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Review Summary:

T6 Amplus is an all – natural pre-workout dietary supplement meant for both males and females. It is formulated to boost and enhance stamina, energy levels, and strength which are all very crucial factors during a workout.

For someone who is just starting to get into exercising, the practice can be quite frustrating due to the fact that professionals and gym-regulars already seem to have experienced important benefits, whilst beginners often suffer and struggle. Moreover, beginners often believe that their body will improve after only a few days’ work and get discouraged as they realize that it isn’t so.

Working out is essential in order to lead a healthy lifestyle as it promotes a strong, resistant, and healthy body but also releases endorphins which contribute to improving mood, motivation, and overall well-being. Therefore, although the thought of regular exercise can appear as a chore it has actually been proven that practicing a physical activity is highly beneficial and significantly improves one’s life.

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What is T6 Amplus?

T6 Amplus is an all – natural pre-workout dietary supplement meant for both males and females. It is formulated to boost and enhance stamina, energy levels, and strength which are all very crucial factors during a workout. It is formulated from superior and every effective ingredient which are also safe. Safety comes with it having no fillers, additives or any form of chemicals unlike its competitors in the market today.

Workout sessions are no doubt an essential to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and thus the need to work out every day. For beginners, however, it can be a very tasking thing to do it daily —even seasoned gym rats need a boost — thus, Amplus is the perfect pre-workout supplement for you. With that being said, let’s dig deep about this product review and know the ingredients, testimonials and if there are any possibility of side effects.

Ingredients list of T6 Amplus

For effective workout sessions, this pre-workout supplement is formulated from the following ingredients:

L-Citrulline – This ingredient promotes endurance and most importantly helps in protein synthesis which helps the growth of muscles. It also speeds up muscle recovery and reduces soreness and feelings of tiredness.

L-Arginine – This ingredient enhances nitric oxide amounts in the body which boost blood flow through the muscles to boost endurance especially when you hit a plateau.

Hordenine – This ingredient helps you increase muscle mass and in addition helps in recovery after a workout.

Caffeine Blend – Caffeine is one of the active ingredients in formulating Amplus as it provides mental focus, burns fats and increases alertness. It keeps the users powered throughout the day without having to experience even a slight drop of energy at some point.


Side effects of Amplus.

There are no side effects experienced on the user’s body while using Amplus as a pre-workout supplement in the recommended doses

T6 Amplus Customer feedback

“Boom! This stuff hits hard! The energy and focus rush is insane. About 15 to 20 minutes after taking it, the beta tingles kick in and the focus becomes more acute and my eyes start to open up because my energy levels are spiking.”

“So, I guess this is the kind of product you get when it's ACTUALLY doctor formulated. Every main ingredient is a tested & trademarked version AND it's dosed to the absolute clinical level.”

“This is easily in my top 3 pre workouts that I’ve ever tried. Every scoop delivered maximum performance to help deliver maximum results. This product gets a thumbs up!”

Can T6 Amplus deliver results?

Without any doubt, the product just works amazing. It gives you results from more than what you expect it to be. Considering its formula and key ingredients, you wouldn’t have to worry thinking about the harm it can possibly do because at the moment, there is none. It is a safe product which delivers extremely amazing results.

Final Words for T6 Amplus

For a healthy lifestyle workouts play a crucial role that cannot be replaced by any other thing. For beginners, it can be quite challenging especially after a few sessions and they just feel like giving up. For professionals, they can also hit a plateau and can be quite discouraging and hence the need for a boost.

Amplus is a supplement that was formulated exactly for such kinds of people as it is capable of boosting energy levels, enhancing stamina and endurance.


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Where to buy T6 Amplus?

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#1 Rated Preworkout

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

T6 Amplus boosts energy levels, strength, and stamina thus it promotes rapid muscle gain, fat burn, and enhances performance. Thus, if you are looking for a powerful pre-workout supplement you can order AMPLUS on any online retail stores. Just make sure the site you’re into is legit.



Amplus is manufactured by Team Six Company, a company committed to providing the best products to all its consumers. It does this by incorporating the top most experts in various fields and also using the most superior natural ingredients. The company is also committed to transparency and hence it shows the formula and the dosage of each ingredient used to formulate the supplement.


Being a manufacturer of several other workout formulas that have also been doing well in the market, the company has managed to be even more popular. It is shown in multiple studies and clinical research that Amplus is made from 100% all natural ingredients with no fillers or any other chemical.

Amplus formula provides optimal results due to the fact that it contains powerful and highly effective ingredients such as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, a natural Caffeine blend, Hordenine, L-Citrulline, and L-Arginine.

The Team Six AMPLUS formulation provides a plethora of essential benefits that will help users perform better at the gym and intensify their workout. Therefore, beginners will be able to progress faster and increase how much weight they can lift rapidly which is a good way to feel motivated.

In addition, AMPLUS promotes higher levels of energy without any side-effects found in other workout supplements such as jitters and sudden crashes.

Side Effects


There are no known side effects reported as of yet. Just make sure to follow what the serving says on its label. I would also be best to consult an expert first before taking this supplement.



Can 1 scoop get a beginner through a workout?

Answer: Without a doubt! Two scoops will satisfy the “intense” users but a single scoop is a healthy pre-workout choice for any beginner looking to get a boost in energy & endurance.

How much caffeine does it have?

Answer: 350mg which is what most similar products have

Can I drink coffee while taking this or should I switch to decaf?

Answer: So long as you don't have issues with caffeine, you should be fine. I wouldn't mix it into my coffee, but I used it pre-workout, along with coffee throughout my day, and had no issues.

User Tips

User Tips

According to its label, you can take 2 scoops per serving, then you can mix it with water.

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