Recovery PM

Recovery PM





  • The product contains ingredients that can regulate a person’s sleep and wake cycle.
  • It promotes rapid repair of the body during sleep.
  • It helps reduce inflammation.


  • The product does not offer a money back guarantee
  • It contains ingredients which can affect blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Users who are looking for a recovery supplement that is non–habit forming and made of natural ingredients should read below for more information on the new supplement Recovery PM.

Recovery PM is a new supplement manufactured by the well-known fitness company Maximum Human Performance. Recovery PM is specially formulated for users to help them sleep well as well as boost their body’s ability to properly recover from an intense workout. Packed full of melatonin, tart cherry, and GABA, Recovery PM contains exactly what the body needs to be stronger and sleep well. Let us altogether figure out the bottom line of this Recovery PM review and see what it is made of, what the ingredients are and how it works.

What is Recovery PM?

Recovery PM is a blend of natural, non-habit forming clinically researched vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help users sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Users will appreciate that Recovery PM will not leave them groggy or tired when they wake up. Recovery PM’s formula helps speed up recovery, reduce muscle breakdown and suppress the hormone cortisol.

Consumers who are looking to help their body get better results from workouts should consider adding recovery PM to their fitness supplement routine. So many people work so hard but are not seeing the results they deserve or expect. Recovery PM from Maximum Human Performance can help. All in a simple capsule form, users will benefit from the power packed combo of melatonin, GABA, tart cherry, and Ashwagandha to help their body develop and support muscle growth.

Recovery PM is a very new supplement on the market so there is very little information available. Give the company a few weeks and the internet will be exploding with reviews and product details. Coming from Maximum Human Performance, many consumers will already be familiar with the company’s other products and know they will give them results they are looking for.

Recovery PM Ingredients

MHP Recovery PM’s formula helps speed up recovery, reduce muscle breakdown and suppress the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone released from the adrenal gland in response to physical and mental stress. Its primary functions are anti-stress and anti-inflammatory, meaning that it causes the body to suppress its immune response and stop responding to a problem or pain stimulus. 

GABA is a key neurotransmitter that influences people’s moods. When levels of GABA are low feelings of anxiety and worry creep in. Recovery PM helps promote a healthy level of GABA to help the body achieve mental tranquility free of stress and worry. Each dose of Recovery PM contains 5 milligrams of melatonin, 150 milligrams of GABA, 480 milligrams of tart cherry, and 125 milligrams of Ashwagandha.


A research supported sleep aid that helps support natural circadian sleep rhythms.


Supports breaks in stress signals that can keep you up.

L – Theanine

Puts your mind at ease by promoting relaxation.

Invigorate your mind & body

But sleep alone is not enough for optimal recovery. By providing your body with precise nutrients before you sleep, you can amplify this anabolic window for new found muscle gains, support recovery and accelerated performance. Recovery PM helps take full advantage of your sleep cycle by providing you with potent doses of clinically tested ingredients shown to promote muscle recovery, strength, and hypertrophy.

Tart Cherry

Potent, natural anti-oxidant shown in two clinical trials in endurance and strength athletes to support recovery. Can also promote restful sleep.


Helps manage the catabolic stress hormone cortisol, and also can support mood.


This unique BCKA complex helps manage protein breakdown and recycles anabolic amino acids so you can recover from your intense workout.

Recovery PM Side Effects

Like any other supplement, there are expected side effects of taking such product. For Recovery MP, they are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Gastric upset
  • Drowsiness
  • Allergic reaction

Recovery PM Reviews

“Worth every penny, hands down. I always wake up feeling refreshed after taking ZMA supplements, but falling asleep in the first place has always been tough for me, and I would usually resort to taking melatonin along with my ZMA. MHP Recovery PM has melatonin in it, so it eliminates the need for that and helps me fall asleep and get quality rest once I’m sleeping. I’ve noticed reduced soreness the day after workouts since I started using it, probably due to the quality rest I’m now getting as well as the mains that they’ve included in it. With ZMA, melatonin, and aminos, it’s like 3 supplements in 1, will definitely buy again.”

“So far I have been getting good results from this product. I do feel like I have been sleeping more deeply and soundly. Whether or not this will translate into added muscle growth remains to be seen but I do have more energy throughout the day and energy for my workouts. The previous MHP sleep/recovery formula, while good, was a powder and required that I make a shake before bed. I like that this comes in a convenient and easy to take pill form.”

I slept like baby Jesus with this stuff, woke up the next morning drool all over me wondering what year it was. Mainly felt rested and ready to take on the world. Also, before falling asleep you feel awkwardly happy so sweet dreams kiddos.”

Recovery PM Conclusion

Consumers who have been training hard, eating high-quality food and staying as active as possible may still not be getting the results they are looking for. This is true for many people and can be so frustrating. The reason may simply be not the proper recovery support. Recovery PM by Maximum Human Performance will help users reduce stress and help their bodies respond to their hard training with muscle building results.

Recovery PM was just trademarked in July so very little information is available about the product but there is the assurance in knowing it comes from a well-respected fitness supplement company.

MHP Recovery PM can be a good product to consider if you have trouble sleeping at night. This product contains hormones and ingredients that can help regulate sleep cycle and aid in the body’s natural repair mechanism which makes it very suitable for people with an active lifestyle. This can definitely recharge and rejuvenate a person after a stressful day.

Buy Recovery PM Online

You can get hold or buy this product from any accredited online stores. Or you may try to check your nearest drugstore if they have available stocks for this supplement. You can also click through this link and purchase Recovery PM.

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