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R-PCT Review: Healthy And Complete Post Cycle Therapy

It is easy for someone to say that everything can be achieved through a good diet. That might be true, but realistically speaking, 90 % of the people don’t have time to incorporate a healthy diet by slow cooking meals and so on. That is why various supplements exist for a lot of reasons. To stabilize our hormone levels, make a lean muscle mass and to suppress our estrogen levels.

If you are reading this, today is your lucky day, as we have a product that has you entirely covered on all of those aspects.

Let us see if R-PCT does wonders the manufacturers claim it does! R-PCT is a post work out supplement that helps the trainee in all of the aspects mentioned above.


The combined ingredients for this product act in three fields. Hormones, estrogen lessening

Here is a short list of some of the ingredients R-PCT 30 contains:

VITAMIN D3 – A very important vitamin that most humans get through sunlight. As some think exposing yourself to sunlight is a bad thing, it is actually very beneficial to the health.

ASHWAGANDA ROOT EXTRACT –  In the “anabolic test amplifier” section of the ingredients list, an extract from the leafs and berries of the Ashwaganda plant, mostly used for medicinal purposes in prevention, curing and healing.

DIINDOLYMETHANE – The prime ingredient that takes care of the mention estrogen lessening process of this product. It is actually a plant nutrient that takes cares of estrogen problems.

N-ACETYL CYSTEINE –  In the “liver regeneration matrix” section of the ingredients list, N-Acetyl Cysteine is mostly used for counteracting pharmaceutical drug side effects and carbon monoxide poisoning.

R-PCT Supplement Label

Side Effects

It is normal that every supplement has some side effects that a very small percent of users might feel. The most commonly reported side effects with this product, are:

Hormonal Imbalance– some users with a previous hormone problem might experience a kind of hormonal imbalance due to the fact that this product supports hormone levels.

Jitters – As this product promotes lean muscle mass, it means your muscles will eventually get bigger if you incorporate a really hard and correct training session to go with it.

If you experience any of the mentioned side effects above, call your doctor asap and appoint a meeting.

User Reviews

Let’s see how the customers from the US and UK feel about this game changing product.

Works well, I don’t like the taste, but mostly everything that works fine doesn’t taste that well I guess.  – Jack Terry

I hoped it might start showing results after 3 weeks but it didn’t, however after the 4th week I can see some minor changes happening already.  -Anthony McConnell

Pretty much does wonders for me. Taking it after every workout for the past two months. – Hubert Jenkins

Conclusion: Fantastic Post Cycle Recovery

R-PCT is what defines the next generation of post-workout supplements. Due to healthy ingredients, good reviews, functional and last but not least – friendliness to your wallet we say it is definitely recommended to try this product if you are a healthy person.

Give it a try, for at least 3-4 weeks and tell us the wonders R-PCT has done for you!

You can order R-PCT right here for just $39.91!

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VITAMIN D3 –Most of the D3 we take in so from the sun and fish, and adding such an ingredient to the mix helps a whole lot, as it is mega beneficial for us humans. Animals absorb it through their fur while humans absorb it by skin and oral intake.

ASHWAGANDA ROOT EXTRACT –  Used in chronic illnesses such as arthritis, tuberculosis, liver disease and asthma, and is also used by generations for problems such as anxiety, insomnia and skin conditions. It also used in women problems such as menstrual complications and is also used for breathing problems such as bronchitis. It is said that it has the tendency to eliminate backaches for good.

DIINDOLYMETHANE – High estrogen levels can eventually lead to heart and prostate diseases. Diindolymethane actually helps us digest plant nutrients more functionally and it is actually proven that taking this nutrient is better than to try getting it from plants to lower estrogen levels.

N-ACETYL CYSTEINE –  Used for generations for its healing abilities such as lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and to reduce cholesterol levels, lipoprotein especially. It is also used to battle strokes, heart attacks and chronic kidney diseases.

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Hormonal Imbalance–This product, by all means not to be used by people with a previous hormonal dysfunction. Be sure to ask your doctor and to check your hormone situation before using this product in general. It is primarily a post-work out supplement so it is only intended for healthy individuals whose body can take very hard training sessions and exercise.

Increased Muscle Jitters – Some users may or may not experience increased muscle jitters because they are probably not used to a good workout in general. A good workout will do that to you, but these kinds of muscle jitters are of a more aggressive nature, and it probably means that the supplement is doing its work.

If you experience any of the mentioned side effects above, call your doctor asap and appoint a meeting.


A lot of questions revolve around post-workout supplements such as these. Let us see the most commonly asked questions revolving around this product.

Can I take this if I have an illness related to increased or decreased testosterone levels? 

We would definitely not recommend to do that. On the label it clearly says that this product cannot be used as a type of medication, to treat something nor is anyone saying that this is some kind of miracle medical drug or similar. Please exercise caution, especially because the Food and Drug administration did not approve of it yet.

Will my muscles get bigger if taking it without exercise?

No, exercise is an essential part of the game. Supplements exist primarily to help your exercise show off faster, better and more functional.

Do I need to contact my doctor before intake?

If you think that your health can be an obstacle while using this supplement, a better idea would be to go see your doctor.

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 Be sure to take this always after the work-out that had a pre-meal prepared. – Nataly McCauley

It worked especially good for me with a combination of good cardio and weight lifting exercises. – Janna Mali

I started taking it and then my doctor said I had a previous hormonal misbalance, so this product is not for me. If you have hormone problems, I wouldn’t recommend you use it. – John Fitzgerald


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