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  • Somnapure
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  • Last modified: April 6, 2018

Review Summary:

Sleep aides aren't exactly the most popular types of supplements on the market. People tend to overlook them as they think none of them work... Luckily, we have Somnapure here to prove exactly the opposite. With a solid blend of sleep enhancing ingredients, this little fella is bound to make you sleep like a baby (just make sure you don't pee on your bed).

Getting the results you want is a hard process and not everyone can make it. There are many factors deciding your success, such as diet, sleep, workout regime, discipline and many more. All those combined are a perfect receipt for building a stronger body and having a healthier overall life. This time we present you a part of that receipt called Somnapure. It is a natural sleep aid from Peak Life, and one of the key ingredients for making your dreams come true. Everyone who already achieved their goals, and is now living life to their full potential, knows the importance of good sleep.

What can this product do?

Somnapure will provide you high quality and restful sleep needed for recovery and improved mind and body function. This nighttime lullaby will make sure you wake up fully refreshed, without any signs of a hangover or cloudy mind. This innovative formula from Peak Life covers all three essential aspects of good sleep. It takes good care you fall asleep quickly, without having to lay in the bed for hours and put even more stress on your body. Somnapure also helps maintain high-quality sleep and as we already mentioned it makes sure you feel refreshed and energized early in the morning. It is time to say goodbye to all those racing thoughts keeping you awake and start feeling relaxed and calm throughout the day. This is one of the most effective formulas we have yet tried, and combined with the top quality ingredients it contains, Somnapure definitely belongs to the top of the natural sleep aid list. It doesn't contain any controlled substances, keeping you safe from forming habits and becoming dependent. If you are having any troubles sleeping, this one is for you and shouldn't think twice before deciding to try it out. It instantly brings peace to your nighttime, promoting good sleep and making sure you feel energized while waking up.

What is inside of this product?

Somnapure Label

It is clear that Peak Life put a significant amount of effort just by looking at the list of ingredients Somnapure has to offer. It is a mixture of safe and potent compounds that will make an impact straight from the first usage. Let's jump into it and check out some of its key ingredients and their function.


Melatonin is a hormone produced by a small gland in the brain. It can be found in fruits, vegetables and meat, in small amounts. As it naturally lowers as we age, it is possible that in some point of our lives, we are left with an extremely small amount or none at all. Its main use is to treat sleep problems and control sleep patterns.

Valerian Root Extract

This herbal sleep aid will help you fall asleep sooner and improve the quality of your sleep. People around the world are starting to realize its potential and its use is exponentially growing from year to year. Besides raising the quality of sleep Valerian Root Extract also calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and stress as well as it eases menstrual cramps for women. It truly is a miraculous plant, and it is no wonder it has found its way to a variety of different dietary supplements.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a herb from the mint family, often used in combination with Valerian Root for maximum positive results. Besides encouraging restful sleep, it has also been used for calming the mind, sharpening memory, boosting alertness, brain cell protector, antioxidant, and much more.

Side effects

Peak Life made sure you are safe from any major side effects. It is possible to experience some minor ones such as nausea or dizziness. These are not long term side effects, and you shouldn't experience them for prolonged period of time or after you stop taking the supplement.

What do other people think about this product?

“Working as a long haul cabin crew for 29 years, jet lag and bad sleeping patterns have been like a third leg to me. I have tried many remedies – over the counter and on prescription to no avail. However These tablets really work and the best thing is that I wake up refreshed with no cloud or hangover effect. “

“I started with this product about a month ago and have had good results. I began with two tabs which put me down for 8 hours straight–I usually sleep for about 7 hours so I switched to 1 tab and while I make 1 or 2 visits to the bathroom during the night, I think that's OK for a guy in his 80's. I don't detect any side effects and so recommend to friends. “

“This is the best sleep product I've ever used. In my 20s, I used valerian. In my 30s, I used melatonin. And now in my 40s, I use this. I love that this all-natural product works just as well as Rx's but are not addictive nor have any side effects!  “

Final thoughts on this product

Just by looking at the ingredient list it comes to no surprise how effective this supplement is. Somnapure is a top notch natural sleep aid formula that will provide you everything you need, without having to worry about unwanted major or long-lasting side effects. It is perfectly safe and thousands of people around the globe are witnessing its power. It contains carefully chosen ingredients such as Valerian Root Extract, Melatonin and  Lemon Balm, perfectly dosed for optimal results. All those compounds are well known for its positive effects on the sleep, but besides providing nighttime protection, it offers even more with having an impact on overall health and longevity. It has some antioxidant properties, protects brain cells, improves memory and fights stress and anxiety. Somnapure by Peak Life truly is a great product and we recommend it to anyone looking for an increased quality of sleep.

Order your bottle of Somnapure here for just $11.88!



It is a hormone naturally occurring in our bodies, produced by a small gland in the brain. In some small amounts, it can be found in food, such as vegetables, fruits and meat.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Its positive influence on the quality of sleep is well known, and it has been used as a supplementary compound for many sleep aid products. Taking melatonin by mouth reduces the time to fall asleep and helps with sleep cycle problems, especially for people working night shifts.

Clinical Research

There have been clinical studies on melatonin and its importance for good sleep. [1]

Valerian Root Extract

Valerian is a perennial flowering plant, native to Europe and Asia.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Valerian Root Extract can increase GABA level in your brain, resulting in restful nights. Besides being perfect for bedtime, Valerian also fights anxiety as well as stress and has a positive effect on blood pressure. It has also been shown it can treat muscular spasms and cramps.

Clinical Research

Scientific research studies show its effect on the quality of sleep. [2]

Lemon Balm

Another perennial herb used as a compound for many nighttime formulas. It is often combined with Valerian Root Extract for maximum results.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

Lemon Balm has a calming effect on the body, and it is often used for treating anxiety, restlessness and sleeping disorders. It is also good at sharpening memory, boosting alertness and also works as a powerful antioxidant, keeping your cells safe and away from any form of free radical damage.

Clinical Research.

There have been clinical researches regarding positive effects of Lemon Balm. [3]

Side Effects


It can be described as a weak feeling in the abdominal or stomach area, and can sometimes lead to vomiting.

What Causes nausea?

Such an effect is extremely rare, but it is possible, and if you experience it, it is most likely caused by melatonin.


It is a lightheaded feeling affecting sensory organs for a short period of time, leaving you off balance.

What Causes dizziness?

Just like nausea, it is quite rare but could happen due to Lemon Balm found in the mixture.


How much does Somnapur cost?

Somnapure is an incredibly cheap product. You can get it HERE for as little as $11.88 (the regular price is $14.99)

Does it really work?

As far as the ingredients go, Somnapure seems to be a pretty solid sleep aid product.

User Tips

“Just make sure you don't overdose on this thing since it will make you sleep for 3 days straight…” – Jason

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  1. This product really helps me to stay asleep all night. I also have better dream recall. I feel very rested in the morning after taking 2 pills the night before. When I take them 1 hour before bed, I fall asleep right away!

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