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Have you been working out on a daily basis, trying to perform at your highest level, yet feeling the lack of energy, motivation and strength? Do not give up hope, all you need is a single pre-workout supplement that will help you gain some hardcore results and attack the weights.

Today, we are looking at the product that will give you  the best workouts you have had in your life. Total War is an ideal pre-workout formula manufactured by RedCon1, a relatively new brand headed by an entrepreneur Aaron Singerman. This pre-workout supplement offers the benefits of an incredible muscular pump, better energy and mental alertness levels.

Now, let’s take a close look at the ingredients in Redcon1’s Total War and how can you fully make use of this amazing product.

What Does it Do?

What can you expect to gain from Redcon1 Total War? Here is a list of possible effects:

  • Increased Energy Level and Overall Performance
  • Better Motivation and Focus
  • Stimulation of Muscle Growth
  • Mood Improvement

What’s in It?

All of the ingredients in Total War have a scientific basis for being part of this product and each consumer of this product knows exactly what he or she is getting since there are no proprietary blends in it. All in all, Total War contains 11 different ingredients that are extremely well-balanced.

CITRULLINE MALATE increases Nitric Oxide levels and has been shown to be a much better muscle booster than supplemental Arginine. This ingredient, thanks to its increased bioavailability in the body, allows you to get more reps at a given weight and deal with a common problem of fatigue. Although, a lot of products contain Citrulline in small doses, Total War offers a true 6g dose of Citrulline Malate.

BETA-ALANINE is an excellent performance booster that has been proved to be of great importance for all kinds of athletes. The research has shown that Beta-Alanine increases Carnosine levels, which are related to greater endurance. Total War contains 3.2 g of Beta-Alanine and increases muscle Carnosine levels in about two weeks. Some people may experience a tingling sensation under the skin, called Parasthesia. Tingling is a harmless side effect meaning that your pre-workout is kicking in and that it’s time to declare war on the weights.

AGMATINE SULFATE indirectly boosts Nitric Oxide levels by activating Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, the enzyme that catalyzes the production of N.O. in Endothelial cells. Many other pre-workout products include a dose of 500 mg of Agmatine, but 1g is exactly what you will get in Total War.

TAURINE is a powerful amino acid that can serve as a mental boosting nootropic or a pump/hydration aid. It is known for its anti-oxidant properties and it decreases oxidative damage to muscle tissue. Total War contains 1g of Taurine, which helps enhance mental focus of a consumer and also serves as a cell volumizer in skeletal muscle.

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS is not only good for increasing energy, but also for improving focus and mood. With its 250mg per-serving it is evident that Total War is not Caffeine-dependent formula.

N-PHENETHYL DIMETHYLAMINE CITRATE  is nothing else but one of the compounds present in Eria Jarensis Extract. Although there is not much research done on this particular ingredient, its chemical structure tells that that it should behave like a weaker form of  DMAA. This ingredient places Total War as a “high-stim” pre-workout supplement.

2-AMINOISOHEPTANE also known as DMHA, has been perceived to be the second replacement of DMAA since it was banned. DMHA is a psychoactive stimulant and it increases various monoamines in the body, such as dopamine or norepinephrine. As a result of this,  greater energy, mood and alertness are evident.

THEOBROMA COCAO EXTRACT also known an Theobromine, is a cardiac stimulant similar to caffeine but not psychoactive. It may cause more sweating during workout but it won’t increase the energy or have the same effects as caffeine on the body.

HIGENAMINE is a beta-receptor agonist which leads to fat-loss and the release of adrenaline. Higenamine is proved to be incredibly safe by research.

BIOPERINE  is a very popular black pepper extract used for better absorption of other ingredients.

RAUWOLSCINE  is a very powerful stimulant which helps with an increased amount of fat-burning during exercise. It is worth mentioning that you should keep your food regimen high since you’ll be burning more calories than expected after using this one.

Here is the complete supplement label :

Redcon1 Total War Supplement Facts
Redcon1 Total War Supplement Facts

Does it work?

RedCon1 pays special attention to clinical recommendations of doses of each ingredient. Total War is a product designed to be taken by both men and women. By taking it, you will get an amazing muscular pump and energy enhancement. Its unique formula is one of the most well-balanced formulas we’ve seen in a while.

The initial effect of Total War by RedCon1 is visible almost immediately. You will notice both physical performance enhancement as well as high levels of stimulation. Total War is completely safe if you take into account that each serving contains clinical doses of ingredients and that there is no need to take more  Users of the product seem to love it and side effects are reduced to minimum.. Total War is totally worth a shot.

Side Effects

All of the ingredients are natural and, as we have already mentioned, doses in Total War are in accordance with clinical recommendations. The only side effect is that the formula may be too powerful for some people, since it is a hardcore training formula designed for those who are training hard and who are trying to gain a significant muscle pump and energy  enhancement.


When we checked RedCon1’s product Total War on the Internet, we found plenty of positive testimonials for this particular product.

This is easily the best preworkout I’ve used and I’ve used them all. Check out the ingredients listed on the back. No prop blends. Nothing under dosed. Just top of line ingredients all at the correct amounts.

I have never done a product review in my life, so you know this stuff is legit! I did about an 1 hour and 10 min workout this morning and my energy was through the roof not getting even tired. If you’re hesitate about trying this stuff don’t be— it’s going to take your workouts out of this universe. Will definitely be ordering again!

I’ve tried several popular as well as up and coming PWOs over the past year, but Total War is by far the best! Plenty of energy, NO jitters or heart racing, tastes great, mixes in less water so there’s no ‘full’ feeling when you hit the gym…but the very best part is THE PUMP. Holy cow. Arm day will never be the same!

Final Verdict

By looking at this product, its ingredients and the manufacturer, it’s worth mentioning that Total War provides an effective workout formula for boosting energy but also for providing musle pump, better physical performance and endurance. By doing the research and reading all of the testimonials for this particular product it is evident that Total War is one of the best pre-workout supplements in the supplement industry and it is definitely worth trying.

It combined the best of two worlds, energy + muscle pump, which other supplement products did not manage to accomplish. We expected nothing less from RedCon1 and we are looking forward to new products from this company.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Total War. Have you tried this product yet? Please leave us your reply as we always appreciate our users’ feedback.

Order Redcon1 Total War now for just $39.95!

13 replies on “Redcon1 Total War”

Not afiliataed with the manufacturer at all. Ive only ever tried 1 other pwo and didnt like it. Made me jittery, and had to piss every 10minutes so i gave up on it..

Walked passed a supplement shop this arvo, picked up this gear as i told them about my previous pwo.

1 CF wod down and i alredy love this stuff. Tastes good, no jitters no piss trips and solid delivery with no fading during sets.

Definately gunna stick with this one

I have tried several sample pre work outs since I didn’t want to purchase one until I was sure it worked. I tried K-XR, pre-cre xs, 51-50 and this was by far the best product. Working to gain muscle so lifting heavy weight was very focused and had so much energy. The itchy feeling was pretty good and made me want to work harder. I will definitely be purchasing this product.

Really surprised about this product… I felt like I could continue to keep pumping.. no jitters… all motivation to keep going… very impressed with this product and definetly going to stick with it. If you find a better pre work out please tell me. Until then this is my preworkout

My son is in ICU right now after spending the night in the ER with a heart rate of over 150 and blood pressure of 80/40. He went into renal failure after using it. The cardiologist told us if his heart wasn’t as strong as it was, he would have had a heart attack. 24 hours later, his heart rate is still 120 and BP is around 90/51. They asked him when did he take Ephedra, which showed up on a drug screen. He has never taken any type of drug and works in a job that regularly tests more than the basic pot and cocaine drugs.

Know what you are using before you take something like this. I only wish my son had.

Probably the best pre workout powder on the market at the moment.. Used it for the first time today, I found myself not wasting time and just getting on with workout.. The tingle under the skin lasted awhile, which is a good indicator gear is still working..

Major anxiety, red burning skin, felt as though I was being bitten by ants, felt as though my heart was pounding out of my chest, could not catch my breath, throats started to tighten, felt very anxious for at least 5 hours after mountain biking.

Have tried many pwo sups and this is by far the best yet! The energy and power were euphoric. No crash or jitters. I need this in my life ?

I’m currently into my second container of this stuff and I love it. I get in quality workouts every single time. I workout in the morning and go to work without crashing.

When I first started taking it I did have some anxiety on my way to work but that has faded. My ONLY complaint is that it has significant changes on my pooping schedule. Used to go at least once maybe twice a day. Now I go maybe twice a week. If I don’t take it I go back to normal. Anyone know else have this problem?

I have been using PWO for approx a year now and have never had any real side affects. I just purchased this about a week ago. I take my preworkout around 4pm after work and start my workout around 4:30. Took this yesterday, did a huge leg session and I could not go to bed until 3am! I am usually in bed by 9pm.

I had to have hot baths to try to get my self to sleep and I am extremely dehydrated. It is now 1pm the next day and I am still very dehydrated even after drinking copious amounts of water.

I do not recommend!

Tried strawberry kiwi of this pwo and its is by far the best pwo ive ever had. On to my second tub this morning blue lemonade burnt the back of my throat felt so sick in the gym thought i was gonna throw up. Now nearly six hours after workout still feel really jittery and anxious

Took pre-work out at 12pm and was up until 2:30am that night! My heart rate was super high, and I was exhausted but I physically could not go to sleep due to being so hyped up. I also felt nauseous after taking the pre-work out for the rest of the day. I usually handle caffeine and stimulants in general really well but this one is not for me.

I have been in love since the first scoop I took. I only need half a scoop to get a wicked buzz.

Be advised that Higenamine is banned under WADA as it is a beta -2 agonist.
I did get told that it has been reformulated to get rid of banned substances.

Highly recommended

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