Sup3r DHEA

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Sup3r DHEA





  • Helps Increase Muscle Mass, Helps Reduce Lethargy (While on cycle)
  • Supports Libido/Sex Drive, Helps Increase Strength
  • Helps Manage Estrogen Levels, Helps Improve Recovery
  • Helps Improve Sense of Well-Being, Helps Improve Cognitive Abilities
  • Helps Increase Energy, Helps Improve Sleep Quality, Helps Reduce Body Fat

One of the most common side effects you will experience during your PH cycles is a huge drop in your energy levels. This comes as no surprise since your body reduces the overall production of testosterone because it is getting lots of hormones from your PH supplements. If you are currently on a PH cycle and you are experiencing this issue, then it is the best time to take a closer look at Sup3r DHEA. It’s a brand new transdermal testosterone base coming straight from Olympus Labs, that is going to make sure your body is up and running throughout the entire PH cycle.

Sup3r DHEA Benefits

As you can see above, the main goal of Sup3r DHEA is to keep your body in perfect condition during your PH cycle, allowing you to have an abundance of energy throughout the entire usage period. But that’s not all this supplement has to offer. One of its core abilities is improving your PH cycle and promote lean muscle mass and fat loss. Not only that, as you’ll be able to see down below in the benefits section, this little fella has a big array of beneficial effects as well, ranging from increasing muscle mass, strength and recovery to enhancing cognitive abilities, quality of sleep and so on… These were just some of them.

Sup3r DHEA Ingredients

Let’s start this section off by saying that this thing is PACKED with top-quality ingredients in relatively big doses. After taking a glance at its label we’ve realized how powerful it really is. Olympus Labs made sure about that. Below you can find the Sup3r DHEA’s label. After that, we’ll take a closer look at its key ingredients.


DHEA 100mg

A whopping 100mg of DHEA in this product is bound to get your body in excellent condition. As you already might know, DHEA has a great number of beneficial effects for bodybuilders. Not only does it increase lean body mass, it is also known to decrease body fat, regulate cortisol levels, improve mood, support sexual health and more.


In addition to normalizing hormonal levels in the body, newest research on this ingredient shows it’s able to support cognitive functions and memory while at the same time promoting healthy joints and skin.


Osthole (what a funny name for an ingredient, right?) is inside Sup3r DHEA because it is known to improve libido. Moreover, it’s also believed it promotes fat loss and mental health, both of which are of utter importance to all of us.

Sup3r DHEA Reviews

Considering Sup3r DHEA is a brand new product, finding testimonials online was not that easy. Still, we managed to find 2 of them after a couple of hours of prolonged research. Enjoy:

“Sup3R DHEA is an absolute beast. I was reading a lot of articles about it before it even came out, and I cannot even describe how thrilled I was. It has everything it needs to make a powerful impact, and that’s exactly what it’s doing to me. 2 weeks in and I feel like a GOD! And I’m not even exaggerating!!”

“WOW! This bugger got me rolling in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s unbelievable what this thing can do! It’s packed with so much goodies that I could not believe my eyes the first time I laid them on the label…”

Sup3r DHEA Conclusion

I believe there’s nothing much left to be said about Sup3r DHEA, other than – IT’S A DAMN FINE SUPPLEMENT! With plentiful effects and non-methylated ingredients (read – your liver will thank you), this supplement undoubtedly has a very bright future ahead of it. With this being said, if you are looking for a top quality test booster that will give you the treatment you deserve, then look no further because Olympus Labs has you covered! Sup3r DHEA is the right supp for you!

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