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Royal 21 Queen System Product Image

Meet the Royal 21 Queen System. It’s a stack released by 1st Phorm, and it has everything a woman might need while trying to lose fat. As the Queen in its name suggests, this stack is primarily targeted at women who are looking to lose weight and burn those nasty fat deposits quickly and effectively.

With that being said, in this review, we will give you an in-depth look at all 3 products in this stack. We will go through their benefits, and side effects and explain the most important ingredients. For the sake of keeping this review short and easy to read, we will cut the introductory paragraph here and start straight with the real information!


Stacking is one way of getting the best results out of the supplements you’re using in your bodybuilding checklist. However, pulling it off isn’t just about haphazardly going for whatever product you come across to build your “stack.” You’ve got to make sure that each component can really get the job done or else the whole thing won’t work.

Shredz Alpha Male Stack is one supplement combo that is gathering quite a following among guys in the bodybuilding world these days. We will examine it closer shortly to find out if this collection of Shredz products can really help you sculpt the male physique that you’ve always wanted or if it’s just all hype.

What is Shredz Alpha Male Stack?

Shredz Alpha Male Stack is basically composed of four (4) Shredz supplements that play a specific role in your bodybuilding regimen. There’s Shredz Burner that’s formulated to blast away fat with its lineup of stimulant and thermogenic ingredients. You’ve also got Shredz Detox that helps boost your immune system while optimizing your body’s energy production.

Then there is Shredz Testosterone, which helps enhance your testosterone levels to pick up the pace on your muscle gains and increase your strength in the process. And to wrap the whole thing up is Shredz Creatine that’s designed to improve muscle performance and vascularity so you can easily take on even the toughest workout routine.

Bliss-Weight-Loss-Stack||Bliss Go Pack Ingredients Label

Most dietary supplements nowadays are said to contain compounds that are specifically made for weight loss, some of which have tons of ingredients written on the supplement facts table. As consumers, we often fall for these fake ads and find ourselves stuck with a dietary supplement that doesn’t even work. This type of advertising is called pixie dusting and it is commonly used by producers from big and small companies.

Regular consumers can’t know the difference unless they use the product themselves. One sure way to avoid such a scam is to purchase products from a proven and trustworthy company such as 1st Phorm.

1stPhorm has made its way to the hearts of bodybuilders by producing dietary supplements containing a simple formulation of compounds bound to work effectively together.

Bliss Weight Loss Stack, a triple stack by 1stPhorm, is one of the best-selling stacks for women today. It comprises dietary supplements that would surely help you burn fat and gain lean muscles efficiently. Bliss Weight Loss Stack comprises Bliss, Thyro-Drive and Downtime PM.