Somaderm HGH Gel

Somaderm HGH Gel





  • made from non GMO ingredients
  • gluten free
  • FDA registered product


  • lack of real users review to support the effectiveness

Human growth hormone or HGH is believed to enhance the growth of an individual during childhood stage. It is also necessary for maintaining the tissues and organs. But, even healthy adults can benefit from this type of hormone by increasing the muscle mass and reducing the body fat.

Generally, human growth hormone is injected under the skin. And there are some that offer HGH in a form of a pill. As modernization arise, transdermal application of HGH is made into reality.

NewULife created the Somaderm gel, the only source of homeopathic human growth hormone through a transdermal application. In this review, we will provide in-depth details on what Somaderm gel is all about. We will focus on giving its ingredients, benefits, side effects, and even its customers feedback.

The Somaderm gel is packed in pumped up bottles containing a variety of active and inactive ingredients. Now, to have an idea on how does this transdermal HGH works, let’s start by having a glimpse of its ingredients.

Somaderm HGH Gel Ingredients

The following ingredients are combined in a bottle to make a homeopathic transdermal human growth hormone gel.

Active Ingredients:

Glandula Suprarenalis Suis 6x

It is a homeopathic ingredient that supports and promotes the normal function of the adrenal gland.

Thyroidinum 8x

This ingredient is simply known as the Thyroid Extract. Derived freshly from animals, Thyroidinum is effective against symptoms of thyroid gland problems.

Somatropin 30x

A form of human growth hormone that is very essential for bone and muscle growth. Typically, it is used to treat children with growth failure. It is also used by adults who lack natural growth hormone. People with severe weight loss related to AIDS also consume this hormone to treat it.

Inactive Ingredients:

Aside from the three (3) active ingredients of Somaderm, it is also formulated with nineteen (19) inactive ingredients to support its effectiveness. Its inactive ingredients are the following:

Purified water, Phenoxyethanol & Caprylyl Glycol & Sorbic Acid, Aloe barbadensis leaf, Acrylates C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf, Vitex agnuscastus (Chaste tree) fruit, Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root, Ginkgo biloba leaf, Epimedium sagittatum (epimedium) aerial part, Dioscorea villosa (wild yam) root, Ascorbic acid, Sodium hydroxide, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, PEG-33 & PEG-8 Dimethicone & PEG-14, Edetate disodium, Tocopherols (Soy), Potassium Sorbate extract, and Natural Plant Extract.

Somaderm HGH Gel Benefits

The main benefit of human growth hormone in the body is to help in the growing process during childhood. However, increasing the level of this hormone as we age may give anti-aging effect. Besides, normal levels of HGH cater the following perks – provide better mood, promote hair growth, improve memory, increase joint mobility, and offer greater muscle tone to name a few.

As a homeopathic product, Somaderm gel promise the following benefits. Included in the list are the improvement of overall stamina, increase in daily energy level, healthier skin, and enhance muscle mass. Significant but healthy weight loss and reduction of wrinkles may also be experienced upon application of this transdermal product.

In fact, some users state that result is noticed after using the product. One customer said that:

After a few nights of using Somaderm gel, many people noticed that my skin is glowing and the dark circles and bags under my eyes are diminished.

Somaderm HGH Gel Side Effects

Since the Somaderm gel is applied transdermally, no side effects have been recorded. However, users may experience the following – muscle or joint pain, numbness, and headache. These common side effects are due to the presence of somatropin in the formulation.

Somaderm HGH Gel User Reviews

As of the update, there is no recorded users review over Amazon about this product. Some users share their experience and give their opinions using Somaderm gel via Twitter.

A satisfied buyer said that:

For only one (1) week, I yielded more energy and I began to sleep a little better.

One customer was also excited to get his mother a bottle of Somaderm gel. For him,

Being able to provide my mother with such kind of product fills me with so much joy. Her health is very important to me. I am very much excited for her to feel the great benefits that I experience in using Somaderm.

On the other hand, there are some users that did not feel the same way. The benefits of using this product are not noticeable for them. In fact, one purchaser reported that:

I spent almost a hundred dollars on a FDA registered transdermal HGH product knowing that it woud help my Chronic Lyme Disease. Sadly, it just caused me vertigo for about two (2) weeks.

As the reviews circulating on Twitter, it shows that out of 56 reviews only 5 buyers had experienced a positive result. One out of 56 is very dissatisfied and another one buyer is still in doubt and still looking for shreds of evidence before buying it. The rest of the feedback is all about instructions on how to purchase the product.

Somaderm gel features and benefits are very enticing. Rendering a homeopathic human growth hormone gel is a great product innovation. Moreover, there are comments and videos over twitter and other social media sites showing its effectiveness.

However, some people are still in doubt and still looking for more testimonies and feedbacks from real product users. If you’re one of those kind of buyers whose customer experience is an important factor to consider before purchasing a product, you can try Dynatropin Natural HGH Booster .

Dynatropin Natural HGH Booster is a 100% natural growth secretagogue that supports in stimulating the bodies growth factor in a healthy way.  Made from earth-grown ingredients, this product develops lean muscle mass, improves sleep, supports weigh loss, and enhances brain function. Dynatropin also has an anti-aging properties and reduces the cardiovascular risk as well.

However, one of the negative feedback of its users that we found is about the defective packaging, most likely the sprayer of this product. Other than that, majority of users are very satisfied with its result.

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I’m 81 and using Somaderm 7 months and deal with chronic OA pain and a mess from hip replacement.

I’ve been able to reduce my ibuprofen use in half. Saving myself from knee surgery.
I’ve been able to reduce my thyroid support in half.
Sleep is very Deep.
Improved well being.

There is more but the above are starters…not bad for where I’ve been.

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