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Superbeets Review: The Dietary Supplement for Optimum Energy Levels

It’s almost expected that everyone would want to naturally maximize their health. But with so many different good foods out there, it can be really hard focusing on the ones you would want to pack and give you the most punch.  Luckily for the most of us, there are already multiple companies that specialize in extracting and concentrating the primary compounds of foods which in general, make us healthy. An example for this is SuperBeets. Let’s see how this energy supplement works in our Superbeets review.

What is SuperBeets?

SuperBeets is marketed as a “superfood” supplement that increases circulation in the body which is said to help improve stamina and energy levels. It offers a highly concentrated form of beets rich in dietary nitrites and nutrients.

It uses a special, patented drying process for retaining the integrity of nutrients and dietary nitrites from the beets. Superbeet’s dietary nitrites are then converted by the body into nitric oxide which offers a number of benefits like, supporting healthy blood pressure levels, promoting healthy circulation and increasing energy level in the body.

Beetroot isn’t a vegetable commonly found on the dinner table, which is a shame as it has many positive health benefits. By using a low heat drying process, HumanN, the creators of SuperBeets, promise to be able to deliver the most amount of nitric oxide concentrate, compared to other competitors. Let’s figure out the components of the product, its side effects as well as the advantages and disadvantages of SuperBeets.

What are the Ingredients in SuperBeets?

The following macronutrients are what you are consuming when you have a scoop of SuperBeets:

Calories (15) – If your goal isn’t to put on weight, the lower the calories of your supplements, the better. 15 calories are so slow that you’ll definitely not notice any physical difference from one scoop.

Total Fat (0g) – Some chemicals and pills are best taken with a little bit of fat, to help the molecules bind. Luckily, nitrate consumption doesn’t need any fat, and beets naturally have no fat either.

Sodium (65mg) – Sodium is a vital electrolyte that is required for good blood regulation. It is also a key for transmitting electrical pulses within the body, as well as regulating bodily fluids. Considering the effects of nitrates on the circulatory system, it’s beneficial to have this amount of sodium present.

Potassium (160mg) – Potassium helps to enhance metabolism, electrolyte functionality, and muscle strength. Potassium works hand-in-hand with sodium.

Carbohydrates (4g) – Carbohydrates can help improve your overall energy levels, as well as helping to maintain a healthy heart. Without enough carbohydrates in your diet, you’ll feel weak and lethargic.

Sugars (3g) – The sugar presented here is in fact fructose. Fructose won’t spike your blood sugar levels, which is great for diabetics or those making sure they don’t get diabetes. Fructose can also help regulate your blood sugar levels, almost as well as diabetic drugs.

Protein (1g) – Your body uses protein to create and repair tissue and is required daily in your diet, as the body has no way of storing protein, like it does with fat, etc.

Magnesium (10mg) – Magnesium is yet another thing that helps to improve heart health. It’s also been shown to improve energy levels too.

Vitamin C (50mg) – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and is responsible for creating collagen. Collagen is what makes our blood vessels and muscles strong.

SuperBeets only contain the highest quality non – GMO beetroot powder which is known to offer the highest dietary nitrite concentration. They are grown in the United States in the rich and carefully-cultivated soil for optimum effectiveness.

Beetroot juice has been consumed for centuries because it is known to offer health benefits. It became very popular because athletes from the United Kingdom claimed that it helped them deliver one of their best performances in recent decades at the 2012 London Olympics.

SuperBeets Side Effects

  • Lowers blood pressure levels significantly – this makes it unsuitable for anyone who already has low blood pressure, or for anyone who is taking blood pressure medication.
  • Stomach discomfort – To some, this product may not be acceptable to their digestive system that causes this discomfort.

There are really no extreme side effects for SuperBeets.  Regularly eating beets or taking a supplement like SuperBeets doesn’t appear to cause many unwanted side effect. However, there is some research that eating too much can lead to low calcium levels and kidney damage.

So it would be best to just follow the recommended daily serving or might as well consult an expert. And also, due to the strong color, beets can also temporarily turn urine and stool a reddish color.

Customer Testimonials about SuperBeets

Let’s take a look about how SuperBeets is rated by the product users:

“I never ate a beet in my life and never will, but I’ll keep drinking SuperBeets forever! The first night after drinking the Beets that morning, I had zero erectile dysfunction! I have been drinking the Beets every morning for over a month and I have lots of energy during the day and plenty of energy at night. That’s the truth!”

“I have never done a review on any product, but after seeing how the Beets worked, I had to tell everyone!”

“I love SuperBeets. I wish it came in a capsule form for when I’m in a hurry. Otherwise, it’s perfect.”

We are very happy. We like it a lot and will buy some more when we need it.

“I’ve started using SuperBeets and I’m not as worn out when I’m done working out, but this stuff tastes god – awful.”

As you can observe, there are a lot of compliments for the product from the end users themselves which is a good indication that it really is a good supplement though there are very little comments about how it tastes. But hey, almost everything that’s good for the body never tastes good.

Pros and Cons of SuperBeets


  • All natural ingredients so no prescription is required.
  • Maintains blood pressure to an extent.


  • This supplement is expensive.
  • Does not work effectively in muscle building.
  • Does not improve energy levels.
  • The taste of the supplement is not good.

Where to Buy SuperBeets?

Just like any other energy supplement, you can place your order at any known accredited online stores. Customers can also call or email to purchase the product.  The company provides a phone number for ordering this product and other relevant information about SuperBeets.

Buy Superbeets


The product does come with a 90 – day satisfaction guarantee, which covers both opened and unopened canisters but it is unclear how this applies to the auto – ship program.

Nitric oxide does play a role in combating fatigue; however, if you are feeling fatigued without any clear explanation, pay a visit to your doctor immediately, as fatigue is often a symptom of nutritional deficits or even an underlying health condition.

Overall, if you want to take a nitric oxide supplement, Superbeets does seem to be a good supplement, but it will not solve every problem and should not be used in the place of medical intervention.

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What are the Ingredients found in SuperBeets?

Here are the nutrition facts found on the ingredient label of this product.

  • Calories15
  • Total Fat0g
  • Sodium65mg
  • Potassium160mg
  • Carbohydrates4g
  • Sugars3g
  • Protein1g
  • Magnesium10mg
  • Vitamin C50mg

Aside from the pretty much standard ingredients we commonly find in any other labels, we also have the main ingredient:

  • Beetroot – Is an ingredient derived from the beet plant that is said to possess a variety of healthy qualities, something that has made it common to find in herbal remedies.

Let’s all know the supporting general clinical research about this product.

Clinical Research

Being the main ingredient within the product, beetroot is primarily connected with boosting athletic performance and raising nitric oxide levels within the body, something that can have a range of positive effects on the body that includes:

  • Increasing circulation and
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

There is some evidence available to suggest that beetroot may be able to have a positive effect on weight loss by raising energy levels, although from a clinical perspective there is very little evidence supporting the efficacy of beetroot as a weight loss aid.

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]Side Effects[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]

  • Low blood pressure – The medical term for this is ‘hypotension’. This occurs when the blood pressure reading is below 90/60.

Cause: Its cause isn’t always clear. It may be associated with the following:

  • Stomach discomfort – Includes stomach cramps or abdominal pain. It doesn’t usually last long and isn’t usually caused by anything serious. 



My urine and other waste look pinkish after using SuperBeets – is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. This occurrence is known as beeturia, the passage of pink or red urine after the ingestion of beetroot. The observed color is due to the presence of a beet pigment, betacyanin, in the urine. Beeturia typically occurs in 10 – 14% of the population.

How often can I use SuperBeets?

You can have up to 10g a day, which is two 5g scoops in a 24-hour period.

There has been some clumping with my SuperBeets powder. Is this normal?

Yes. SuperBeets is very sensitive to moisture and heat and can begin to clump when exposed to heat or sunlight for too long. After using, close the container tightly and store in a cool, dry area. Note that clumping does not diminish the effectiveness of the product, and will dissolve when properly mixed with water.

For ease of mixing, use a utensil to stir or break up the powder prior to scooping.

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Mix 1 rounded teaspoon (5g) thoroughly with 4 – 6 oz. of water. For best results, mix with cold water and drink immediately.

Do not exceed two 5 – gram servings in 24 hour period.


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