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  • Increases muscle mass and energy boost
  • Promotes blistering energy enhanced with both Ephedra & DMAA
  • Provides mental focus needed to blast through sticking points and workout barriers


  • Quite costly
  • It is only available online
  • The exact formula of its ingredients is not revealed

Ultimate Orange Review: Legendary Beverage is Back

The struggle of working out is real. You want the energy to push through your workout routine, but you often feel exhausted before you even start. It’s a vicious cycle, but it doesn’t have to be. Some simple changes to your diet can give you the energy you need to power through your workouts and see results. However, some will tell you that diet changes aren’t enough and that you must supplement your workout routine with energy drinks or bars.

There’s no doubt that energy drinks can boost you, but they’re often loaded with sugar and caffeine, leading to later crashes. Energy bars are a bit better, but they can be expensive and sometimes leave you feeling more hungry than before. So, what’s the best way to get energized for your workout without resorting to costly or unhealthy options?

This is where Ultimate Orange comes in—it’s the perfect way to boost your energy levels and help you power through your workout! Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange delivers a refreshing way to stay hydrated during your workout with its delicious original orange flavor. Soon, we will know what the ingredients are, the user reviews, its benefits, and if there are any possible side effects! Read on to learn more about this Ultimate Orange Review.

What is Ultimate Orange?

Pre-workout powders, pioneered by Ultimate Orange in 1982, have grown to become a massive industry within the sports supplement industry. Athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders from many walks of life recognized the unique container and bright colors concealed an ultimate weapon. Some that enabled unprecedented robustness, girth, and vigor while maintaining laser focus. Now, the Original Pre-Workout Intensifier is available once more! More potent than any of the other pre-workout dietary supplements in history. Ultimate Orange is an all-natural supplement that combines the power of Ephedra with DMAA.

Here is the reincarnation of a top-rated previous pre-workout powder supplement three decades ago. Ultimate Orange has been reformulated—with harmful ingredients removed—to provide an intense boost in energy and muscle-building process. Taking this product helps you build a fit body and will improve your workout performance. This beverage would also be helpful to those who wish to develop strong muscles.

Ultimate Orange Product Image

Since its inception in 1982, Ultimate Orange has been a staple of the bodybuilding community. It was a stimulant made out of ephedra. The last manufacturing run was in 2001. Recently, they returned with a “new legal formula.” Although the recipe has been improved, the classic Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals 16-ounce bottle remains unchanged.

The Original Workout preworkout Ultimate Orange is back! So you stim addicts and Hardcore pre-workout fanboys may read on if you’re interested in learning more details about this orange monster. When you open it, you’ll be reminded how much you enjoyed the taste, the strength, and the exercises.

INGREDIENTS OF Ultimate Orange

Ultimate Orange Ingredients Label

Ultimate Orange’s exclusive combination of nutrients includes some that have been shown to promote muscle mass development and effective muscle recovery to enhance your workouts. Here is the list of its ingredients:

Inositol: Inositol is a pseudo vitamin naturally found in animals and plants and frequently mistaken to be a member of the B Vitamin family. It’s also an essential component of structural lipids in the body. Inositol has many benefits, such as being an effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Choline Bitartrate: A standard focus booster, Choline Bitartrate is one of the market’s lesser bioavailable forms of choline supplements. Compared to forms such as Alpha-GPC or CDP-Choline, you need a much larger dose of choline (around 1-2g) to notice its perfect focus-boosting effects and stronger mind-muscle connection due to the increase in the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Ephedra Extract: Ephedrine has been utilized as a ‘fat burner’ supplement to aid in weight reduction due to its ability to replicate the effects of adrenaline. The ephedra extract is sure to turn some heads; however, this ephedra extract is ephedrine-free, meaning that the bulk of the stimulatory compounds (i.e., ephedrine alkaloids) have been removed. Some beneficial compounds are still left in the extract, but you can consider this a high-level form of green tea extract for all intent and purposes.

1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL (DMAA): Luckily, they didn’t go overboard and put 75mg as that dosage generally elevates blood pressure. The 65mg dose is on the upper end of DMAA doses included in pre-workouts, notably Mesomorph (also manufactured by Hi-Tech). However, the 100mg of caffeine should provide smooth, sustained focus and motivation during your training sessions. Bodybuilders and those otherwise interested in physical health often use this vitamin. Its great potency may dramatically improve efficiency and endurance during physical exertion.

Caffeine: Before the days of over-caffeinated pre-workouts containing 300, 400, or even 600mg of caffeine per serving, pre-workouts used a more restrained approach to their caffeine concentrations. The revived Ultimate Orange employs the same 100mg caffeine/serving of the original, but don’t mistake this for any old beginning pre-workout, as there are still more stims to come.

Essential Amino Acids: In addition to the 13g worth of whey protein, Ultimate orange also includes eight critical amino acids (EAAs) to ensure your body has all the necessary materials to build muscle growth and stay anabolic.

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate: This Hydropro Whey is excellent if you’re working out when you don’t have tons of protein or amino acids in your system but don’t want to go flat.

QuadraCarb: The 16g of carbs will provide the immediate surge in blood glucose your body needs to sustain performance throughout your training sessions. But most likely, it is not enough to spill over into fat storage because you should easily be able to work all of this (and the above protein and below amino) off throughout your training session.

Vitamins and Minerals: Apart from the ingredients listed above, Ultimate Orange includes a slew of vitamins and minerals, incorporating a broad spectrum of essential vitamins that our body needs. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states that a wide variety of vitamins and minerals are required to provide the energy necessary for physical activity. While nothing can replace a consistent exercise routine, pre-workout supplements containing dozens of vitamins and minerals may enable you to get the most out of your gym time.

Ultimate Orange Product Label

SIDE EFFECTS OF Ultimate Orange

While Ultimate Orange is generally considered safe, some potential side effects should be considered. These include Jitters: Caffeine is the main ingredient in Ultimate Orange, which can cause some people’s jitteriness. If you are sensitive to caffeine, starting with a lower dose is best to see how you react. It is also essential to stay hydrated when taking any pre-workout supplements, as this will help to avoid any adverse effects.

Some people may experience cramping when taking Ultimate Orange due to the high levels of electrolytes. This is more likely to occur if you are not used to taking supplements or are not adequately hydrated. If you experience cramping, it is best to drink plenty of fluids and reduce your dosage until your body becomes accustomed to the supplement.

Ultimate Orange Product Handheld

Another potential side effect of taking Ultimate Orange is nausea. This is more likely to occur if you take too high of a dose, so starting with the lowest possible amount is vital and increasing gradually as needed. If you experience nausea, it is best to stop taking the supplement and consult with a healthcare professional.

Additionally, this product can expose you to chemicals that may cause birth defects or other reproductive harm; if pregnant or lactating, consult your physician first.

BENEFITS OF Ultimate Orange

Like any other pre-workout supplements on the market, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange is not lagging with the benefits it claims to give, which include: more explosive power, intense focus, increased strength and mass, and improved recovery times.

The high levels of caffeine in Ultimate Orange can help to improve energy levels, while the other ingredients may help to improve physical performance and mental focus. It is still its original pre-workout intensifier that offers more explosive power in a funky can like before!

Ultimate Orange Product Benefits

Original Ultimate Orange still contains all the same ingredients, just without ephedrine. Ultimate Orange sports supplements may be a good option if you are looking for pre-workout supplements to help you take your exercise program to the next level.


Right now, do you think this formula could be a meal replacement or a pre-workout buddy? Are you excited about what kick this product can give you?

When looking for a pre-workout supplementation, it is always helpful to read reviews from other users. This can give you an idea of what to expect from the product and whether or not it is right for you. The following are reviews of Ultimate Orange from real users. These reviews can help you assess whether Ultimate Orange is a good choice.

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“I’ve used this on and off since the late 80’s…and although the formula has changed, its still a solid “go-to” when compared to all the other sugary/artificial flavored/ingredient Supps, in the same category. Best way to use this is mix, drink half about 20 min prior to workout then drink the other half while working out.”

– Theo, P.

“I competed amateur in the mid 90’s and used Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange. Ever since it disappeared, I have been trying to find something else that had even a little of the same energy without stacking. This does it for me. It seems to me to cover all the bases. I still have energy after a 60 min workout to use the treadmill. Juicing is not an option for me and this is the best I have found.”

– Russell, B.

“Used again this morning. I used 1 1/2 scoops plus 100mg caffeine extra definitely had made a difference, I felt way more energy and was still clean, this product definitely needs a increase in caffeine at least 300mg per.serving, but I will keep using this once a week on chest day as it still gives a good pump.”

– Oscar, C.

“First the flavor…reminded me of orange creamsicle. Easy to drink. Kicked in within about 30 minutes. I am pretty tolerant to stimulants, so no jitters or anything even with all that DMAA. I would say the biggest kick happens on first hour, which is enough for my gym session, and then it slowly tapered down from there. I was happy to see no crash afterwards, which is always something I watch out for. Took it again this morning before work. I will definitely buy this again.”

– Egbert, M.

“Obviously nothing like the old formula. I felt absolutely nothing. Nada…ZILCH! I tried one scoop….. nothing. I tried two scoops…still nothing. I was recommended by a friend to add a pump product to it, I still felt nothing.”

“Meh, I don’t see any reason to buy it with all the other DMAA options these days. I think this is more of a novelty play for the nostalgia.”

– Ferris, C.

“Just had my parcel of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange. I tried it this morning and to be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. I was expecting crazy energy! Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good product—the taste is good, pumps are great and there is energy but, I was just expecting more as its “ultimate orange” maybe its the lack of caffeine! I am very stim tolerant so it could be just that, and it’s too expensive to double scoop.”

– Neville, F.

“I’ve heard about this pre-workout for years & now I finally bought it. This doesn’t live up to the hype. I am only using it for fasted cardio because that is all it can power me threw will not buy again & don’t recommend.”

– Harley, T.

Here are video reviews we found that you might be captivated to watch:

Not Changing A #%$@ Thing! & Ultimate Orange Pre Workout Is Back!


Buy one here!

Based on the reviews above, it seems that Ultimate Orange is a decent pre-workout supplement, but it is not necessarily the best option on the market. Some users find it ineffective, while others find it works well. It is important to remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to supplements, so what works for one person may not work for another. If you are considering trying Ultimate Orange, it may be worth researching to see if it will work well.

Ultimate Orange Product Supplement

However, the positive outweighs the negative, with many people finding that it offers good energy and pumps during their workouts. Ultimate Orange is an outstanding choice if you want a solid pre-workout product.

Reviews from the site:

One Review on “Ultimate Orange”

Ultimate Orange hits hard but leaves you crashing hard, taste like tang. I definitely don’t think it’s worth the money there are better preworkouts for less the price.

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange created an explosive formula with intense power, offering users a massive flood of energy and pumps during workouts. When you pop open the can and mix your first drink with cold water, a massive flood of energy will surge through your veins in just minutes. It is also claimed to be more effective than the previous pre-workout powder and other pre-workout supplements on the market. The Ultimate Orange only comes in the “original” flavor. When you consider the size of this scoop, the mixability is good.

Ultimate Orange Stacked Up Image

Well, if there’s one thing we know for sure, this is undoubtedly one of the unique formulas we’ve seen recently. Ultimate Orange has an extensive array of nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, and DMAA, in addition to the standard A-to-Z vitamin and mineral complement. Although ephedrine is not present, Ultimate Orange combines the strength of both Ephedra and DMAA with caffeine. And that is more than sufficient to improve mental and physical performance.

Ultimate Orange Product Supplement Image

Ultimate Orange can help you take your workout to the next level! Overall, its positive side effects overshadow the negatives. We recommend this product to athletes and bodybuilders seeking a reliable pre-workout supplement. So next time you feel sluggish, reach for a can of Ultimate Orange and get ready to power through. If you had tried this one in the past and liked it, perhaps, you should give this new version a shot, too! You be the judge if this is an “oldie but goodie” pre-workout product!


If you want to give Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange a shot, you might find it hard to find in stores. Ultimate Orange is available online and found in several retailers. However, for a trustworthy, reputable source, you should buy it here! You can be sure you’re getting a quality product with the right ingredients and dosage, not a cheap supplement.

Purchase Your First Ultimate Orange Here! 

Ultimate Orange Product Supplements

Watch out for promos and discounts available so you can save money on the total price of your purchase for these so-called preworkouts.

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One Review on “Ultimate Orange”

Ultimate Orange hits hard but leaves you crashing hard, taste like tang. I definitely don’t think it’s worth the money there are better preworkouts for less the price.

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Ultimate Orange
Ultimate Orange Product Image


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