Prohormones have been the staple of most bodybuilders’ supplement regimens for many years, but ever since most prohormones were banned in the US by a Congressional Act people have been looking for alternative ways to keep boosting their physique and Testosterone boosters have been more important than ever.

Nova X by Gaspari is exactly one some product that came to our shelves in 2015 and has not yet conclusively been proven to work or not. Based on the composition of the product itself, one has to wonder how effective the product really is. Let’s have a look.

Nova-X Ingredients

Nova X contains a number of ingredients that are supposed to help increase your Testosterone levels and regulate the Estrogen related side effects. Main ingredients in Nova X include:

Androsterone: A Testosterone metabolite that has by the admission of Gaspari not been nearly as potent as Testosterone itself and does not do too much for your strength and endurance in most other products. The manufacturers do claim that their absorption matrix enhances Androsterone absorption enough to where it does have effects but this is all speculation.

Mucuna Prurenis: This natural compound has been shown by studies to increase male sexuality as well as raise the levels of Dopamine, Adrenaline and Testosterone. The studies were done on males with low Testosterone levels however, so it is hard to say how effective it is in Nova X for healthy individuals.

Toxicodendron Vernicifluum: This compound is in the product for its Aromatase inhibiting properties. The Butein present in it has been proven to decrease the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen and also help prevent breast cancer in women.

Dioscorea Nipponica Makino: Another Aromatase inhibiting compound, which may also have some effects on increasing your body muscle tissue, but this has not been proven.

Pygeum Africanum: This compound serves primarily to decrease the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, one of its metabolites. This inhibiting property has been proven for the compound by a medical study.

Saw Palmetto: Another compound used to inhibit conversion of Testosterone into DHT, Saw Palmetto has been tested on humans and seemed to show no real results in this area.

NMDA: Allegedly 100 times more potent than D-Aspartic Acid, this compound showed absolutely no effects on human Testosterone levels in a 2014 study, which makes it a speculative ingredient in a Test Booster.

Here is the complete product label:

Nova X Supplement Facts

Nova-X Benefits

To be perfectly honest and with all due respect to Gaspari, we have to conclude that based on the label alone, this product is just extremely speculative at best and some have gone as far as calling it out for being a complete failure.

What is more the lack of almost any positive reviews in all the time it has been out and the fact many people have criticized it for being a poor supplement mean we have to say this product is not one we could possibly recommend.

Instead, we recommend Conquest HD by 1st Phorm as a much more suitable substitution Testosterone Booster.

Nova-X Reviews

Here are the few testimonials we were able to find on this product:

Poor test booster, hardly noticed any effects from it and would not recommend. I will stick to my old booster.

Surely had impact, but far from the best testosterone booster I ever tried. Would recommend this product but not as the best out there.

Nova-X Conclusion

Unfortunately due to its speculative ingredients list and general lack of positive reviews on the product, we have to say that Nova X is at best a mediocre product and possibly even useless altogether. If you are considering purchasing a test booster check Conquest HD instead.

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2 replies on “Nova-X”

Tried Nova-X, partly because I have always believed in Rich’s products. I didnt notice much in terms of energy/focus and strength gains were slow and deliberate. But when I stopped taking it my strength dropped noticeably. Therefor, I’ll use it again soon as I start to trim weight just so that i can continue to utilize “heavy” 6-8 rep sets.

This stuff is OK for something you can find at the chain supplement shops. But if you’re more serious about building muscle, then there are a number of stronger prohormone supps on the market, which aren’t affected by the ban because they were developed afterward.

The upside of Nova-X over those products is that this has a smaller chance of negative side effects, and Gaspari has said you don’t need PCT after Nova-X.

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