Tri-Dermal by Primeval Labs

Tri-Dermal by Primeval Labs




Have you been struggling to see the results of your workouts? Does it seem that no matter how much you try there are no visible gains? If this is you, than the product we are introducing today may be what you need to see the difference.

Presenting Tri-Dermal by Primeval Labs, a three in one prohormone formula, which according to the manufacturers is 7 times more anabolic and 10 times more androgenic than Testosterone. The formula contains 1-Andro, 4-Andro and Epiandrosterone, three of the most commonly used and among the most powerful prohormones out there.

We take a look at how exactly the formula is meant to work, but a simple glance at the label tells us that we are looking at one hell of a product.

What’s In It?

As we already mentioned, Tri-Dermal contains 1-Andro, 4-Andro and Epiandrosterone.

1-Andro: This DHEA derivate converts to 1-Testosterone through a 2 step process, becoming 7 times more anabolic than Testosterone. Unlike Testosterone, 1-Testosterone cannot convert to Estrogen and there is no water retention issues allowing for dry gains that are easier to see and maintain.

4-Andro: Another DHEA derivate, 4-Andro converts to Testosterone. The anabolic and androgenic properties of Testosterone will help you increase both your strength and your muscle mass, as this powerful bulking prohormone helps you gain new muscle mass, with some water retention risks.

Epiandrosterone: The final prohormone in Tri-Andro, Epiandrosterone is another DHEA derivate which converts to DHT. Hightened levels of DHT increase your libido and mass gains as well as help increase your strength, overall mood and decrease the water retention and fat gains.

Here is the complete product label with all the ingredients:

Tri-Dermal Supplement Facts

How Effective Is It?

Tri-Dermal is an extremely potent prohormone formula. Containing three of the most powerful prohormones out there, Tri-Dermal will help boost your strength and allow you to grow insane amounts of muscles at extreme speed. The product raises the levels of several extremely anabolic and androgenic hormones, which means that growth and increases in strength are guaranteed.

The product is used in a transdermal fashion, which tends to make the ingredients more bioavailable and the absorption higher. Tri-Dermal is one of the most complete prohormones out there and we are confident that anyone will benefit from a cycle of this product.

Tri-Dermal has also received high praise by the consumers so far as most testimonials out there have been nothing but excellent. The formula is designed to help you gain massive amounts of clean dry muscle fast and it delivers.

How Do I Cycle It?

Tri-Dermal is to be cycled by applying ½ pump on the bare skin of your arms, stomach or shoulders 2-3 times per day. None of the three prohormones in it are liver toxic, which means you won’t need to use on cycle support at all. After your cycle make sure to run a 1 month PCT to get your hormones back to normal levels.


This is what some of the consumers had to say about Tri-Dermal:

This stuff works phenomenally and is really great as a base to run with anything. Just as good, maybe better than rx Andro Gel. Within 2 days I really felt my levels go up. Great mood, energy and crazy libido. These guys know how to make a great product. Will be buying this regularly.

I was skeptical, but if you use as directed for the 8 week cycle you will see and feel results. The key is stay consistent just like you have to be with your diet and training. I would tell anyone who is curious about the product to give it a try.

Final Verdict

If you are on a lookout for a new prohormone cycle to run you are in the right place. Tri-Dermal formula is extremely potent, featuring three different powerful compounds that will get the juices in your body flowing at extreme rates and your body growing fast and furious.

We highly recommend this product as it will give you the pounds you were looking for with no liver damage and minimum side effects. The formula works better than most others and with far fewer negatives so there is really little reason not to give it a shot.

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