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SkinnyMint Review: Teatox Into A Slim Body?


The worst feeling anyone experiences is when someone whom you haven’t seen in weeks or years approaches you and says „you have gained a few“. Whether we like it or not, it hinders our self-esteem, unless you are an individual that would like to gain a few kilograms/pounds. Personal feelings aside, obesity is a really big problem in the US for years and is starting to become a problem everyone in the world, especially in Europe and Asia (more specifically – China).

It is the prime cause of serious diseases such as tumors, cancers, heart disease, artery and digestive dysfunction and a entire specter of other horrifying complications such as shortness of breath, extreme stamina and endurance loss and difficulty in sexual performance.  That is why we are taking a quick glimpse on a product that they say works in solving such problems. SkinnyMint is primarily a weight loss and detox tea, but it is marketed as a energy booster as well.

Lets check out if SkinnyMint makes you both skinny and mint (as the British would say).


Dandelion – The true messenger in Spring with its beautiful yellow leafs which turn white in the summer. Though, dandelion is only good in its Spring form.

Yerba mate – derived out leaves of a rain forest tree indigenous to the middle east and south America, Yerba mate serves as a traditional medicine to combat diseases and illnesses for generations.

Green tea – derived from a very potent combination of plants and weeds, in its most natural form, it is one of the most well known and recognized health beverages in the entire world.

Guarana fruit – makes you feel awake and energized, common ingredient in energy drinks due to its high energizing levels.

Strawberries – Standard everyday fruit full of vitamin C

Pineapple – tropical fruit rich with vitamin C, A and B6

Ginger – famous antioxidant root known and scientifically proven to relieve and cure grave illnesses.

Peppermint – hybrid mint indigenous to Europe and the middle east. Known for its energy boosting and healing abilities.

SkinnyMint Supplement Facts

Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with this product are actually frequent stomach aches jitters and general stomach irritation. Mild Insomnia [1] is also reported to happen with some individuals. The inability to sleep for a short period of time indeed was reported by some of the consumers of this product. However, these side effects occur very rarely and to selected individuals that may have previous conditions that are leading them to said side effects.

If you experience any of the mentioned side effects be sure to contact your doctor for a check up as soon as you can.

It is also always recommended not to go over the recommended dosage when it comes to products like these.

User Reviews

Many people have shared their teatoxing experiences! Let us check out how it actually works on both customers and reviewers alike!

Before and after my 28 day teatox. I absolutely loved the tea tox. It tastes so good. I lost 10 pounds and am sure the next month will help me continue my goals. Its really helps with bloating and digestion. Id recommend this product to everyone. Its definitely part of my daily routine now. – Megan Lebbert, USA

I’ve completed the 28 day SkinnyMint Teatox and just posted a review on my channel. Over the past month I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds and get closer to my fitness goals for the summer. – Camille Amber Johnson, USA

Before & after my 14 day detox! I was skeptical at first, but see the results for yourself!! Very happy with my transformation. – Winston Weber, Australia

Pros and Cons

Where Can I Get SkinnyMint?

You can purchase SkinnyMint right here for a price of just $54.90. The product is sold on the main SkinnyMint website and on the Amazon sales page.  It is also available in most of your local fitness supplement shops and pharmacies(US).


SkinnyMint is a functional, safe and commonly used tea by people who care about their physical and mental health, their physical appearance and exercising lifestyle. It is a safe product to use (in the recommended dosage) and it is available for anyone with a different dietary choice such as vegans and vegeterians. SkinnyMint is scientifically tested and proven (according to the developers) and is an absolute game changer when ti comes to detoxification in the form of tea, famously branding the experience as „teatoxing“.

Purchase SkinnyMint right here for just $54.90.

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Stomach aches – very possible to occur to individuals who had a previous case of an upset stomach. As you must drink the tea on an empty stomach, of course that individuals with a weaker gut may experience this. However it might eventually pass in time. However, consult with your doctor if it is a good thing to consume this products.

Diarrhea and general stomach irritation – Most probably due to the peppermint and the mate herb reacting together, some users may experience these symptoms if they are allergic to these ingredients or if they take more than the recommended dosage.

Mild Insomnia – most probably the guarana ingredient taking action in your body. Some users that are not used to it might experience mild insomnia. That is perfectly normal, but be sure to contact your doctor if you have concerns about it.


Dandelion – The true messenger in Spring with its beautiful yellow leafs which turn white in the summer. Though, deandelion is only good in its Spring form, as the yellow leaves are the prime source of healing ingredients. When it becomes white and puffy it is unfortunately useless. The tea made out of the yellow dandelion leaves are actually proven to kill cancer.

Yerba mate – derived out leaves of a rainforest tree indegenous to the middle east and south America, Yerba mate serves as a traditional medicine to combat a wide array of illnesses and diseases. It is famous in the world for its fat burning properties and is used to increase bowel movements and is sometimes used as a laxative and diuretic.

Green tea – in its most natural form, it is one of the most well known and recognized health beverages in the entire world. It is mostly used to boost the immune system, to improve the digestive tract and to prevent illnesses, primarily cancer.

Guarana fruit – makes you feel awake and energized, it most commonly used in energy drink due to its high energy value. Boost your endurance, especially in training and exercise sessions.

Strawberries – Standard, well known and health everyday one of the primary sources of vitamin C. Very easily grown and available in domestic and forest versions, it has one of the most recongnizable fruit in the world

Pineapple – famous tropical fruit rich with the essential vitamins C, A, B6 and is also a rich source of magnesium. It is really good in the detox process and it is known that it kills off cellulite, especially in women.

Ginger root – famous antioxidant, cancer killing and metabolism boosting root used by generations and scientifically proven to prevent and cure the most devastating of illnesses. It can be made into a tea, can be eaten raw, can be used as a spice and so on. It can be ingested in any way possible.

Peppermint – hybrid mint indigenous to Europe. It is also used for detox reasons, in boosting the digestive system and in increased bowel movements. It is the prime ingredient in chewing gum and it is used by generations for adding a little boost and minty flavour in food.


We will now look at the most frequently asked questions about Elite-Booster and try to give you an overview of the parts that interest people the most.

How long until I see changes on my body?

The product is marketed to be fully functional and deliver results after 28 days of intake and exercise. It all depends upon different organisms and varies with other factors such as overall weight, height and the level of your body being

Do I need to contact my doctor before taking this ?

Not really, but it is always recommended that you contact your doctor when taking detox teas and supplements, especially if you are allergic to some of the listed ingredietns.

Do I have to cut my food intake?

That is not an essential factor with this tea, but of course it goes hand in hand with a more stable and healthy diet. You can eat a lot, but of course it depends on what you eat!

Can this product cause diarrhea, as it is a detox tea?

Unfortunately it may cause that if you have an upset stomach or if you take more than the recommended dosage. If, however, that occurs be sure to contact your doctor immediately !

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]User Tips[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]

It will work amazing but only if you eat your greens and cook your food. Forget about fast food and turn to slow cooking your food. The tea, and any kind of tea works better in such a new environment in the body – Melissa, fitness trainee from Sydney

Be sure to take the recommended dosage, as if you read the ingredients list, it has a lot of ingredients that actually cause increased bowel movements as it acts as laxative and diuretic, and you know what might come next ;). Unfortunately I have found out the hard way. – Jason, amateur body builder from Calgary

If you are a bubble gum freak, be sure to cut it out of your chewing diet. The extra peppermint will not act well with the product and could cause diarrhea. Other than that, it did wonders for me – Jessica from London



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