Bliss Go Pack

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Bliss Go Pack

Bliss Go Pack




The Bliss Go Pack by 1st Phorm is a stack of 3 products: Bliss, Thyro-Drive & Opti-Core. Each one is designed to optimize your metabolism 24 hours a day and tackle all of the most frustrating things holding you back from getting real results.

The Bliss Go Pack claims full, EFFECTIVE doses of the most scientifically proven ingredients known to burn fat, increase appetite, and boost energy. It's the product that got 1st Phorm the household name that it is now. When each product of Bliss Go Pack is taken at the right time, they will work together to produce results like:

Increasing metabolism

Suppress appetite & food cravings

Increase energy levels

Improve the quality of sleep

And even manage hormones like cortisol & estrogen

This is the reason why most people have called it the answer to all your weight loss goals, but is it? Let's go into more detail about each of the 3 ingredients…

Bliss go Pack Ingredients and Benefits: What's In The Pack?

The Bliss Go Pack consists of 3 products: Bliss, Thyro-Drive, and Opti-core. It is a triple threat stack with some serious power. Here's a quick idea of what's inside and its benefits:

Let's get more in-depth about each product and exactly what each one is supposed to do.

Product #1: Bliss


Bliss is a cutting edge energy booster and the first supplement of three that make up the Bliss Go Pack. Bliss will help kick-start your metabolism and energy in a way that leaves you feeling pumped all day without the crash. It also helps reduce cravings and targets hormonal imbalances.

For women, this is key ESPECIALLY if your goal is fat loss.

Bliss is made with a natural blend of ingredients that are designed to combat the symptoms of water retention, PMS, mood variances as well as symptoms associated with menopause. Unlike other products, Bliss works in a way that keeps your body in a high state of fat burning all day long.

Neurocept, Bio Therm Matrix, and Bliss Fusion are the three primary ingredients of the Bliss product that work naturally to target the areas stubborn to rid themselves of stored fat. These three trademark ingredients are naturally formulated for women to help your body increase the number of calories burned and, therefore, shed the fat.

Green coffee bean extract, Ashwagandha, and Beta Phenylethylamine HCL are all examples of ingredients that are used in each of the trademark components. They help to enhance energy and target fat burning opening up the channels in your central nervous system to give your body the boost of energy it needs all day long. The more energy you have, the more you do. The more you do, the more you burn!

Product #2 – Thyro-Drive


Thyro-drive is the sidekick to Bliss is designed to stimulate and enhance the activity of your Thyroid by supporting the ideal levels of T3 and T4 hormones produced. Basically, in layman’s terms, these are hormones that help to attack stored body fat. When the levels of T3 and T4 are working at an optimal level, this has a direct impact on your rate of metabolism and its ability to burn calories at a high rate.

Chromium, green coffee bean, Raspberry Ketones, and Cayenne Pepper are a few of the ingredients found in Thyro-drive. As a result, you will naturally help stimulate the activity of the thyroid and elevate energy levels without the negative impact on your central nervous system. This means you won’t experience any crashing or jitters, either. You will speed up your basal metabolic rate so that overall fat loss is accelerated, so no need to worry about when you take the product during the day or at night.

Product #3 – Opti-core

Opti-Core 1st Phorm

The third and final product included in the Bliss Go Pack, Opti-core is designed to work with the other two products to enhance the fat burning effects and help you sleep well throughout the night. One of the difficulties in losing weight is the heightened level of the hormone cortisol. This makes it harder to lose those last unwanted pounds, especially around the midsection. Cortisol is usually attributed to high levels of stress and inadequate sleep as well.

Opti-core works by helping your body achieve those deep levels of sleep while keeping your metabolism functioning at a high level: the perfect combo for shedding weight. Opti-core prepares your body for prime nutrient uptake so that you're ready to start the day in fat-burning mode!

Trademark Adrenacort recovery is the ingredient that helps your body relax, de-stress and get into that deep sleep mode. Lipozyme Optimizer is the other trademark ingredient that works to enhance digestion and increase nutrient uptake. This will keep your metabolism operating at a high level even while you're sleeping. Other ingredients include but are not limited to magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B6, all of which help the body to recover, repair and attack stress

Bliss Go Pack Side Effects

All three products can be taken on their own, and are designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals with little to no side effects. Here are some possible side effects you may experience:

Itching under the skin

Cold sweats

Mild dizziness

Nausea or diarrhea

Leg cramps or slight muscle pain may also occur.

These symptoms may occur with some people and it may not happen to you. However, when taken together in the Bliss Go Pack you can rest assured that your struggle to lose weight is over. These are not magic pills, so it is important that you incorporate these products with a healthy nutritional plan and exercise program if you want to reap the greatest rewards. But trust me…the products speak for themselves and once you try them, you'll feel the difference!

Our Bliss Go Pack Review

For our summary of the Bliss Go Pack, I can speak from personal experience.

I’ve never slept more soundly when taking Opti-core, and as an elite athlete and trainer my days are long and my energy demands are high. Sleep can be very hard for this reason, and Opti-core has really helped me.

Rachel Foster in the OPA Provincials 2012

I also love using the Bliss and Thyro- drive in my early stages of contest prep to help keep my energy levels high and boost my fat burning capacity.

I know several people that love the product for all the reasons mentioned and it’s what’s kept them coming back over and over again. It's one of the only products for weight loss I recommend and you can get it here right now with free shipping.

Not only that, but the combination of results and feeling good has built trust for them in wanting to use other 1st Phorm products to enhance their overall level of health and fitness. There are also Bliss Go Pack samples for people who wish to try one and see what it's like.

The Bliss Go Pack has hundreds of customer reviews on Amazon, as well as on their website. A lot of the feedback also mentions the benefits of better sleep, which is thanks to the Opti-Core. Here are some of the feedbacks from Bliss Go Pack:

“My Sleep is amazing.”

“So far I LOVE IT! I can feel a huge difference in my energy levels and I've been sleeping so much better.”

Buy the Bliss Go Pack Online & Discount

Unfortunately, the Bliss Go Pack is no longer available online. It was replaced with it's bigger, more powerful sister Royal 21 Queen that was not available too because 1st Phorm has great news is that they released the 1-DB Override Fast pack.

This is far more effective and badass than this one here.

If you want to try the 1-DB Override Fastpack  you can click here to get FREE SHIPPING.

1st Phorm offers a 110% money-back guarantee on all 1st Phorm products if you're unsatisfied with their products.

Have you used the Bliss Go Pack? Be sure to let us know how it works by leaving your experience below!


Get exclusive promo codes, insider info, and be informed of top tier supplements before anyone else.


Get exclusive promo codes, insider info, and be informed of top tier supplements before anyone else.

34 Reviews on “Bliss Go Pack”

I freakin’ love this product. I take it Mon-Fri and give myself the weekend off. The Downtime PM is fantastic! I used to take Melatonin as a sleep aid and the fact that this product not only helps me fall asleep, but it helps me stay asleep. Every time I wake up in the morning I’m like, “…whoa.” I’m still tweaking my IIFYM food regiment, but the difference in strength, energy, and performance from this product is PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend this product!

I was wondering if you have continued taking this product and if you were successful in your weight loss journey?

So far it’s only been three days and I love it I got the blissgopack I can tell a huge difference in my energy level and my always being hungry due to thyriod will post a before and after pic when the weight melts away!!!!!

The entire Bliss Go Pack and M-Factor Goddess are staples in my daily routine. The pack keeps me awake and alert and I don’t even need to drink coffee. Opticore helps me sleep and even helps me heal and recover faster over night. I would recommend the go pack to anyone trying to train for a show or lose weight.

Wonderful! my experience in Bliss Go Pack really gives great result, I become more energetic and always feeling fresh.

I can agree with the other reviews. This is a high end fat burning system i did 2-3pk rounds and the inches I lost were amazing. I leaned out way more than I expected too. It gave me good workouts good quality workouts.

Since taking this, I’ve been very bloated, gassy and constipated. Has anyone else experienced this? I look 3 months pregnant!

Can you take these while taking antibiotics? I have purchased my pills a week ago,but I haven’t started taking them yet cuz I didn’t know if i could or not?

Please answer Stacey’s question I would like to know if this happens a lot it may keeps everything from purchasing!

I’m just talking from previous experiences here and have never taken this particular product. The bloated and gassiness you are experiencing could be because your body is not use to the different kinds of ingredients. Your body will have a similar effect if you start eating a lot of cauliflower, broccoli, etc. The fiber can lead to gastrointestinal issues until it becomes accustomed to the change in diet. Just some food for thought.

Just started taking the go pack today, and I’m already noticing a difference in my appetite and decreased cravings! Lunch was a protein shake, and I could barely finish that! Truly hoping this will help get back to some level of normalcy since dealing with hypothyroid for the past 16 years! No jitters, which I was concerned about, just energetic. Can’t wait to try the Opti Core tonight and see how I sleep!

I would like to know the confirmation in regards to the interaction of the Bliss Go Pack with clonzapam and wellbutrin, please if anyone could shed a positive experience I do so hope. Thank you.

so I was wondering if it was just me or if anyone else has the effect it does on me when im taking bliss go my sex life is more alive then when im not I want it all the time when im on it does this happen to anyone else

Im hearing tons of reviews, but nothing about weight loss. Most of the ingredients affecr ur CNS to make u feel happy etc., but this is supposed to be a weight loss supplement, so wheres all the reviews on the weight????

I just received my bliss go pack 2 days ago. I started it right away to see how it would make me feel, it has decreased my appetite and it has given me extra energy, so far I am pleased. I was taking phentermine through a weight loss doctor and it gave me energy but I was always hungry, I lost some weight but gained it all back..its like the medicine quit working. So I’m skeptic about any form of assistance with my weight loss. One tip I can offer is drink drink drink your water or add a little sugar free 0 calorie flavor to your water if you’re bad like me when it comes to drinking sater? I’ll post before pics and during later!

Well I’ve only tried it for one day . And I got very sleepy at first when I took them then I started getting more and more energy through the day and it really helped with my hormones because I’m on the birth control implant the side effects are mood swings , weight gain , breakouts and etc. I’ve had it all and with this it makes me feel normal again I love them I can’t wait to continue them . I saw some people saying they make you bloated and yes it made me bloated at first because of all the water you have to drink with the pills but it also made me have to pee pee pee . After awhile the bloating went away

Why is the bliss pack no longer available? I really wanted that one I am not interested in the other one is there anywhere I can purchase the bliss pack

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