Royal 21 Queen System Review – Is This The Ultimate Weight Loss Stack For Women?

Royal 21 Queen System
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Review Summary:

1st Phorm is back at it again with a great weight loss stack aimed specifically at their female customers. Royal 21 Queen System consists of 3 products that work synergically with one another, creating the ultimate weight loss environment which will help you reach your weight loss milestones faster than ever.

This one is for all you ladies out there. I'm sure you know that it's much harder for you to lose weight. There are certain obstacles in your body that men aren't familiar with that. Sure, you can go ahead and get a universal weight loss supplement. It might give you a decent kick in the right direction, but why not try something that's bound to do wonders for your body? Meet the Royal 21 Queen System. It's a brand new stack released by 1st Phorm, and it definitely has everything a woman might need while trying to lose fat. As the Queen in its name suggests, this stack is primarily targeted at women who are looking to lose weight and burn those nasty fat deposits quickly and effectively. With that being said, in this review we are going to give you an in-depth look at all 3 products in this stack. We will go through their benefits, side effects and explain the most important ingredients. For the sake of keeping this review short and easy to read, we will cut the introductory paragraph here and start straight with the real information!

Overview of the supplements included


The main goal of this supplement is to increase your body's metabolic rate and its overall temperature. It does so by providing your body with the essential raw materials in order to produce thyroid hormone. As a result, you will experience a much higher daily caloric expenditure which will ultimately lead to weight loss.

T-21 Ingredients List


This ingredient is the base of many fat burners nowadays. It is basically an amino acid which is naturally produced in your body. It serves as a building block for proteins and helps your body with energy production.


C-21 is a much more versatile supplement that takes care of number of things. Starting off with sleep enhancement, C-21 aims to promote deep and restful sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling more refreshed than ever. In addition to that, C-21 is also extremely effective when it comes to cortisol reduction and speeding up your metabolic rate throughout the day.

C-21 Ingredients List

5-Hydroxy Tryptophan

5-HTP is an amino acid closely related to serotonin which affects sleep and mood. It is a powerful antidepressant and used for treating conditions such as anxiety and obesity. In addition to that, 5-HTP is also used for battling insomnia due to the ability to provide its users with deep and restful sleep.

Royal 21 Queen

Specially designed for women, Royal 21 Queen will not only eliminate junk food cravings but will also suppress typical female side effects during weight loss such as mood swings, depression and hot flashes. Additionally, it is also packed with ingredients that are known for their ability to increase energy and enhance mental focus, both of which are crucial during your weight loss programs.

Royal 21 Queen Ingredients List


This compound is commonly found in green tea. It's an amino acid that is used for treating high blood pressure, Alzheimer's syndrome and anxiety. Since it is structurally quite similar to glutamate, Theanine helps with the transmission of nerve impulses to your brain.


Judging by the sheer quality (and quantity) of well-known active ingredients inside these 3 products, this stack will definitely provide its users with the above-stated effects. Still, everyone's body is different and that's a factor no one can safely predict. For some people, it might take just a couple of days before they notice the first improvements, while others might have to wait for a week or two. But once again, with such a quality list of ingredients, Royal 21 Queen System stack will surely gather a bunch of positive feedback from its users.

Could the supplements in this stack cause any nasty side effects?

1st Phorm always takes great precautions when it comes to the possible side effects of their supplements. With that being said, you do not have to worry about any serious ones that tend to occur with other weight loss supplements. Still, some minors ones such as stomach upset, loss of appetite (which is actually a good thing if you are trying to lose weight) and heartburn could occur, but in extremely rare cases.

Are there any reviews for this stack? What do people have to say about it?

Truth be told, since this is a brand new stack, we had to do an extensive research to find these 2 reviews… but here they are and, generally, people seem to appreciate the effects Royal 21 Queen System stack:

“I was always a bit chubby and it was bothering me throghout my entire life. Last month, I decided enough was enough and so I went on my diet. After 1 week, my hubby noticed that I am stubborn and won't give up so he bought Royal 21 Queen stack online. Since I saw how expensive it was, I started working out even more and taking the appropriate doses every day. Now, almost a month after that, I stepped on the scale and, to my own surprise, I lost 7 pounds and 3% body fat. Not bad for a first month, eh? Not to mentione – I AM THRILLED AF!”

“My goal for the past 2 weeks was to cut down my BF index from 20% to $17%. Was looking quite awhile to find a good stack to help me with my goals and I stumbled upon this. I decided to give it a try even though it wasn't on sale (I usually only buy things that are on sale becuase I am a cheapskate) and my oh my, I gotta say that it's awesome. It provided me with clean crashless energy and deep sleep everynight. I also felt more determination but that doesn't neccessarily have to be from the supplement – perhaps that's just the awesome me…”

As you can see, these two ladies are thrilled with the results. One of them is clearly battling with obesity for her entire life and this stack obviously helped her with her short term goals. The other one looks to be taking good care of her body but, as all promising female bodybuilders, wants to take it one step further and decrease the amount of body fat she has acquired during the winter holidays with the help of this stack. Needless to say, Royal 21 Queen System did the trick.

The final thoughts on Royal 21 Queen System?

1st Phorm is not a stranger to stacks. They've released a whole bunch of them over the course of the last couple of years… but with all we've seen regarding Royal 21 Queen System, it is definitely among the better ones, especially for our dear female audience. So with that being said, our final thoughts are resting assured that this is a great stack for all women out there who want something to help them with their weight loss goals. It's not a magic pill… it's far from that. You still need to work hard and take good care of your diet. What this stack will do is give you an optimal environment for reaching your goals quickly and effectively.

Order this stack here for $119.99.



This ingredient is an amino acid that is found in green tea.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

L-Theanine is used for treating all sorts of conditions such as anxiety, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's syndrome and more. It is even used for improving the effectiveness of cancer drugs. For supplementation purposes, L-Theanine is mostly used because of its relaxing and stress reliefing abilities. Also, in combination with caffeine or other similar compounds, it promotes cognitive abilities and enhances focus.

Clinical Research

Research studies prove L-Theanine's cognitive enhancing abilities. [1]


5-Hydroxytryptophan is an amino acid related to serotonin which affects mood and sleep.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Even though it is primarily used for treating anxiety and depression, 5-HTP is also widely used for patients with insomnia as it enables them a night filled with deep sleep.

Clinical Research

Clinical studies prove that the patients treated with 5-HTP had enhanced REM stage, allowing them to feel more rested after waking up. [2]


A well-known amino acid that your body naturally produces on its own.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

In addition to its fat burning properties, this ingredient also shows signs of increasing athletic performance.

Clinical Research

Unfortunately, there are no firm research studies that prove the effects of this ingredient.

Side Effects

Stomach Upset

A weird sensation in the abdominal area that can be followed up with vomiting or diarrhea.

What Causes stomach upset?

Stomach Upset is a side effect most likely caused by Acetyl-L-Carnitine. If you happen to experience it, it might be a good idea to lower the dosage of T-21.


A burning sensation in one's chest with a tendency to extend to the neck and throat area.

What Causes heartburn?

If you are using Royal 21 Queen System and you experience heartburn, it is most likely due to your body not being tolerant to 5-HTP which is among the ingredients of C-21.


How much does Royal 21 Queen System cost?

Considering it consists of 3 separate supplements, it comes as no surprise that its retail price is $120+. Despite that, you can order it online and save a couple of bucks. By clicking HERE you will be redirected to a shop which sells Royal 21 Queen System for $119.99.

How can it help with my weight loss?

This stack consists of supplements that work synergically together, creating the optimal environment for losing weight and burning fat. It's not a magic pill – you will still need a lot of hard work and a solid die to help with your goals.


User Tips

“I would recommend you first assess the tolerance on each of these supplements in order to avoid any potential health issues…” – Nicholas

“This is a powerful stack but in order for it to be effective, you must carefully dose it as shown on the labels of the 3 products…” – Joe


  1. I have been taken Thrive for a month and watch what I eat lost a few now on my second month of the thrive . I am always hungry for something sweet to eat after I eat. Why? I am a stylist so I sit and stand I work all the time. Not much sleep. Will the Royal 21 Queen help me. I am 48. HELP

  2. I have been on Royal 21 since the end of February, I have lost 35 lbs. Sleeping so much better, feeling better, more energy, cravings gone. Not only have I lost weight but I’ve been able to stop taking the anti depressants/anxiety meds, that I’ve been on for 20 plus years. I haven’t hardly taken my IBS meds. I definitely recommend it.

  3. Royal XXI Queen made me extremely irritable. I took it for 2 weeks and stopped.

  4. Hello I had my thyroid removed 2 years ago. I have put on 50 lbs and can’t lose anything. I eat right and workout everyday. I need to know if this will help or mess up my thyroid meds?

  5. quickly and effectively – Is what your product is advertising but reading the comments 35 lbs in 7 months is not quickly. I’m not looking for overnight weight loss (although that would be nice) but 5 lbs a month is not that great if your overweight and need to loss a lot on weight. Gonna be expensive to keep up with. I was burned in a fire – lost nerve and tissue in my left leg – if I even walk too much it swells and the pain is unbearable and my lungs are destroyed in order to breathe I take steroids everyday. I can’t exercise – I try but it doesn’t work out to well … Please be honest … Will I just be wasting time and money trying this product ?

  6. If I use this system, meet my weight goals and then stop using your system what will happen? Will I gain it all back

  7. Will this raise your blood pressure?

  8. I have high blood pressure. Will this make me jittery?

  9. Can I take this with my thyroid medicine?

  10. Not sure what the dose is for Queen Royal 21…one capsule per day? Thanks for your response. Shari

  11. The directions on the bottle are so small that I cannot read them.Would you please send me the directions so that I can follow them correctly.
    Thank you,

  12. I believe this was asked before, but can this be taken with thyroid medicine?

    • DId you ever get an answer Sharon? I am also on Thyroid medicine, I e-mailed them and they said the one bottle wasn’t recommended, (the T-21 but I was wandering if you ever got an answer.

  13. I cant read directions on bottle of royal queen too small where can I find them

  14. Started taking 3 days ago. It’s really interrupting my sleep and now I’m groggy as hell in the morning. I only took one pill in morning

    • I started taking it a week ago and I’m feeling the same way. I stopped for 2 days and I feel fine again. Not sure if you have to build a tolerance to it or not but the groggyness is horrible.

  15. Will this help with my hormones..?? I am going thru pre-menopause. My hormones are out of control… Please let me know, whether this can help put my craziness back in tact..!! Thank you..Jeane

    • I am in the same situation! It seems I look at food and gain weight around the middle. I wonder if this helps with the hormonal change and weight loss.

  16. Week 3 starts tomorrow, and I feel if I don’t work out (hard) everyday, it doesn’t seem to be that “great end all diet helper”. The first time I took Core-21 I was out, fast and woke up happy (I’m not a morning person). However, the first week, I work up after 3 hours of sleep, every night and had brutal heartburn all day. Week 2 I skipped the Core-21 tablet, went back to my normal over-the-counter sleep aid, and slept like a baby.

    My main issue is I can’t swallow pills. The too young store helper at the Supplement store swore that it dissolves easily in juice. I’ve found it stays clumpy in juice, but when I add hot water (from tea) it then dissolves, but still has an awful taste. I get it, no they wouldn’t add sugar or sweetener in something like this, but its gag-worthy.

    Body changes I’ve noticed while taking Royal Queen & Thryo-21, body is less jiggly. I’ve noticed rings and jewelry fit, and overall body (neck, arms, legs, butt) slimmer with a slight change to my waste line. Could it be the diet they suggested (increase protein throughout the day), could it be the working out (5 days a week), could it be the $120 3-bottle set of pills….I don’t know.

    I’m in the pre-pause stage of life also, and wondering if this is throwing off my irregular schedule even more. I’m not as cranky or cramping as usual, so I’m not sure if there is something in the Thyro-21 that is hindering/helping hormones.

    I take 2 Thyro-21 pills in the morning and at lunch, and 1 Royal Queen in the morning and at lunch. I like to have my afternoon tea with protein cookie as a mid-day pickup. But now I’m wondering if I should take 2 of the Queen pills this week, with breakfast and lunch – to see if it does anything.

    Anybody have any wonderful success stories?

  17. I just started today so I cannot leave a rating yet. it has not affected my BP so far so that is good. I feel pretty refreshed. if you need dosage instructions you can go to and click on How to use further down in the middle of the screen Where it has the description and ingredients.

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