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Review Summary:

Vividermix Stemcell Activ is not your typical bodybuilding supplement. Nope! This one is for all you ladies out there. We know how much skin care is important for you so we have a special treat for you - a supplement that caused quite the stir on the market. Some say it works like a charm while others swear it's a scam. Who's telling the truth? Let's find out!

Every once in a while we are doing a review for something a bit different. Today we will be talking about Vividermix Stemcell Activ, a skin care product for the ladies. Yes, you heard me right! It is a mixture of few potent ingredients capable of making you look younger and fresher than ever… Or is it?!

Many women lose their confidence because of slight signs of aging on their skin. Because of that, we find it as our mission to search for supplements that are capable of bringing their confidence back.

This moisturizer promises significant results in less than a month, which sounds great. Continue reading to find out is actually that good and can you see its effects in such a short period of time.

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Vividermix ingredients – is there anything decent in there?

A quick glance at the label reveals nothing but purely organic ingredients. There are no signs of chemicals or additives which is always a plus.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common compounds in beauty products for a reason. It has antibacterial properties and can treat human skin with good care. It is also rich in vitamins and amino acids resulting in few additional benefits.



This peptide consisting of three amino acids has reached big popularity in the world of anti-aging supplements over the last few years. It is believed to give skin a smoother appearance and improve its condition.

Hydrolyzed soy protein

Often referred to as vegetable protein. Well, at first it looked like VividermiX is free of chemicals, further research on this compound reveals a different story. Hydrolyzation process in the manufacturing of the soy makes byproducts in form of unhealthy chemicals.

Cetyl liquor


Or as some may know it Retinyl Palmitate/Acetate is a vitamin A compound often used in beauty creams and serums. However some studies indicate it is broke down by the sunlight, and in the process are created free radicals that can increase the risk of skin cancer.

At first sight, Vividermix StemCell Activ moisturizer seemed great. A closer look revealed the different picture and showed the formula isn't great, but instead, has some big flaws. It contains few great compounds like Aloe Vera, but in this modern and advanced world manufacturer could have put a bit more effort into the mixture.

Vividermix side effects – how bad are they?

Although the claims are that it is pretty safe, we would have to disagree on that. Vividermix isn't as safe as it seems at first.

Due to the manufacturing processes of hydrolyzed soy protein, few unwanted byproducts are being created. Retinol also doesn't seem as a good addition to the formula, despite the fact it is used so often. Although it cannot directly cause it, retinol is believed to increase the risk of skin cancer which is a serious problem if true. Here is a complaint about skin irritation from one of the customers:

I got a nasty allergic reaction after the first usage, and to be honest I don't know how. I am sure I used all the ingredients from the list before on multiple occasions and never had problem with any.

What do other users have to say about Vividermix?

There isn't much feedback available online, but from what I Managed to find, opinions go from one extreme end to another:

“Total waste of my money. Had troubles with wrinkles for a while now. This didn't help at all. From everything I read about it I expected to see results in the first month, but for me it turned out to be a big failure. Wouldn't recommend to anyone. “

To address all these pesky aging signs, I used Vividermix StemCell Activ. And I must say, it is a quite worth using solution. It erased all those wrinkles and fine lines from the root cause. Now, I look years younger despite aging.

Some seem to love it and some seem to hate it. One user, in particular, seemed to enjoy it:

Vividermix Stemcell Activ Review

Too much negative feedback!

It's becoming more and more obvious that Vividermix might not be the best skin care and anti-aging solution out there. With so many negative reviews, risk of potential side effects and the fact that it's not recommended for women younger than 30… I simply feel like it's a good old scam. So, for all of you who thought Vividermix is a no-brainer… it's not!

EDITORS TIP: Check Out M-Factor Goddess instead for a better result.

The final thoughts on Vividermix Stemcell Activ!

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To be honest, I was expecting nothing but great stuff from Vividermix, but in the end, I was left very disappointed. In reality, it has many flaws and negative energy around it, failing to make a positive impact on the majority of its customers.

I don’t want to leave you empty-handed. I would like to recommend a product that is proven to not only have a great anti-aging effect but a great impact on overall health and longevity. M-Factor Goddess by 1st Phorm is a multivitamin specially designed to suit needs of every woman.

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Where to buy Vividermix?

You can get Vividermix for free via their official website. But, as you've probably already noticed, I wouldn't recommend you do so.

Instead, I'd like to guide you to M-Factor Goddess. Check it out, it might surprise you!



Aloe Vera

Main part of this and many other blends.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Aloe Vera is well known for its antibacterial properties and its capability to treat human skin like few other ingredients can. Most of its positive effects are coming from the fact it is rich in vitamins and amino acids.

Clinical Research

Since it gained great popularity, Aloe Vera has been the main topic of many scientific studies. [1]


Known as a vitamin A1, often used as a dietary supplement.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

We mentioned its possible negative side earlier in the text, so here we will mention few reasons it is still an extremely popular ingredient. Retinol also works as an antioxidant, increasing collagen production and fighting wrinkles and acne.

Clinical Research

Various studies indicate skin benefits from this compound. [2]

Hydrolyzed soy protein

This is an ingredient produced by acid or enzymatic hydrolysis of soy protein, massively used in beauty and cosmetic industry.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Most of the time it is used for skin and hair care. It is a good source of isoflavones, which are protecting the skin against signs of aging.

Clinical Research

There hasn't been enough research on this topic.

Side Effects

Skin irritation

It is a product of allergic reaction resulting in redness, swelling and itching of the skin.

What Causes Skin irritation?

Few compounds within the formula are capable of causing this side effect.

Hardening of the skin

Skin loses its softness on certain areas.

What Causes Hardening of the skin?

It is most likely caused by Aloe Vera.


How much does Vividermix cost?

At the moment, Vividermix can be found for free at the official website which is probably the only good thing about it.

Does it really work?

From all that I've seen while researching valuable information about it, I'd say it's pretty shady at best…

Where can I buy it?

As I've already mentioned above, Vividermix cannot be purchased. Instead, you can get a free trial via official website.

User Tips

“Too much skin care products will create even bigger pores. Be careful when appyling them…” – Tea

“Skin care products are keeping me looking young and fresh up to this day…” – Caroline

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