Nerve Support


Neurofix by BetaCells is a nerve support supplements that contains 4 effective ingredients necessary for healthy nerve function. Aside from that, it alleviate nerve condition symptoms and prevent further damage.






  • It contains high quality and potent ingredients.
  • It improves neuropathy symptoms such as pain,tingling sensation and numbness.
  • Endocrinologist formulated


  • It contains only 4 ingredients which is less than the other nerve support nutrients.

A common problem of people with Diabetes is developing neuropathy caused by nerve damage secondary to the high glucose level in the blood. Nerve supplements are used to manage such conditions.

Let’s find out if the BetaCell nerve support supplement called Neurofix really works. Let’s make a deep dive into its ingredients, benefits, side-effects, and customer reviews. We have gathered and processed the essential details you needed for this product.

Neurofix Ingredients

Benefits from the ingredients is a way to prove if a specific supplement is effective. The amount of ingredients per capsule is vital to make sure it will achieve its claims.

BetaCell is proud to say that Neurofix is an Endocrinologist formula and uses quality, highly potent, and bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals. Below is a list of Neurofix ingredients and their functions for us to assess if it is worth to try.

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal) – It helps in maintaining nerve ending coverings to prevent being damaged. It also helps in regulating mood hormones (serotonin) and stress-coping hormone (norepinephrine).
  • Folic Acid (L-5-MTHF) – It converts arginine to nitric oxide that plays an important role in opening up the small blood vessels that supply blood to the nerves. It also has an antioxidant property.
  • Vitamin B12 (Methyl Cobalamin) – Lack of Vitamin 12 can cause nerve damage that is why it is used to treat nerve-damaged related conditions. The Methyl Cobalamin is the most active form of Vitamin B12.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – It is an omega3 fatty acid essential for human growth and development. It is also rich with anti-oxidant properties that can cleanse us from free radicals that cause nerve damage.

Summary Of Benefits

Neurofix contains important ingredients that can really help the nerve functions. It also addresses the nerve condition symptoms to alleviate the suffering of the patients. Check out the main benefits you can get from Neurofix.

  • It promotes healthy blood flow for better nerve functions.
  • Ingredients serve a protector of the nerve to prevent being damaged.
  • It helps to re reduce pain, numbness and tingling sensation due to neuropathy.
  • It provides nutritional support.
  • It is used for pain management of patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Side Effects of Neurofix

There were no side effects reported yet. Also, it is used only to manage the symptoms of nerve damaged not to treat, prevent or cure certain diseases. It is also suggested to consult your doctor before using any nutritional supplements and prevent any unwanted effects.

Please free to share your experience in the comment box below.

Neurofix Reviews

One important factor to know the infectivity of certain supplements is through customer feedback. Checking the opinions or reviews from those who have tried it is a great way to assess the efficacy of Nurofix.

Currently, on the Amazon website, it has a total of 16 ratings and an average rating score of 4 out of 5. Some say it takes effect faster and some say it didn’t work at all. Here are some of the reviews for your reference. You may also check the list of feedbacks on this link.

“Was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy 25 years ago and was not given any direction of what to take or do to help. Pain in feet and hands particularly at night was increasing so went on line for some answers. Found this product, did some research and ordered it. Wow. After just one dose – no more pain! And a couple weeks later, still no pain!! My current doctor indicated that if it works, keep doing it.”

-Bertha G, Little Rock AK

“Used for pain. They say you won’t feel results for 3 weeks. Waiting patiently”

-Paul T

“Good pain relief I’m a back surgery fail. Using this as a tool to get off rx drugs”


“I noticed a vast improvement. My feet are getting better everyday”


There were only 16 reviews on the Amazon website for Neurofix. More than half of the users gave it 5 stars and claimed that it is effective.

If we will compare this to other nerve support products it actually contains much fewer ingredients. Although the 4 ingredients already cover the benefits that Neurofix is claiming.

It can maintain nerve function and provides antioxidant support too. It also shows that there are more customers who have used it says that this is effective management for neuropathic pain. This means that there is a big chance that it can be effective for you if you use it.

There is also no harmful content found in the list of ingredients so it is worth to try.

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If you were suffering nerve-damaged related symptoms, you can consider buying Neurofix to fix the symptoms for you.

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