Looking  for a good prohormone to add to your diet? Congratulations – you are at the right place! PitPharma presents you Mbolo pills. This company has a few new products that we are greatly excited about and Mbolo definitely belongs to the top of the list. PitPharma has not been around for a long a time but we surely do expect some great stuff from it, especially after seeing what Mbolo is able to do. Continue reading to find out its benefits and see how does it compare to one of the most popular products in the history of bodybuilding supplements.

Mbolo Benefits

Mbolo is packed with 60 tablets containing 20 mg of methylstenbolone. It is a pro-hormone designed to build muscle mass and size. Its biggest benefits are increasing strength, muscle gains and enhanced endurance. Many of you using supplements of this kind should be familiar with Superdrol. It is a supplement compound that was banned in 2012.  You probably know that it was  highly popular and efficient product that was on the market for over seven years. Back in 2012, it was officially labeled as schedule III anabolic steroid, meaning no one could have it or sell it legally. This made it one of the best mass building supplements you could find, but it also had a dark side.There has been a decent amount of people suffering from side effects with professional wrestler C.W. Anderson being  the most popular case.

Although many believe he was misusing the supplement, the chances are the supplement itself is still the main reason that caused this. Mbolo MSTEN is an improved product that should be a good replacement for Superdrol considering its amazing ability to gain some serious muscle mass in a short period of time. The good news is that it shouldn't be as risky as it was its predecessor and that is one of the main reasons we've put it to the top of the list considering PitPharmas new line of products. Superdrol was a huge hit a few years back and we believe this product can possibly regain its popularity and get it for all the right reasons. Time will tell how the story unfolds, but considering the good work from PitPharma we believe Mbolo will do just fine.

Mbolo Ingredients

Mbolo contains 20 mg of  methylstenbolone. It is a compound brought on the market to take Superdrol's place and provide you with some serious muscle mass and size gains. Methylstenbolone does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite so the estrogen related side effect shouldn't be a case here.


Mbolo Reviews

Even though we are talking about one of the newest products on the market, we still managed to find a few useful reviews for it:

“This thing is a BOMB! It packs such a punch that I could not initially believe it was completely legal. The gains, the strength, the aggresion, it's all through the roof. If you are serious about your bodybuilding routine, then there is no doubt that this shit if made for you bros!”

“If you are looking for an extreme PH muscle builder and you don't want to swim to illegal substances, your best option is Mbolo by PitPharma. This thing is great on so many levels and I just could not believe what it can offer me. 10/10 – this thing works like a charm!”

Mbolo Conclusion

PitPharma really surprised us with this one. Mbolo MSTEN is a prohormone supplement that has one mission and that is to gain muscle, and if we are to be completely honest here, it could be one of the best at doing so,  standing shoulder to shoulder with anabolic steroids such as Superdrol and Anadrol. Without a doubt, that fact says enough about its capability! Its main compound methylstenbolone should be safe for estrogen related side effects, but if you decide to purchase it make sure you take good care on using it correctly.

Although it has been on the market for a short period of time, it is definitely worth taking a closer look! Finally, with all of the above taken into consideration, this one just might be the next big thing in the world of bodybuilding supplements.

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