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  • Great Pump
  • Sustainable Energy


  • Pricey

Everyone looking for a premium quality was never disappointed by this supplementation manufacturing giant. Olympus Labs always managed to find a way in creating premium products designed for those trying to reach greatness. Today we will be doing a review on one of their new line products and checking out is it as good as the rest of their assortment. RE1GN is a pre-workout packed with a hand full of highest quality ingredients and with a mission of taking your workouts to another level.

Lately, we witnessed an exponential growth of performance-enhancing products, but unfortunately, only a minority is capable of fulfilling all of your needs. There are few areas every pre-workout should enhance while at the same time preserve or improve lifestyle quality. RE1GN’s main focus is on boosting mental clarity, strength, endurance, pump, and providing sustainable energy.

RE1GN Ingredients

Olympus Labs somehow always manage to find a right way to create a mixture of ingredients and taking the most out of every single compound. It is something everyone tries to accomplish, but in reality, only a few manage to do it successfully and on a constant basis. At first, RE1GN seems to be no exception, but let’s take a closer look to see if that is the case!

Incredible Pump & Endurance Matrix

A mini blend that has some surprises when it comes to dose and ingredient choices. There aren’t many products out there with such a big dose of l-citrulline, especially not if combined with few other compounds. However, the mixture seems to work perfectly, as most of the customer compliments come for pump and endurance.


Pomegranate Powder Extract


Intense Energy Matrix

Most of the pre-workouts on the market have caffeine anhydrous as their main ingredient for boosting energy and providing some other additional benefits. Although it is a reliable source on its own, folks from Olympus Labs decided to go some extra lengths ensuring you are getting maximum out of this category too!

Caffeine Anhydrous

Eria Jarensis Extract

Julgans Regia Extract


Immaculate Focus Matrix

It may seem unnecessary for some of you, but the addition of these two compounds actually does have a lot of sense. Although there are some other ingredients in the mixture that are capable of improving mental performance it isn’t their main mission, so these are put in to ensure you are on top of your game when comes the time for a workout.



Maximum Absorption Matrix


RE1GN Side Effects

RE1GN looks like a pretty safe option for anyone looking for a pre-workout, especially one with such a possible upside. Looking at its ingredient profile we don’t see a major risk for your health unless you are already suffering from some sort of medical condition or react negatively on some of the compounds found within. It is capable of causing some side effects such as higher blood pressure or nausea. We didn’t find almost any side effect reports, and it is something that definitely tells a lot about its safety. One customer complained about having jitters after using it but still wasn’t left disappointed in the product. Here are his thoughts:

“Great focus. However taking the one serving sample pack gave me some jitters. It would be great if it didn’t give the jitters at one serving. Maybe better at half a serving.”

RE1GN Reviews

Majority of the customers only had nice words to share. It is always encouraging to find out that a supplement you like on paper is backed up with a high percentage of satisfied users.

“Re1gn definitely delivered as far as focus and energy. Pumps were pretty good as well. Good, clean energy without the crash. i’d recommend. ”

“Reign definitely helps you get into a good focused mindset for your workout. Careful with the dosing though. I’m pretty stim tolerant, but I started with one scoop and that was plenty to get me through a 75 minute workout and I still felt like I could keep going with no crash. .”

“The pumps from RE1GN were good to the point that I never had to stack a pump product. In addition, I had a heighten focus effect that was great, at one point I did not realize how long I was at the gym. Furthermore, my endurance was increased “

Most of the customers seemed to enjoy it. However not everyone used the same dose, and it is something to look for, as you might not need all of its power at once, especially if you are new to the world of bodybuilding or sports in general.

RE1GN Reviews

We have to say that we expected a lot from this one, but it still managed to surprise us with how good it was. Olympus Labs are one of the best in the business and once again they managed to make a product that is one of the best in its category. RE1GN does not only have a great balance in providing all the necessary benefits for a high-intensity training but also does so with unbelievable efficiency. With everything it has to offer we would recommend this one to those that already have some experience with pre-workouts and give their best every time when they step into the gym.

Buy RE1GN Online

Trying to grab a bottle on your own and try it out shouldn’t be a problem because it is rising in popularity on a daily basis and comes from already established and well-known brand. We recommend checking it out here and getting it for a great price with fast delivery service.

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