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Although it may look easy for some, getting into shape and becoming the best version of yourself takes a lot of time and sacrifice. People often come to us and ask us how should their diet look like, but that isn’t something we can answer on the spot, as everyone has different goals and needs. Some ingredients may be the key for someone else, but for you completely unnecessary.

For this reason, it is important to set yourself a clear goal on what you want to accomplish with your body, and based on that make sure to add everything you need for this plan to work. Today we will be doing a review of 1st Phorm‘s new pre-workout Project 1, designed for those that feel like they need to improve their performance in the gym to see more significant results.

Project 1 Ingredients

Although it features a short list of ingredients, based on the combinations used and proper dosages, it looks like it is ready to do great things for your body. The formula is well rounded, and 1st Phorm once again shows us how it needs to be done!

Project 1 1st Phorm Supplement Facts


As most of you already know, Branched Chained Amino Acids are one of the best additions to your diet regardless of your goals. Not only do they increase protein synthesis, but also carry a plenty of benefits on their own. In Project-1 these acids are implemented with 2:1:1 ratio, which has been shown to be extremely efficient.

L-Citrulline Malate

Yet another great addition to the formula, popular for its fight against fatigue. If you are dealing with such a problem, it is something that is most likely killing your gains, and this is a great option to deal with it.

Creatine Monohydrate

What to say about this one that already hasn’t been said. One of, if not the most popular supplement compound you can find on planet Earth. Helps people deal with a lot of performance and muscle growth problems unlike anything else you can find on market shelves.

Betaine Anhydrous

Also known as trimethylglycine or “TMG”, Betaine Anhydrous has been shown to have a positive impact on athletic performance, body composition, fat loss, and muscle gain. It is also used for treating various diseases, such as: depression, liver disease, obesity, and much more.


Agmatine Sulfate


This one is added to the formula in form of scientifically proven TeaCrine®, and is one of our favorites to see on any ingredient list. Energy production is one of its key features, but it is also great in enhancing mental focus, and improving mood and motivation.

All things considered, Project 1 is one of the best and complete preworkout formulas you can find today at this price range. It doesn’t come with some advanced ground breaking technology, and doesn’t have a list of 20+ ingredients, but is more than capable of delivering results. By following simple rules of proper dosage and good compound choices, it awards anyone willing to put on some hard work.

Project 1 Side Effects

If you are looking for something that is 100% safe and delivers awesome results, well what else to say to you than; Good luck! Every supplement carries a risk to your health, some less and some more, and it is something you should be aware of when making a purchase. This one doesn’t come with too many ingredients and the ones found inside are used by millions of people, so the risk isn’t as big as with some other products, but still exists. Diarrhea, muscle cramping, and nausea are the ones people complain most about when it comes to products like this one.

“Don’t know if I should drink more water, or take some additional magnesium, but muscle cramps are an issue for me ever since I started using this. It does help in other ways, however.”

Project 1 Reviews

Project-1 hasn’t spent too much time on the market, so it is reasonable there aren’t too many customer reviews available online. The ones we found were mostly positive, and users seemed happy with what they were getting. Time will give us a bigger sample, but for now it seems more than fine.

“The amount of focus & energy that comes along with just a quarter of a scoop is next level. Do yourself a favor, and try less than half for starters, you’ll conserve more and you’ll get what you need. Put a hood up and headphones on and you’ll be locked in another world. There are no shakes/jitteryness with this but you still get the energy you need, it’s so clean. “

“I’ve been looking for something that is comparable to Jack3D for YEARS and this is definitely IT! Crazy pump, crazy strength, great endurance, and the best focus I’ve ever had!! Please do NOT tamper with the formula like most companies do to their pre-workouts and end up losing customers. This pre is amazing!”

Despite there aren’t many options to chose when it comes to taste, most of the customers had only positive words on how it feels in your mouth. Here is a comment verified customer left on 1st Phorm’s official site:


To sum everything up, Project-1 by 1st Phorm is most definitely one of the best pre-workout supplements you can find today. It does have some minor flaws, but all things considered, should do you a lot of good. If you are lacking motivation in the gym, energy for that last push, or just aren’t happy with the results you are getting, I warmly suggest checking this one out. It won’t do anything spectacular and won’t make you a superhero overnight, but will complement your hard work, and it is something most of us actually need.

Buy a bottle of Project 1 for just $46.99 here!

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