in the end, fail miserably. Not to leave you guys empty handed, we would like to recommend a supplement that is actually capable of doing some great stuff.

Hercules by Sparta Nutrition is a great deal for anyone wanting to feel the gains and work on their physique.

Buy Mass FX Online

When it comes to Mass FX, I warmly recommend you stay away from it. It does not do a very good job of giving the effects it claims to give. Plus, it causes a whole sh*tstorm of side effects that could end up with causing you more harm than good.

Instead, I would suggest you go for Hercules, a testosterone booster that will surely do its job!

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