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TestoFreak is supposedly formulated to increase the amounts of testosterone in the body. Let’s give it a closer look if it really works.





If you’re anything like most dedicated bodybuilders, having the right muscle mass and strength gains are definitely two key priorities in your checklist. But the thing is that you’ll find it rather tricky to pull these off if your testosterone levels are not up to par.

Getting your hands on a reliable testosterone booster is one way to make sure that your body’s share of this male hormone isn’t going to plummet unexpectedly. And one product that’s gathering a lot of followers these days is TestoFreak and we’re going to examine it meticulously in a bit to see if it really works.

What is TestoFreak?

A product of Colossal Labs, TestoFreak is supposedly formulated to increase the amounts of testosterone in the body when taken as recommended. It primarily does this by intensifying the activity of the luteinizing hormone, which oversees the production of testosterone in the system. The more testosterone you have, the easier it will be to realize the goals you’ve set in your bodybuilding checklist.

Moreover, having ideal levels of testosterone also helps keep your libido as strong as ever while staving off erectile problems in the process.

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TestoFreak Ingredients

Let’s check out the ingredients that make up TestoFreak and have a quick rundown on their testosterone boosting benefits:

TestoFreak ingredients
  • Zinc – The relationship between the mineral zinc and the body’s testosterone production has been well-documented in several medical studies over the years. This is because zinc plays a key role in the conversion of testosterone by androstenedione. The more zinc reserves your body has, the faster androstenedione can churn out testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Botanically classified as an annual plant that belongs to the Caltrop Family, Tribulus Terrestris or “puncture vine” has been traditionally used in many parts of the world as a natural libido and fertility booster. Clinical tests reveal that Tribulus Terrestris has the ability to improve the overall circulation and promote the production of testosterone. However, there are also studies that link the use of this plant to sleeping problems and prostate issues.
  • Ginseng – Known worldwide as a type of herb that can keep your sexual health in top form, Ginseng helps boost testosterone levels by steroidal saponins that promote the increased production of testosterone, DHT and various androgens in the system. Ginseng also has a positive effect on the efficiency of luteinizing hormones to keep your testosterone levels ideal.
  • Dodder Seed – Known scientifically as Cuscuta chinensis, Dodder Seed has been seen to enhance the body’s formation of luteinizing hormones that help in the conversion of testosterone. Medical tests also reveal that it is quite abundant in nitric oxide, which helps boost blood flow.

Benefits of TestoFreak

According to the website of Colossal Labs, the following are the key benefits of TestoFreak:

  • Increases testosterone naturally
  • Lowers unwanted DHT and estrogen
  • Increases sexual vigor and libido
  • Improves strength, recovery and muscle volume
  • Prevents muscle breakdown

TestoFreak Dosage

Take two (2) capsules of TestoFreak daily before hitting the gym. Use it on non-workout days as well.

  • Do not exceed 4 capsules of TestoFreak in a 24-hour period.

TestoFreak Side Effects

Based on the information I’ve come across while researching for this review, I learned that TestoFreak can trigger mild acne breakouts.

TestoFreak Reviews

Now here’s what people who have already tried using TestoFreak have to say about this testosterone booster:

“Definitely increased overall strength and endurance during workouts.”

“This stuff is for real.”

“This product is great. I saw fast results in the gym.”

“I’m slinging more weight in the gym and more pipe in bedroom. Sleep has improved and so has recovery.”

“Definitely has increased the intensity of my workouts strength and energy. Not bad for a cheaper test booster.”

“Solid product. No sides. Takes a week or so to get used to and to feel full effect.”


I am giving this testosterone booster the green light because even though it doesn’t say anywhere on the label how much of each ingredient is used to manufacture it, it’s definitely a test booster with PROVEN ingredients!

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This stuff is the best testo booster ever. I am 53 years youngh and the most strong: natural-training guy in a huge fitnesscenter in Rotterdam. Even the steriods user are impressed by me.
I take 2 tablets a day. And use Testo freak every day.On Sunday(my rest day) i take only one tablet.

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