Perhaps one of the best advantages that a certain supplement has over its counterparts is its overall efficiency in getting its beneficial ingredients to where it’s needed at the right time to set off its wholesome effects.

Sure a particular product may have the right ingredients, but what’s the point if they mostly fizzle out before being completely absorbed by the body or worse, don’t get to where they’re supposed to at all?

Le-Vel unveils its pioneering Sublingual Gel Technology or SGT for its Thrive Plus product lineup headlined by Rest and Move to fix this issue. Make sure you follow along to get the lowdown on this innovation.

What is Sublingual Gel Technology?

At its simplest, Sublingual Gel Technology (SGT) is administering a supplement via oral means, but with emphasis on holding the same under the tongue to be absorbed by the body instead of swallowing the whole thing. This is also medically referred to as “buccal administration.”

According to Le-Vel, you simply have to open the packet of their products, squeeze out the supplement that is in gel form and hold the gel under your tongue for at least 20 seconds before swallowing. The useful ingredients that are in them are already on their way to trigger their beneficial effects in your body.

Now while there are already a number of pharmaceutical products like enzymes, barbiturates, steroids and medicines designed to prevent and treat cardiovascular problems that are used sublingually, but this mode of administration for supplements is fairly new and Le-Vel is stepping up to be one of the trailblazers in the game.

What are the Advantages of Sublingual Gel Technology?

Based on clinical studies, administering pharmaceutical products sublingually has a lot of advantages than just plain swallowing them. We’ve listed down the best ones that we have come across while researching for Le-Vel’s Sublingual Gel Technology (SGT):

  • Almost effortless to take
  • Can be used without water
  • Absorbed by the body via the sublingual artery as soon as taken
  • The beneficial ingredients won’t be thinned down by gastric juices
  • No choking hazard

So is SGT Worth Giving a Try?

Given the good stuff that Le-Vel’s Sublingual Gel Technology (SGT) can offer, we think that this innovative aspect not only makes taking supplements easier and quicker, but enjoying the healthy benefits of the same becomes a no fuss experience as well.

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