Our culture today has influenced many men and women to see themselves solely in the context of how they look. People are driven to compete with one another and the obsession with outward appearance and weight. There are many weight supplements today and we often wonder which is more effective. Together we’ll find the answer through this Probioslim review.

Many supplements contain active ingredients that can have strong effects on the body. Always be alert to the possibility of unexpected side effects, especially when taking a new product.

Supplements are most likely to cause side effects or harm when people take them instead of prescribed medicines or when people take many supplements in combination.

ProbioSlim is a probiotic supplement which promises to improve digestion while also helping you lose weight. But how does ProbioSlim work? Should you actually take it to cleanse your digestive system and lose weight? Find out more in our ProbioSlim review.

What Is ProbioSlim?

ProbioSlim is a weight loss pill made with probiotics for improving digestion as well as adding some natural weight loss benefits. It claims to be a safe and effective way to improve health. ProbioSlim promises the same benefits as most other probiotic supplements —it promises to encourage healthy bacteria growth in your digestive tract. That means your body is more easily able to digest food, extract nutrients, and pass waste through your digestive system.

LactoSpore is a registered trademark formula which claims to pass through the stomach unharmed. After passing through the stomach, LactoSpore molecules multiply in the colon, which means you get more colony forming units (CFUs).

LactoSpore molecules don’t actually help you lose weight, though: for weight loss, ProbioSlim includes an additional green tea leaf extract. Green tea leaf extract is a popular weight loss compound which is thought to boost thermogenesis and fat oxidation, which encourages your body to burn its fat stores.

ProbioSlim promises to offer a wide range of powerful benefits, including:

  • Better digestive health
  • Relief from gas, bloating constipation, and diarrhea
  • Clear up your skin and detoxify the body by balancing the body’s PH
  • Weight loss through the use of green tea leaf extract, which contains caffeine and natural compounds like catechins that encourage fat loss.

Probioslim Ingredients Breakdown

ProbioSlim Pros & Cons


  • Probiotics relatively harmless and popular of burning fat
  • Free trial offering
  • Discount prices are offered by some retailers
  • Consistent messaging offered by all retailers participating in distribution
  • Vast accessibility online and in person in the US and globally through major chains
  • No common side effects


  • Free trial offering leads to auto-billing cycle unless one opts out
  • The product contains some caffeine. May be a problem for some people
  • Reduction in calories and exercise proved to have the same results

Final Conclusion

Though probiotics may have an improvement in digestion, there’s still a lack of evidence on its effects on weight loss. It is recommended to try the smaller package to see if the user is comfortable with its effects.

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The Key Ingredients of Probioslim

The unique combinations of powerful and key natural ingredients are as follows:

Lactospore – this resilient probiotic strain utilizes a spore that protects itself from harsh, acidic of environment of the stomach so it can safely reach into your intestines. Probiotics help digestion, help relieve gas, bloating, constipation, and irregular diarrhea, and can even promote healthy skin by helping to balance the body’s PH.

Green Tea Leaf Extract – the naturally occurring compound EGCG helps increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation to help burn more calories. Caffeine provides energy so you can support your weight loss goals with exercise, and also helps control appetite as part of a reduced-calorie diet.

Fruit Extract – kiwi, fig, and papaya extracts work as prebiotics, providing energy and vital nourishment to the probiotics produced by Lactospore.

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Side Effects

Several reports of consumers being allergic or sensitive to the ingredients found in ProbioSlim, and as the each capsule contains about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee it is not suitable for anyone sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants.

Due to its added caffeine, it can lead to side effects such as:

  • Headaches, ringing in the ears and pounding migraine headaches.
  • Insomnia, restlessness, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Rapid heart rate, cardiovascular damage, and heart palpitations.
  • Tremors, cold sweats, and jitters.
  • Feelings of paranoia and mood swings.

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Finally! Weight loss products that are natural and doesn’t make me feel jittery! I have tried lots of different supplements for weight loss, but ProbioSlim is the only one that has really worked. The probiotics are great for helping with bloating, which helps my body look slimmer. Then, on top of that, the ingredients that are focused on weight loss are natural and work in a holistic way. I’m so excited I found something that just works the way it’s supposed to!

So far it is doing what it says it supposes to do. It is curbing the appetite and losing the belly fat. It is cheaper to buy it through Walmart that through ProbioSlim where it is an automatic delivery which I do not like.

I am always looking for a probiotic for digestive reasons I really like this product it really does give me energy and I have found I am not constipated if I take 2 capsules daily. Beware though if you call the number on TV or through a pop-up online to order this it will say this is a new product offered by Walmart DON’T order from them it cost over 70$ and you are signing up for automatic delivery. It is way more expensive than getting it at your local Walmart or Try this product and you will like it too.

Probioslim gives me more energy and fewer food cravings. I ran out of it for a few days and could tell the difference in my energy and craving foods. I ordered several bottles online because my Walmart Store ran out and after waiting for over a week I ordered online. I would recommend this product to a friend.

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User Tips

ProbioSlim’s manufacturer recommends taking one capsule with breakfast and another capsule with dinner.

The manufacturer claims you can notice the benefits of ProbioSlim in as little as 3 days. However, for maximum benefit, you should continuously take ProbioSlim for several months.


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