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Oneiromancer claims that it can help you take your sleep cycles to a whole new level. So does it really get the job done? There’s only one way to find out…

Most of dream aid nootropics will only be effective when combined with special techniques. Comparing the actual nature of ingredients and user testimonials with the actual results is going to help you pick the best product that will help you pull it off.

Oneiromancer by Antaeus Labs stands out from the rest because it guarantees results by itself.


Somatomax claims it’s going to help take your sleep to a whole new level. How about we check it out shortly to find out if it’s worth having in your supplement arsenal soon?

The importance of sleep in both physical and mental health is never emphasized enough. Our mental health is greatly determined by the amount and quality of sleep we have. And our physical well-being could be affected negatively if we don’t get enough shuteye.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals’ seemingly revolutionary neuro-enhancement supplement called Somatomax could just take the crown among the feel-good diet supplements. It promises a heightened state of relaxation and relief as well as the growth hormone stimulation and enhanced lean muscle benefits.

People have always been looking for high-quality products to have a deep, restful sleep. So have we finally zeroed in on the perfect one? Let’s find out.

by SNS

Are you having a hard time handling the stress and anxiety caused by the everyday problems at work, school or other areas of life? Do you need to be more focused and calm and increase your mental acuity to let you better manage your affairs? Fortunately, there may be a solution.

Phenibut XT is a drug created by SNS, designed to reduce stress and anxiety, improve the mood and make you more sociable as well as help calm you down and put you to sleep, without sedating you too hard. This all sounded a bit farfetched to us, so we decided this is a drug we should test and make up or own mind.

This Phenibut XT review was made to help you better understand the drug and decide for yourself if it is a product worth buying.


While eating well, working hard and taking proper dietary supplementation are all important parts of the bodybuilding process or the training of athletes, there are few things more important than getting proper rest and sleep after a long day of training and working hard.

This is why Universal Nutrition came up with Animal PM, a supplement designed specifically to help professional bodybuilders and athletes who trash their body on a daily basis by working out to the absolute max and whose bodies require extreme amounts of rest in order to properly recover and grow. While a few hours’ sleep may somehow get a regular person through a day, someone who does intense workouts daily will feel horrible if they don’t get enough rest. This is what Animal PM helps with.


Prolactin is a hormone quite similar to estrogen that is released by the pituitary gland. Now while it plays a key role in terms of proper breast development and milk secretion in women, it has no significant function whatsoever in men.

And just to make things worse, having excessive levels of this hormone in your body easily prevents you from sculpting the physique that you’ve always wanted.

Prolactrone from Black Lion Research claims that it’s geared to stave off unwanted prolactin surges in your body so you won’t have a tricky time realizing the goals in your bodybuilding checklist. Let’s find out if it’s really worth giving a try.


Post workout recovery is a very important part of any workout regimen. The more intense the workout, the more sore muscles you get and it is important to help your muscles recover following hard workout sessions. For this purpose Labrada created Sorenzyme, a natural blend of enzymes targeteing muscle recovery.

Sorenzyme is a mixture of a number of enzymes that work together in an effort to systematically reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after workouts.