Get leaner muscle mass by boosting your testosterone levels. Universal Nutrition’s ZMA Pro will help you achieve that. Read more about it in this review.





We all know that what you do in the gym regularly will impact how fast you build lean muscle mass. But, aside from training, your diet and total hormonal balance in your body also have a huge impact when bulking up. These 3 have to be equal, but if your testosterone isn’t maximized, you won’t reach your full potential.

Yes it’s unfair how some people are blessed with high testosterone levels. But you can quit whining and start doing something about that. A testosterone-boosting supplement holds the key to your bodybuilding goals.

Check out ZMA Pro by Universal Nutrition – an all-natural, non-steroidal dietary supplement that’s been proven to boost testosterone levels and enhance strength without any harmful side effects.

That’s quite a statement, but can it stand up to the real test or is it like many other products giving false hopes?

Here’s my take on ZMA Pro….

What is ZMA Pro?

ZMA Pro helps your body stay in an anabolic state which aids in improving muscle tissue growth and recovery letting your body reach all-out overall lean muscle mass. The higher your testosterone levels in your body, the better your performance will be – no matter what kind of workout you will do. ZMA Pro is designed to be used before bed. It can also promote restful sleep, boost REM sleep and helps your body stay in an optimal state boosting your body’s overall potential for lean muscle mass training and recovery.

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ZMA Pro Ingredients

I want to know what “stuff” is inside every product I try and I know you do too. Check out this label along with brief explanations of how every ingredient works to put your mind at ease.

  • Vitamin B-6 – helps metabolism function properly and breakdowns glycogen that is stored in the muscle
  • Magnesium – helps stabilize blood pressure and heart beat and keep bones strong
  • Zinc – for a tougher immune system, support normal growth and helps muscles grow by healing torn muscles caused by working out

ZMA Pro Benefits

Taking ZMA Pro will help you:

  • Increase testosterone levels – which helps gain muscles quicker making bulking up easier
  • Get relaxing sleep – so you wake up feeling invigorated in the morning and ready to hit the gym
  • Boost your energy – for better training performance
  • Repair muscles and tissues – brought by intense trainings

ZMA Pro Dosage

To attain desired muscular weight gain: Take 3 capsules a day (for men) and take 2 capsules a day (for women).

*To be taken on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

**Avoid taking with foods or supplements with dairy or calcium for maximum effects.

ZMA Pro Review

ZMA Pro delivers! I came across a review saying:

“It worked like a charm. It helped me relax and get some good sleep (without feeling drugged) and wake up energized to tackle intense trainings. It does the trick in repairing and growing muscles so I can bulk up nicely. Not to mention, it’s affordable and has plenty of servings that can last for 2 months.”

It is truly a great product that lives up to its standards. It’s the best natural testosterone booster. It puts your body into deep sleep (when hormone production is at its highest) and you wake up ready to pounce which helps you work out better. I’ve seen gains when I started taking ZMA Pro. My muscles heal faster too.

How was your experience with ZMA Pro? Feel free to leave your own product review below.

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