Zap! Have you ever wished you could just magically make a habit vanish into thin air? According to studies, it takes 21 days in order to break a habit. With the Pavlok bracelet, you only need 5 days.

Change is never easy. Temptation normally overrules you. Pavlok is a safe and tested motivational habit-altering device that shocks you, teaching your brain to break ANY habit. Today, we’ll unveil everything there is to know about this “talk-of-the-town” wristband in this review!

The Real Score on Pavlok


Elastic wristbands promising better sleep, perkier mood and even weight loss aren’t new. They’ve been around for years. So what makes Pavlock bracelets better than the rest? For starters, it’s way more intuitive than its counterparts.

Pavlok was created by Maneesh Sethi. It’s dubbed as the “personal coach on your wrist” (which you can wear on your forearm too). It uses shock therapy to condition your mind to stop liking unhealthy habits and favor healthier ones. So whenever you take that extra bite, skip the gym, go loco shopping, etc. – you get that beep, tap and zap that will shock you into reality, stopping you from giving into temptation!

The Pavlok bracelet can last up to 4 days and can provide 200 shocks on a single charge. Pavlok uses Bluetooth (with a range of 40-60 feet) to be paired with your phone. It’s got a mix of APIs to let you set objectives you can’t cheat and a GPS to verify if you’re not overindulging in fast food, for instance.

Say goodbye to bad habits…


…and hello to new ones!


How Pavlok Bracelet Works

Pavlok’s innovative design is a mix of precise tracking, commitment methods and a “reminder” to shift the user’s mind and form new and good habits.


Feeling intimidated to try it out? Don’t worry! Pavlok has a 4-step program for ease of use:

  1. Put on Pavlok.
  2. Download the app, and then select the actions and habits you want to change. Goals will be broken down into practicable actions making it easier to stay on track every day.
  3. Wear your Pavlok and listen to the 5-minute audio training sessions.
  4. Use Pavlok’s zap whenever you do a bad habit. It can be activated by a remote control, apps, sensors and manually.
  • The shock feels like a small pinch. You can adjust the shock intensity from pleasant to faintly uncomfortable (like a quick, sharp pinprick). It’s not painful though but it can undeniably catch your attention!
  • You can team up with a partner, a team or use productivity apps so you feel more responsible to stop the habit.

What’s great about the Pavlok wristband is that you can get rewards once you reach your goals, pushing you to the next level when you’re about to give up. You may earn prizes (even money!) when you finish your day-to-day task. Quite a sweet deal for breaking a habit, don’t you think? BUT BEWARE: If you fail to complete your daily mission, be ready to pay a price!

Pavlok Reviews


David lost 7 lbs, got stronger and healthier after suffering a heart attack and stroke.

Tasha finally stopped eating sugar and started working out 5 days a week.

Carlos, a chain smoker, got to stop his habit in 5 days!

While Heather rekindled her love for painting

Pavlok Conclusion

Is Pavlok just a hype? NO! It certainly does what it claims to do… and so much more. The longer you wear Pavlok, the more bad habits are permanently broken and good ones are invigorated. For $200, Pavlok is one device that will do you well – a wise investment, I must say. Try it out and turn your life around!

Note: All Pavlok bracelets have a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee in case you don’t like it or find it ineffective.

Check out Pavlok’s official website.

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