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Part of the new line of products by Sparta Nutrition, Spartan Mass is a bulking prohormone compound with Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA, two powerful prohormones that have been building huge mass for bodybuilders for ages. With an added bioavailability matrix, this product has great potential to become a staple bulking prohormone.

Are you about to start a bulking cycle? Trying to get huge muscle gains in a short period? Looking for just the right prohormone to get you growing? Look no further. Sparta Nutrition presents Spartan Mass, the ultimate bulking prohormone.

Based on two major bulking prohormones, Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA, this product promises huge muscle gains, explosive strength, insane power and monster size. The alleged goal of the company behind Spartan Mass is to turn your body into one equal to a Spartan Warrior, and judging by the label, this product might do just that.

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The two main ingredients of Spartan Mass are Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA, two powerful and already known bulking prohormones working together. Additionally, an Absorption Enhancing Matrix is added to improve the absorption of the nutrients along with Piperine. Here is the full product label with the exact dosages:

Spartan Mass Supplement Facts

Spartan Mass Supplement Facts

Androsterone:  This powerful prohormone occurs naturally in most mammals including humans. Androsterone serves as a precursor to Stanolone and does not have the possibility of aromatizing into Estrogen. Stanolone is a highly androgenic hormone which increases libido, strength and endurance, while being extremely light on the side effects. When used with another prohormone like Super-19-DHEA, Androsterone will act to reduce the potential estrogenic effects of the other prohormone.

Super-19-DHEA: This particular prohormone converts to Nadrolone, one of the rare hormones with higher anabolic activity than Testosterone. This hormone is usually used during bulking and mass phases and stopped during cutting phases as it promotes massive muscle gains, making it best for the bulking phase. The hormone is also known to increase appetite and help muscle size retention.

Absorption Enhancing Matrix: Organic compound from grapefruit juice, DHB, is used in Spartan Mass to increase bioavailability of the nutrients. This particular compound alters metabolism in a way that will make the two main ingredients more available to the muscles.

Will This Work?

Both Androsterone and Super-19-DHEA are well known prohormones, used in a number of other prohormone compounds. The excitement of the bodybuilding community about Spartan Mass is great and I personally believe this will be one hell of a prohormone.

While the reviews and testimonials are yet to come on this brand new product and there hasn’t yet been time to run cycles, the dosages of the two prohormones in this product seem just about right for massive gains, and if the bioavailability matrix ends up being a major success, this product could very well become a staple for all future bulking phases of many of the world’s best bodybuilders.

Is It Worth the Purchase?

One of the important things that Sparta Nutrition are currently boosting about their new prohormone compound is the fact that one single bottle will be sufficient to complete a full one month cycle. They are claiming that many of their competitors’ product of similar composition are extremely pricey, as you may need to order 2 or 3 bottles to complete a single cycle.

If everything Sparta Nutrition are saying is true, at the price of $84.99, this will truly be one hell of a prohormone, and should be fantastic value when trying to bulk up and gain that mass.

Social Media Buzz

Sparta Nutrition have been advertising their new line of products on social media for a little while now. Here are some of the posts and what you might expect:

It's time to say goodbye to purchasing 2,3, and even 4 bottles of poorly and underdosed Andro's.Spartan Mass is the…

Posted by Sparta Nutrition on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Looks like @smith_69_16 is ready for #MASSive gains with our Spartan Mass.It's a revolution, #fitfam ・・・#Repost @smith_69_16 with @repostapp.First bottle of Spartan mass

Posted by Sparta Nutrition on Thursday, March 10, 2016


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#1 Rated Muscle Builder

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

While it is hard to say exactly if this product works, because it is brand new, looking at all the data we could collect, we believe this will be one hell of a prohormone and certainly one you should give a shot during your next bulking cycle.

If you end up trying it out, make sure to leave a review for others, whether positive or negative, as we greatly appreciate your input. Click the link below to order Spartan Mass and test it yourself.

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