I am sure you all know that stacking more products is usually better than using them one by one. This is true in some other spheres of life such as mental supplements which function even better when paired together. The slogan for this stack is “It’s called the WWIII Stack for a reason – because it’s going to change life as you know it.” This is a very powerful statement and it’s completely justified considering how successful and useful this stack is.

But still, Redcon1 made sure all 3 products are extremely well-made and offer a unique blend of effects, all of which will greatly improve your overall phisique. WIth this being said, I would like to move on to the next part of this article, in which we will dissect this stack so you understand why it’s so good.

WWIII Stack Benefits

The WWIII Stack is comprised of three different products that are called Somal-1, Somal-4, and Somal-nor. They work together to boost your muscle mass and strength while simultaneously lowering your body fat percentage. The cycle lasts for 4 weeks while the post-cycle lasts for around 3 weeks but can be expanded to 4. Somal-1 is an advanced type of 1-DHEA Prohormone for dry, lean gains. Somal-4 encourages wet and rapid gains, an increased intensity in the gym. It also adds new muscle tissue and improves sex drive. Somal-nor is a mass gainer. It improves recovery, promotes healthier joints, and gives you increased strength in the gym.

WWIII Stack Ingredients

Let’s talk about these products!

Somal-1This supplement promotes some great gains and a really good characteristic of it is that the absorption rate is 100% because it doesn’t get destroyed in the stomach. Here are the benefits that Somal-1 offers:

  • No toxicity to organs
  • Fast gains
  • Gains in dry, lean muscle
  • Helps in recovery
  • Doesn’t cause breast enlargement in males
  • Improves energy

Somal-4This is a great supplement if you want to get some mass quickly. It’s very powerful and will cause huge gains in just a few weeks. Somal-4 also has some nice benefits:

  • Adds new muscle tissue
  • Doesn’t damage the liver
  • Better sex drive
  • Quick strength gains
  • Increased intensity while at the gym

Somal-nor – Somal-nor doesn’t have any negative side-effects and is aimed at people who are having trouble gaining mass. It also promotes healthy joints. Somal-nor has the following benefits:

  • No estrogen conversion
  • No damage to the liver
  • Improves energy
  • Gives you both endurance and muscle strength
  • Consistent and lean muscle gains

WWIII Stack Side Effects

Somal-nor and somal-4 have a chance to cause gynecomastia so we suggest using SHIELD to counteract this issue. Females are discouraged from using these products.

WWIII Stack Reviews

Several customers have shown that they are happy with this product. Here are their reviews:

“When I first started using supplements and products to give myself an edge in the gym, I only used one single product. Since I found out that stacks give you an even better result, I have been using them constantly. This stack is simply amazing and it provides me with some crazy good benefits!”

“This stack is the bomb! The best out of all that I used. With so unique ingredients in each of the three standalone supplements, it is not surprising that it gave me everythin I needed. I have gained a lot of muscle mass and have to give kudos to Redcon1 for another amazing supplement!”

WWIII Stack Conclusion

Stacks are generally great when it comes to achieving multiple goals at once but this stack seems to be something special. Make no mistake, other stacks are also great, but the products in this stack were engineered to work well with each other, developing a true synergy which makes your body prosper across all departments! If you are in desperate need for an amazing stack that can give you great boosts but is not toxit to your body, then WWIII Stack by Redcon1 is your way to go.

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