Maximum Pump Extreme by Ironmaglabs

Maximum Pump Extreme by Ironmaglabs




Finding the right pre-workout formula may be the hardest part of organizing your supplementation regiment as there are just so many different types of pre-workouts to choose from. From stimulants to Creatines, from amino acids to NO boosters, there are dozens of different products being advertised as the best pre-workout formula.

The real answer is there is no single best formula out there. The product we are looking at today, Maximum Pump Extreme by IronMag Labs is a very complete formula however, with a number of different areas covered in one product. As such, it caught our attention and we decided we should give it a test and write up a review for you to give you a general idea of how effective the product is and whether you should give it a go.

What’s In It?

Maximum Pump Extreme is a very comprehensive formula holding a number of well-known and tested ingredients. That said, the product uses a proprietary blend, meaning the actual dosage of each of the ingredients is not disclosed.

What we do know is that a dose of Maximum Pump Extreme holds 9.000 mg of powder in total and that the powder is made up of ingredients such as Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Taurine, Agmatine, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Citrulline Malate and several other ingredients displayed on the label.

This unique combination of Creatine, stimulants and amino acids truly promise to be a very potent blend, but the label alone is not a clear statement of anything in this case because the dosages are not displayed.

Here is the complete label with all the ingredients displayed:

Maximum Pump Extreme Supplement Facts
Maximum Pump Extreme Supplement Facts

What Does It Do?

Maximum Pump Extreme is a potent and multidimensional pre-workout formula with a number of different effects. In theory, Maximum Pump Extreme should:

  • Significantly Improve Muscle Pumps
  • Increase Strength and Endurance
  • Improve Stamina and Energy
  • Boost Mental Focus

Is It Effective?

We found the label alone insufficient to tell how effective the product may be so we decided to try it ourselves. Even on first use, Extreme Pump Extreme showed great results as strength, endurance and most importantly pumps had all seen significant improvements. The stimulants in the product caused him to be focused on the workout and the other ingredients clearly allowed him to lif more and longer than normal. Our tester told us it was one of the finest formulas he had used and that he would absolutely use it again in the future.

Furthermore, we went and looked at other users’ testimonials and found them to be in agreement with our tester. Most people report significant increases in strength and endurance and very powerful pumps and improved blood flow. The pumps you will experience from Maximum Pump Extreme are unlike anything you have experienced in the past and likely to scare you a bit at first.

How Do I Take It?

Mix one scoop of Maximum Pump Extreme with water some 20-30 minutes before a workout. Try using half a scoop at first to assess tolerance and do not use if you are under the legal age or experiencing any medical issues.

Potential side effects may on occasion include headaches, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat or dizziness. If these occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


Here is what some of the people who used Maximum Pump Extreme had to say about the product:

The Maximum Pump Extreme gives me a lot of energy but what I love about it is it’s not that jittery feeling you get with other Pre Workouts it’s just sustained energy throughout my entire workout so that’s a huge plus.

Max Pump is great. Always nice to have that extra edge while training.

Compared to Black Bombs, it’s a hellava lot stronger stim-wise and easily got me through 1hr intense training and HIIT cardio – kept me alert until mid-morning, so were talking 6 hours.

Final Verdict

From all the information we could gather, Maximum Pump Extreme is one of the best pre-workouts currently on the market. Coming from IronMag Labs, it is safe to say that despite using a proprietary blend, the product is likely very well dosed with main ingredients and all testimonials including our own testing suggest that the product absolutely holds up to its claims.

Through a number of amino acids, stimulants and other ingredients, Maximum Pump Extreme improves focus, strength, endurance and pumps, allowing you to train hard and get the wanted results in terms of mass gains and cutting. We recommend this product as one of the finest pre-workout formulas at a very reasonable price.

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