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Making it a point to get an ideal amount of sleep each time you turn in for the night is a crucial factor in terms of keeping your body and mind in great shape. Besides helping rejuvenate your cells and tissues, getting enough shuteye also keeps stress levels down so you’ll feel refreshed and raring to go when you wake up the next day.

But the thing is if you’re like most people these days, getting the right amount of sleep you need when you go to bed can be rather tricky. Revivarant G claims that it’s got the right stuff to change all that.

Let’s give this product a closer look to find out if it can really help improve your sleeping experience when you include it in your arsenal of supplements. Make sure you follow along to learn more.


Sure you may have heard the phrase that sleep is for the weak, but the thing is not getting an ideal amount of it when you turn in for the night after going through a punishing workout easily prevents you from achieving the goals that you’ve got in your bodybuilding checklist.

Besides inhibiting your testosterone and growth hormones from really reaching their optimum levels to stimulate anabolic effects in the body, your energy reserves won’t also be replenished properly, not mentioning the surge in cortisol in the process, which will significantly affect your overall disposition and how you’ll take on your training the next day.

Hypnos claims that it’s formulated to give you the right amount of sleep each  and every time you climb into bed so you won’t just be always geared up to take your workouts off the charts when  you hit the gym, but also promote massive muscle gains while at it.

Why don’t we check it out closely in a bit to see if it’s really worth giving a shot?


Achieving your bodybuilding goals isn’t just about how much work you can do at the gym. You also have to factor in your mental and physical recovery to really sculpt the physique that you’ve always wanted. And this is just what Cyclo REM Infinite Labs claims to help you with when you load up on it.

Cyclo REM Infinite Labs is formulated to help you boost the gains that you get at the gym by enhancing your body’s ability to recover during rest. The more your system is able to recuperate when you turn in for the night, the easier it is to take the intensity of your workout up a notch when you start pumping iron the next day.

Let’s see if Cyclo REM Infinite Labs can really pull this off when we give it a careful once-over…

What is Cyclo REM?

Cyclo REM Infinite Labs is a muscle repair and sleep aid supplement that’s designed to bring back your physical endurance and mental focus up to par. Its primary effect is perking up the body’s ability to recover and repair itself after going through a lot of punishment at the gym. It also helps your system get back in optimum condition when you wake up so you can easily achieve the bodybuilding results you want faster and more efficiently.

Editor’s Tip: Check out Downtime PM for an even better option.

Sleep makes you feel better. Its significance goes beyond banishing those dark under-eye circles or giving you a sunny disposition. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and can greatly benefit your journey to weight loss.

But unfortunately, stress from dieting to everyday life in general can leave you tossing and turning at night causing sleeplessness. Without proper sleep, your overall performance and productivity will down spiral.

Want to get that 8-hour shuteye each night and wake up perky?

You should try out Downtime PM – a 1st Phorm product designed to help you say goodbye to sleep fatigue.

But there are a lot of supplements promising the same result, what makes it stand out? Most importantly, can it really live up to its promise?

Here’s my take on Downtime PM…


1st Phorm Night-T is a product that helps boost testosterone levels. This testosterone booster supplement enables the body to release the hormone while sleeping. It is said that Night-T can increase hormones as much as 150% without the user doing anything else.

Night-T’s formula enables consumers to experience an extended sleep time, that way the body recovers and ready for the following day. The additional ability to provide longer sleeping hours serves to reduce one’s stress levels and helps naturally increases growth hormone levels.

A supplement like this will be really handy for those who need to sleep. People who are stressed about something normally keep thinking about it. While this isn’t the case for most people, stress can be harmful one’s health.

Take note also that lack of sleep has been associated with multiple conditions such as high blood pressure, strokes and any other heart-related problems.