Should You Use Supplements to Manage Anxiety?

The world can be an uncertain place, and if you're caught in a cycle of worry and stress, you may be struggling with anxiety. Work or money worries may be keeping you from sleeping deeply. You might be suffering from tension headaches or heartburn. To keep your anxiety in check, it helps to address it with multiple approaches.

How Multiple Tools Can Help

When you're stressed, addressing the problem from multiple angles can help. Calming exercises like yoga and tai chi can help you to breathe more deeply and relax more fully. According to Strala Yoga, anxiety makes your physical body tense and immovable, which in turn makes you more stressed and anxious. Listening to calming music can help, and so can engaging in an enjoyable hobby or activity. Taking a walk, reading or spending time on a craft can help you lower your anxiety.

Supplements That Calm Anxiety

If you already take a multivitamin, make sure it contains the essential B vitamins, including B6 and B12. For those who struggle to fall asleep due to anxiety, according to The Recovery Village, a soothing cup of licorice root tea can be a calming way to end the day. If you're going to invest in herbal supplements, make sure to buy quality products from a reputable company. Licorice root can help you fight your anxiety, but licorice flavor is not helpful. Be ready to read labels, check sources and do your research so that your supplement budget is spent protecting you to the fullest extent possible.

Develop a Routine

If anxiety is getting in the way of living a happy life, take the time to build a routine that will protect you from the sharp teeth of anxious thoughts. For example, psychologist Dr. Kathline Colvin suggests making time for breakfast. Low blood sugar early in the day can leave you feeling exhausted and may cause headaches. Take the time to exercise. Drink plenty of water during and after your workout. Treat yourself to a lavender candle or sachet. Sniffing lavender can calm your mind and help you to relax. Eat good food at regular intervals to avoid blood sugar peaks and valleys. Avoid caffeine after lunch so you can wind down at the end of the day. Connect with someone you care about when you need a break.

Quality supplements can help manage anxiety. Good food, quality sleep and strong social connections can also help. Make time to exercise your brain and body every day. Allow yourself time to think and problem-solve about factors that are creating stress in your body and brain.

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