• Maximizes intensity at the gym
  • Protects your liver
  • Gives you quick strength gains
  • Boosts your sexual drive
  • Helps you add new muscle tissue easily

All of you out there who have been working out hard trying to gain more mass and muscle know that at a certain point you reach a plateau , when it seems to you that you are stuck and  no longer being able to build muscles or increase strength.

Fortunately, there is a product manufactured by Redcon1, a brand that is relatively new, but yet well-known in the supplement industry. From users’ point of view, all of Redcon1’s  products really stand out and give you exactly what you are looking for from a product like this one. Somal-4 is your number one product that will help you release IGF1 and Natural HGH, which will lead to more muscle gains and higher intensity at the gym.

Somal-4 Ingredients

Somal-4 comes with 60 tablets. It should be taken as a dietary supplement twice a day (1 tablet every 12 hours). Somal-4 contains 65 mg of Somal blend (4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-One, 4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-One Decanoate, 4-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-One Enanthate).

4-Androstene-3b-ol 17-One Decanoate, also known as 4-DHEA (DHEA derivative), is actually a prohormone to 4-androstenediol.  These are the only prohormones still on the market nowadays. Although this ingredient doesn’t have an anabolic effect on its own, it can be converted into testosterone, which is both anabolic and androgenic. First your red blood cell count will improve and it will lead to better protein synthesis.

As you probably know, testosterone is the most popular male hormone that not only boosts your libido, but it also builds muscle and helps you maintain your muscle mass. Both your muscle pumps and intensity at the gym will improve. By simply taking 4-DHEA you may notice estrogenic side effects, which are not direct effects of  sole use of 4-DHEA since 4-DHEA doesn’t directly act in the estrogen receptor like DHEA.

All of the ingredients in Somal-4 are found in the supplement label provided below:

RedCon1 Somal-4 Supplement Facts
RedCon1 Somal-4 Supplement Facts

Somal-4 Side Effects

4- DHEA is definitely an excellent addition to almost every cycle. As we have already mentioned, it does convert to estrogen which can cause dry skin issues or even joint pain. All of these issues vary in men, so just be careful when it comes to proper dosing, simply lower or stop with the use of it if you experience estrogenic side effects (e.g. water retention problem, bloat or sensitive nipples). Another suggestion is to stack it with an estrogen blocker. 4- DHEA is a truly bulking compound.

Somal-4 Benefits

According to the words of Aaron Singerman: “Somal-4 is a mass-building monstrosity!”.  If you are trying to build some wet gains Somal-4 could be the right product for you. This product is only for male use. If you are trying to put on size, Somal-4 is exactly what you need. Somal-4 can be combined with Somal-1 and Somal-Nor to give you big, serious monster gains and a lot of strength.

This product has three different esters which are released over an extended period of time. Somal-4 is a different product from other products out there because of its different esters and higher dosage. You may think that 65 mg is little, and that you have seen products with 200 mg. Let’s get it straight, 200 mg doesn’t mean anything for you if it doesn’t have a Liposomal delivery technology.

Liposomal technology is very powerful since it increases the bioavailability in the body and it enables pure delivery of substances to targeted tissues and organs. The compound is covered by liposome, which is basically fat. What Somal-4 does for you is that it breaks apart the liposome and releases the compound almost 100 % into the blood stream.

Somal-4 Conclusion

Somal-4 is a relatively new product on the market that sounds promising, but time will show if this product is going to be another success of Redcon1. Its Liposomal delivery technology makes it a safe and legal supplement that will help you produce fast gains in size and strength in just a couple of weeks.  Since Somal-4 is 100 % absorbable, good results should be visible.

Considering its acceptable price, Somal-4 is worth a shot. It doesn’t damage your liver. This formula may become one of the most prominent prohormone formulas out there. What is certain is that we are talking about a high-quality product, carefully dosed, with no artificial colors or anything left to imagination. This product is one of the 12 products in the supplement line made by Aaron Singerman & Co.  This product will give you “The Highest State of Readiness” as Redcon1’s motto says.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this product. Have you tried it yet? Do you think it’s as effective as other Redcon1’s products?  What are your experiences when it comes to Somal-4? Please let us know!

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3 replies on “Somal-4”

I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks now, as well as Somal-1 and their preworkout/pump stack. Of course I do not expect much, if any results in just 2 weeks. But I am definitely seeing a difference in the weight I am lifting already. All together, I cannot wait for this to all really kick in.. its going to be great for sure!

I’ve been taking RedCon1 Somal4 for 2 weeks now and I have gained 10 pounds and have noticed significant gains. Been hitting the gym hard 6 days a week and eating like a dog. I would highly recommend this product for mass and weight gain.

Am using this product and not impressed. No gains, hormones not raging but same as ever. Pricey for lack of results. Just my opinion as it may work for others.

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