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  • Improved focus and mental alertness
  • Better attention span
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Confidence boost
  • Increased energy

A great number of supplement nowadays is designed to help us with out physical needs, but sometimes we need a product that can address our mental needs as well. Bad mood, tiredness, or stress caused by an overwhelmed schedule is definitely something that needs to be addressed. Today we present you with the product that will take care of your mental health and provide you with cognitive support and mental alertness along with some other benefits.

Mental Trigger is an all natural nootropic product manufactured by Redcon1 and we believe that it will be one of the most used supplements in the world. Whether you are worried about your busy schedule or plans, this product will give you cognitive support you’ve been waiting for. Let’s find out more.

Mental Trigger Ingredients

The first thing that you will notice when taking a look at Mental Triggers supplement label is the caffeine. This product relies on caffeine.

Caffeine will provide you with a sudden rush of energy and work as a stimulant. The issue occurring with nootropics based on caffeine is the fact that caffeine passes in a matter of hours and you may feel drained afterwards. Caffeine Anhydrous comes in 250 mg in Mental Trigger.  If 250 mg in Mental Trigger seems like too much for you, don’t worry. Each capsule contains 125 mg of caffeine and you should start by taking half a dose and then gradually working your way to a full serving.

Hesperidin (100 mg) is known for its benefits when it comes to blood circulation. It’s a unique type of sugar believed to have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. When it comes to brain health, hesperidin is found to be pretty efficient.

TeaCrine (50 mg) is somewhat similar to caffeine although it’s not as strong as caffeine and it doesn’t come with a tolerance buildup, which means that you don’t have to increase your dose in order to feel the effect from it. It is linked to energy improvement, since it increases dopamine levels in the brain.

Mucuna Pruriens (35 mg), known as Velvet Bean,  is linked to some improvements when it comes to stress. This ingredient will help you improve your hormones L-Dopa, Serotonin and Dopamine, which can eventually help you combat stress and become calmer and more relaxed. Your growth hormone levels will be elevated, your mood significantly better and your testosterone levels will be optimized.

Alpha GPC (30 mg) increases the production of acetylcholine which is also known as the learning neurotransmitter. This ingredient has focus-enhancing properties in the body and can help during the workouts when it comes to mind-muscle connection.

Noopept (20 mg) stands for N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester and it’s well-known for its properties when it comes to long-term cognitive decline.

Bioperine (5 mg) is actually a black pepper fruit extract linked to nutrient absorption improvement and bioavailability. Piperine can increase adrenaline levels and positively affect our energy and drive.

The complete list of the ingredients can be found in the supplement label provided below:

Mental Trigger Supplement Facts
Mental Trigger Supplement Facts

Mental Trigger Side Effects

The only side effects in Mental Trigger come from caffeine. Caffeine is not harmful but it  can be very distracting. As its effect wears off people feel fatigue and they are not being able to focus. That is why you should pay attention to proper dosing and start with smaller doses in the beginning.

Mental Trigger Benefits

There are some pretty good ingredients in Mental Trigger that could provide you with mental focus, clarity, energy and attention. The main problem with nootropics containing caffeine is that the effect of caffeine wears off in a couple of hours, and you may feel drained afterwards. If you are concerned with caffeine in this product, you should take one capsule and then take a another one a few hours later. Despite all that, we know for sure that caffeine is essential in our everyday lives.

It is a quite powerful ingredient that should be used prior to intense work obligations or studying. When it comes to our brain health, hesperidin is very beneficial. It only misses some cognitive performance properties. TeaCrine can help you with your energy levels and a good thing about this ingredient is that you don’t develop a tolerance buildup.

We absolutely love Alpha GPC in Mental Trigger and too bad the dose is less than we usually see in powdered supplements. We understand that there is simply not much room left for a bigger dose alongside with everything else. We don’t really know much of  its effects you will be feeling, but you will definitely be feeling the effects of Noopept and Bioperine.

Mental Trigger Reviews

“First day taking Mental Trigger and love the clean, focused feeling. As stated on the Directions, took 1 pill to assess tolerance and the 1 is doing it's job. Do not have that jittery, crazy feeling you can get with similar products. Great product!”

“I really love this product. I am feeling more concentrated now and I’m no longer being stressed over my studies. Mental Trigger has improved my mood and increased my energy. Way to go Redcon1!”

Mental Trigger Conclusion

In conclusion, Mental Trigger is definitely a product you should give a chance. All Redcon1’s products really stand out for themselves and we believe that this one is going to be a huge success too. Mental Trigger will get you ready for your job interview, work or studies. You will be feeling an improved focus and mental clarity and you will be dealing with stressful deadlines and obligations easily. This product is the cognitive support you’ve been waiting and needing for a long time.

What are your experiences when it comes to Mental Trigger? Did you notice better focus, mental clarity or boosted confidence levels? Please leave us a reply. We always appreciate your feedback.

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Hi, I saw this product a few years ago. I believe it might have came from a WWE wrestler. For some time, I have been having this mental blur. Sometimes I would be confused or hard to focus or somewhat panic. Will this product help out in a way? Are they any free samples I can try out if any? Thanks!!

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