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Thrive Patch





If you are looking for something to help you improve your diet and get the body you always wanted you might be in the right place. Today we are going to talk about yet another weight loss supplement and take a look at its efficiency and benefits.

If you are starting to workout and want to get rid of unwanted fat, it is crucial to understand the importance of diet. Everything starts from there, and if you stay true to your diet plan and provide your system with all the necessary ingredients, the results will start coming sooner than expected.

Let's jump right into it and see what this one has to offer.

What is Thrive Patch?

Thrive Patch provides your body with a lot of ingredients in a pretty uncommon way. Unlike conventional products Thrive is applied to skin instead of taken by mouth. For most of us, it doesn't matter which way we get our results, as long as its safe and efficient. It is specially designed to provide you results through “Derma Fusion Technology” and contains only the natural ingredients.

Le-Vel is a good company and we expect great stuff from them, but unfortunately we didn't find Thrive Patch efficient enough to cope with products in the same category and in the similar price range. It is a new formula and it will take some time for it to become what the creators had on their mind. We appreciate a completely new and innovative approach to the subject, but at the same time can't put it in front of better products, based only on that fact. Thermogenics main mission is to burn fat and help you lose weight, without any compensations.

Unfortunately, Thrive Patch won't give you the results you wish for while purchasing such a product. If you had a different experience or share the same with us, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

Thrive Patch Ingredients

Le-Vel will have to put extra time in searching the right way for their product to work. Thrive Patch doesn't contain too much “amazing thermogenic” and that may be the real reason behind the lack of efficiency.

Next thing a lot of us consider irresponsible and indicator for failure is not putting a dose of certain ingredient found in the supplement itself. We hope next time they introduce us to something as innovative as this one, they gain a great success. Until then, we will have to advise our readers on some products we consider better alternatives.

Thrive Patch Label


Both ForsLean and  Cosmoperine are registered trademarks of Sabinsa Corporation. It is made from Coleus Forskohlii, which is believed to have numerous positive effect for the human body. It is used for weight loss and for treating medical conditions such as menstrual cramps or bladder pain.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This compound is slowly becoming one of the most popular product for weight loss in the current dietary supplement industry. Thousands of people worldwide are starting to realize its potential and it is no wonder it gets so much attention.  It has a good antioxidant value which is always good, and it is backed up with even few more potent compounds. Caffeine stands out as one of the most known, and there is a reason for that, as it is extremely effective in boosting metabolism and also provides a ton of other benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia or as some call it “brindle berry” is a fruit native to Indonesia. It has been associated with many health benefits through ages. It contains hydroxy citric acid which is considered to be very effective for weight loss, workout performance and for improving overall health. People around the globe also use it to treat joint pain and troubles with digestion.

Side Effects of Thrive

There are no major side effects related to this product, although in some rare cases it could lead to minor ones like upset stomach or dizziness.

Thrive Patch Reviews

“I just started the thrive patches, shake and pills and have been doing it for 5 days. First day I felt lots of energy and it felt really great. Second day was the same as the first, feeling tons of energy running through my body. I am a coffee drinker and would normally have 3 a day. I haven’t had a sip since I started. However the past 3 days I have been working my full days, I’m a hairstylist, and I’ve started to feel extremely dizzy!“

“Thrive literally covers up your ailments. Promoters will flat out say it’s not a cure. So what happens after you stop. What did you really learn about being healthy? You learned how to temporarily cover it up. But guess what, it all returns.”

“I received a 3 day sample from a friend who is also a promoter. By the 3rd day I noticed how it all came together. I had energy at all the right times, I was motivated to get things done, my focus was amazing. It’s been about 2 months since I began and will continue to stay on Thrive.”

Thrive Patch Conclusion

There are a lot of different opinions on Thrive Patch, and most of them differ mainly because of each individual's goals. It really depends on what are you looking for a supplement, as your expectation compared to the final result will give you the answer was it a success or not. For us, it wasn't, but it wasn't a total failure. We see a lot of potential in Le-Vel and if they continue this way their brand will end up in the company of the strongest brands in the business.

Thrive Patch is a fun and interesting concept, but just didn't provide us what we expected…a fat loss experience.

It provides you all the ingredients while simply applied to the skin. It is more of a source of the nutrients needed if you want to live a healthier life, but won't do too much in the weight loss segment.

For a much better choice, go with a proven fat burner like the Royal 21 Queen System by 1st Phorm.

You can get free shipping at this link.


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Get exclusive promo codes, insider info, and be informed of top tier supplements before anyone else.

26 Reviews on “Thrive Patch”

It’s a 3 step system, but what doesn’t make sense is the “kit” comes with 30/60 day supply capsules ($75) (depending on if you’re taking the “package recommended” dosage of 1 capsule or the “Thrive rep suggested” 2 capsules), 30 day supply of patches ($62) and ONLY 16 day supply of the shake mix – forcing you to buy another box ($56) – which you really have to do to get the “full experience” that ONLY comes by taking doing the 3 steps…so, for a full month supply of this stuff it’s gonna cost you $249!! – I ordered this for myself and my husband ($314 – w/shipping and did not order the extra 2 boxes of the drink mix for another $112 plus shipping) and have seen ZERO positive results – and nether has he. We are both very active people with no health issues. This was a waste of $ and I will definitely be going back to my regular vitamin regimen.

I have lost over 40 pounds in three months on thrive….you MUST exercise, eat well and sleep properly to get full results…there is no such thing as a “miracle pill”, but thrive is a valuable tool to have more energy, (I’ve been working 17 hour days consistantly since starting thrive) and enables the body to absorb nutrients we admittedly are not recieving in our food

It’s a 3 step system, but what doesn’t make sense is the “kit” comes with 30/60 day supply capsules ($75) (depending on if you’re taking the “package recommended” dosage of 1 capsule or the “Thrive rep suggested” 2 capsules), 30 day supply of patches ($62) and ONLY 16 day supply of the shake mix – forcing you to buy another box ($56) which you must do for the 3 step system to “work” properly – so, for a full month supply of this stuff it’s gonna cost you $249!! – I ordered this a “couples pack” for myself and my husband ($314 w/shipping – I did NOT order the extra 2 boxes of the drink mix for $112) and have felt ZERO positive results – and nether has he. We are both very active ppl with no health issues. I have canceled my auto shipment after this 1st month of taking and will def go back to my previous supplements.

Will you share which weighloss techniques have worked for you? The thrive isn’t giving me the results I was promised!

The 16 packs of shake is what is intended to last a full month. The shake is only a probiotic and not a meal replacement. You get two 4 oz shakes out of one package, which renders a full month of the shake. I think you were misguided with how to use it.

I did the three day sample. Didn’t feel different at any point. I’ve read up on the ingredients and what each one does. I’m sure it works for some people but my problem was how I felt when the sample was gone. I spent the whole day in bed. Sleeping and not being able to do anything. It would seem as though to feel the benefits you’d have to take it forever. No thank you.

I’m a hardcore skeptic, my wife wants us to try the 3 day trial promotion she got. I guess we will see in 3 days if I think it’s worth it.

I’ve read people saying it has raised their blood pressure. I’d stick to coffee, aspirin and a multivitamin. Thrive is a waste of money.

Yes, continue to take aspirin made by bayer, which has been shown to cause liver damage and long term heart issues….jesus christ

I have used it for 4 days. I wake up very alert, which is not the norm for me. I have lost 4 lbs. I can’t tell if I have more energy or focus, but I seem to sleep well so that in itself is a plus.

I started thrive 6 weeks ago and love it. The key is to follow the three steps correctly. Its very simple. Take the capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, 20 minutes later drink the shake and then apply the DFT. I have amazing energy, sleep so soundly and I have lost over 5 inches in my waist. i struggled with headaches and since i have started Thrive I have not had a single headache. I have not experienced any negative side effects. Everyones experience is different no matter what product you take but mine has been nothing but awesome and I won’t stop thriving now.

I started Thrive several weeks ago. I do like the product and find that I have more energy and fewer cravings for food. However, it is expensive and on top of that they charge almost $14 for shipping which, as a frequent online shopper, I find excessive! Also, I follow package directions and still run out of the milkshake powder by the end of the month, so it doesn’t last the full month. At the pricepoint, that should not happen! It’s a shame, because there are other products out there that are less expensive, and I think they will price themselves out of the market.

It is not a milkshake. You only use 4 oz of the mix, which means you get two shakes out of one pack. That will last a full month if it’s taken right, Do not buy the canister, buy the packs. They are the same price. It is only a probiotic and not a meal replacement. Hope this helps.

Caused a huge acne breakout where they told me to place the patches. Never had more pimples on my body before. It took almost a month for the breakout to really get out of hand but it will take forever to get the acne to die down. Upsetting because now I have to wear shirts with sleeves and I’m very self conscious of the acne.

Your body is filled with toxins and the patch is bringing it to the surface (you are detoxing and it could last 3 months). I had the same issues, as will as blackish buildup under the patch when it was removed…i have stuck with it, am feeling great, and no longer have rashes

Thrivers cyber bullied me for posting on fb that you should use a like page instead of innundating your profile with advertisements (and it’s against their policy). They thought I was bashing thrive and like a jacked up group of crackheads personally attacked and talked down to me calling me backhanded names (your tiny little heart) you must t”need your vitamins” and saying I was uneducated and ignorant. I got my degree in biochem so thanks for the info, now I know they were really jacked up crackheads addicted to caffeine aspirin and natural stimulants.

Have you ever seen anyone go thru adderol and vyvance withdrawal? Must be what these people go thru when stopping thrive. It’s not the “premium formula vitamins” making you feel that good people.

So I’m actually on here googling what withdrawals from thrive are like but having trouble finding anything. I have been taking thrive since the first week in January of this year. Started feeling really short and snappy in my attitude so my personal trainer friend suggested I try to go off thrive and see how I feel. The last 3 days have been brutal. I think I am having withdrawals. Ended up in the hospital with my first migraine ever 2 days after going off. Then this am woke up to my eyes nearly swollen shut..and feeling super congested. Has anyone out there experienced weird stuff like this? There is more to it but I dont want to ramble.

Please don’t take the thrive pills… The reason you are probably getting withdrawl symptoms is that PEA is actually phenethylamines which is fentanyl… Bad news. I am psychic and was meditating on my weight loss efforts. I saw the lady who sent me the samples and she gave it to me and I was told it had fentenyl. So I started doing research and low and behold I find that this is neurotransmitter mimic basically the same compound as fentanyl. I am seriously concerned about the patches too since that is often how fentanyl is administed though it is not listed in the ingrediants.

I had been using thrive patches, pills, shakes for three days and had terrible headaches and hideous indigestion. Stopped taking it and back to normal within 2 days. Will not be using the other 7 days left on my 10 day trial.

A friend gave me a sample to try. I took the two pills (before my feet hit the floor) as promoter said, drink the terrible tasting shake,then apply patch. I was a Zombie! I couldn’t do anything! It made me so sick. I took the patch off after one hour because I wanted to (come down). I got a terrible rash around the square patch that stayed there for two days. The whole “Thrive” experience was a nightmare for me. I hate it!! I was told by promoter that your body is getting rid of the poisons in your body….what a crock! I seriously thought about to going to emergency room. I never will take this again..ever! It is nothing but a caffeine overload . I have read where people have went to hospital. The FDA needs to investigate this crap! This is nothing more than a multi marketing scam! Well two guys sure are making a killing on this. Wait until people start having serious health issues with this. I noticed that the negative comments are often deleted,so I won’t be surprised if this post gets deleted.

You are probably fairly unhealthy and are going through a detox which is very very common (if your body is used to being overloaded with crap, it freaks out once something healthy is introduced)…Additionally, the review isnt an ad for the product, it is actually fairly negative, and there are plenty of negative comments here regarding the product and neither they, nor you have been deleted.

Have been on Thrive for over 3 months, have lost over 40 lbs, work 15- 17 hour days daily, have quit coffee and all other supplements…I went through a detox period for about a month which was rough, but have felt amazing ever since… Working out is a must (should be for everyone anyway) , as well as regular sleep and eating healthy…if you are looking for a miracle do-nothing-and-it-works-pill, im sorry but i dont believe that exists, however Thrive is a valuable tool if used properly.

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