• Natural anabolic
  • A lot of benefits
  • Could positively impact health


  • A bit pricey
  • Not widely popular and tested by a large amount of people

Anyone hitting the gym or working out wants to improve their strength and physique. Proper diet and good care of daily nutrients is the best way to achieve great results. Some people want to stay on the natural side and still not sacrifice all the possible muscle growth of the products on the other side. For them, it is extremely hard to find something with great efficiency, but today we have something just for them.

Antaeus Labs prepared something special, something you don’t see every day. Titan is an all natural anabolic support capable of providing amazing gains. It is a mixture of highest grade ingredients designed to take your body to another level.

The main role of this cutting edge supplement is to preserve gains, increase muscle growth, and enhance strength. In this review, I will try to show all its pros and cons, and hopefully, help you learn more about this unique product.

Titan Ingredients

Titan is an innovative formula with plenty to offer. It contains only two main ingredients, but their combination can turn your workouts into beast mode.

Ultra-Tomatidine complex 250mg


This amazing compound is becoming more popular every single day. It is a latest natural anabolic discovery that is about to hit the world of dietary supplementation and possibly change it forever. Although the dosage of only 50mg may seem a bit low at first, combined with shilajit you are about to experience a massive transformation. Tomatidine is classified as steroidal alkaloid and comes from one of the most popular plants on earth, tomato. It comes with many health benefits and is also capable of improving recovery, enhancing strength, reducing skeletal muscle atrophy, improving performance, and much more. Time will tell, but if everything goes right, this ingredient could change the way we look at anabolics.


Yet another ingredient with so much to offer. Shilajit has been used for ages in ancient medicine and has been shown to have a hand full of benefits. It can increase energy levels, take good care of brain function, balance hormones, improve fertility, support skeletal health, and much more.

Antaeus Labs Titan truly is one of the most innovative and cutting edge formulae we have recently laid our hands on. It features only two ingredients but is still capable of doing great things for your body. Rarely we come across something that manages to surprise us and leave such a positive impression.

Titan Side Effects

Anabolics are sometimes associated with few unwanted side effects. However since this one comes from a natural source it is believed it shouldn’t leave any major bad impact on human body. Since it hasn’t been tried out by a huge population it is hard to determine is it capable of doing any harm. It is worth mentioning there have been no reported cases of major side effects related to this product or its ingredients in general. You could experience few minor ones, such as drowsiness or dizziness, although the chances are small.

“After few days of usage I wasn’t feeling much, and somewhere in week two I started noticing a big change. Unfortunately from time to time I feel a bit lightheaded, although I am not sure if it is from Titan or other supps in my daily diet.“

Titan Reviews

There weren’t many comments on its efficiency, but every review we found was positive:

“I personally enjoyed the effects, and results that Antaeus Labs Titan gave me. The only thing I didn’t like was the impact it had on my blood pressure. Antaeus Labs always has quality products thatTitan gives great results.“

“Running it right now in pct at 4 pills a day can’t wait to give my rating on it. Everything from Antaeus is high quality! “

Here is a positive impact on testosterone from one user who decided to measure it and share the results:

Titan Conclusion

From time to time we run across something fresh that blows our mind. Although Titan by Antaeus Labs hasn’t yet been tested by a lot of people, it brought to the market a real innovative and effective formula unlike any other. This all natural anabolic may not be perfect but is definitely worth checking out as it can be one of the first in this area that actually succeeded to make a high-quality product.

If you decide on trying it out you should expect an increase in strength, better muscle growth, better overall health, faster recovery, raise in testosterone levels, and much more.

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Where can I buy Titan?

If you would like to try out Titan for yourself and see if it’s really that good as people claim, then I suggest you purchase it from HERE.

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