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Review Summary:

If you are in need of a product to help you get ready for your workouts and recover your muscles after tearing them up at the gym, you may be in luck. We take a close look at Redcon1's Breach, a blend of BCAAs that promises fantastic results as both a pre and post workout product. Let's see if it works.

One of the most important things when it comes to successful training regimens is to know how to use your supplements. It is extremely important to stay hydrated as well and it goes without saying that the levels of amino acids must be fully controlled.

Because of all of those reasons we are taking a look at a product that helps your amino acid levels, keeps you hydrated and gets your body easily recovered after a hard training session.

Today we look at Breach, a product by Redcon1 which uses a powerful BCAA blend to help you recover your mucsles and keep you hydrated and fit. Let's find out just how good it is.


Here are the most important ingredients Breach contains!

Coconut Water Powder – a powder derived from the water of coconuts. Known to be one of the healthiest tropical fruit on the planet.

Taurine –The most famous ingredient in energy drinks, Taurine is a world renowned energy booster (it does not contain bull’s semen, don’t worry)

Leucine – Often referred to as the main amino acid, Leucine is one of the three branched chain amino acids that activates the protein mTOR, inducing protein synthesis via S6K.

Valine – Another branched chain amino acid, Valine acts in similar ways to Leucine, although additional benefits may exist but have not yet been fully discovered by the scientists.

Potassium –A micro-mineral essential for human life, it is known for its healing and nutritious benefits.

Sodium – An essential mineral for human life, Sodium is used for medical, preventive and nutritional reasons.

Redcon1 Breach Supplement Facts

Side Effects

A very small group of customers may experience some of the following side effects:

Chest pain and difficulty breathing – Sometimes people overdue it and experience chest pain and difficulty in breathing due to the amino acidic environment of the product.

Muscle jitters – Yet again, it can happen after a good exercise, but some users feel that more “aggressive” muscle jitters occur.

User Reviews

Breach has customers from all over the US & UK! Let’s see what they have to say about BB, shall we?

Done absolute wonders for me. Works better than Breach-Ballistic as it doesnt give me difficulty in sleeping whatsoever. – Leon Marnards

Absolutely incredible, I have started seeing the results after only 2 weeks of exercise and supplement use. – Donald Sterling

This supplement actually helped me recover more and more, it does wonders for my mental health as well. – Sandra Jennings


  • Fully organic and healthy ingredients
  • Helps the body feel energized and hydrated


  • The manufacturers aren’t targeting minor audiences
  • Can be potentially harmful to people sensitive to Taurine
  • Contains artificial flavoring

Conclusion: Breach The Limits Of Possible

As this is an amino acid supplement that keeps you both hydrated and recovered after your workout we must say this hit the jackpot!

By successfully adding various functions to this supplement, Redcon1 have outdone themselves in creating the ultimate pre and post workout supplement, a recovery and energy booster in one!  We recommend you try it at least for a month and share the results with us!

You can order Redcon1 Breach now for just $33.24 right here!

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Coconut Water Powder –It is used by generations for weight loss and is a very well-known energy booster. It can be used as a very potent cure for skin conditions, even cancer. And finally, above everything it is one of the most potent immunity boosters of all time.

Taurine – Taurine is an entirely vegan ingredient that is safe to use in the recommended dosage by anyone. It boosts the immune system and gives the muscles strength to withhold heavy objects and additional pressures. And apart of today’s collective opinion that it is extracted out of bull’s semen, everything seems to be going fine with Taurine.

Potassium – The essential mineral that can create deficiency if taken too little and can create an overdose if taken too much! It reduces the risk of stroke and is very beneficial in prevention of heart-related problems. It is proven very successful in the prevention and entire elimination of heart attacks.

Sodium –Sodium is mostly used for a better blood volume, blood pressure and it helps in the elimination of headaches. Can also create deficiencies that can lead to pretty horrible illnesses

Side Effects

Chest pain and difficulty breathing – Be sure to check your heart rate before coming to any conclusions. Also, some users may not have any past experience of workouts before, so it can just be symptoms from an extreme workout It goes without saying that people who are experience this must seek professional medical help, but yet again it can only be anxiety or another condition altogether.

Muscle jitters –Sometime the sensation can occur, but it is mostly due to your muscles recovering after “trauma” that is in fact training and putting pressure on them, the primary thing muscles actually have to do. Even though it is reported to happen in a very small percentage of the customer base, it goes without saying that you should see your doctor if you experience such side effects.


Recovery supplements come with a long list of questions asked. To know how good this product is, be sure to read all of the questions related to it.

Should I cut the coffee intake for the day of supplement use?

This is not Breach-Ballistic, and it does not contain caffeine. Even though it is similar to it, the main difference is product being caffeine free. Drink all the coffee you want, but be careful not to overdo it please.

Is this product generally safe?

It is both generally safe and deemed generally healthy.

Do I need to contact my doctor before intake?

If you think you have problems with your health, even the tiny ones that can be further affected with the intake of this supplement, please contact your doctor and make an appointment.

User Tips

Was a bit shaky at first and my muscles kind of jittered. But it takes a day or two for the recovering agents to start kicking in and you won’t feel a thing after. – Barbara Brown

Try combining it with Breach-Ballistic if you want to stay even more energized. – James Delhi

Was entirely good until I accidentally took more than the recommended dosage. I kind of felt difficulty in breathing and my heart kind of palpitated. – Colin McCann